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Education Lottery to review award of $200,000 prize to Wilmington winner


RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) -- The North Carolina Education Lottery is taking another look at the payout it made to a Wilmington woman.

Tuesday, the lottery announced Lisa Priola of Wilmington had won a $200,000 prize, and even included a picture of a woman with a big check. Later the lottery said it learned that the winner's mother, Grace Priola, was allowed to accept the prize of behalf of her daughter.

The lottery admitted the photo it distributed is of Grace Priola, and the news release was based on an interview with Grace Priola.

Under lottery rules, winners must present a photo ID and proof of their Social Security number before they can claim a prize. Lottery officials will conduct a review of how the prize claim was handled.

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Alright, already, you two "Non-Editors in Chief," we GET IT that you don't like Beverly Perdue. She GONE now, get over it!


If you actually read some of my posts you'd see that I hold McCrory in the same regard as Bev.
Except for one thing - Bev inherited a mess as did many governors at the time. Bev minimized the damage to NC's economy but she made some mistakes along the way...
Pats been in office less than a week and has made several mistakes already with his nominations.
I will give him the benefit of the doubt but if Phil Berger and Tillis have a lot of input the state is in for a very bad time. They need to let McCrory lead, not try to make him toe their line.
The first amendment gives me and SCT the right to speak and you the right to ignore our posts.
Thats sounds about right....


One of the beauties

of living in America is that Vog and I have the right to ignore your comments. You in turn have the right to make comments, no matter how basic and uninformed they may be. You also have the additional right to ignore posts which do not meet your expectations or cause you to question your own worth.

Next time you see a Veteran or current Service Person, thank them for protecting your rights.

While they investigate that

why not look into the $87 million the departed Governor siphoned off in 2009 to balance the budget?

Any requirement those funds be repaid?


I believe the final figure is $50M. The initial withdrawal was returned however Bev later took $50M which hasn't been returned according to Locke:

Of course one only has to look at this part to realize what is happening:
" And though General Fund spending on education has increased since the lottery was created, the percentage of the General Fund dedicated to education has dropped."

Interesting stuff but apparently LEGAL:
"Although the stated intent of the lottery was to supplement education funds, the language of the bill changed before passage, allowing the option to replace existing education money."

She's "legal" - STUPID but legal



not to disagree with you; but within the past week I saw a reference to the $85 million.

Regardless of the amount...

Unanswered, to my knowledge, is whether the statues governing the Lottery Fund require repayment of funds withdrawn for other purposes.


You can disagree with me all you want - so long as the disagreement is civil thats how I learn !!
So I did a little digging:
Heres a section of GS 18C the Lottery:

"From the Education Lottery Fund, the Commission shall transfer a sum equal to five percent (5%) of the net revenue of the prior year to the Education Lottery Reserve Fund. A special revenue fund for this purpose shall be established in the State treasury to be known as the Education Lottery Reserve Fund, and that fund shall be capped at fifty million dollars ($50,000,000). Monies in the Education Lottery Reserve Fund may be appropriated only as provided in subsection (e) of this section."

Section E

" If the actual net revenues are less than the appropriation for that given year, then the Governor may transfer from the Education Lottery Reserve Fund an amount sufficient to equal the appropriation by the General Assembly. If the monies available in the Education Lottery Reserve Fund are insufficient to reach a full appropriation, the Governor shall transfer monies in order of priority, to the following:
(1) To support academic prekindergarten programs for at‑risk four‑year‑olds who would otherwise not be served in a high‑quality education program in order to help those four‑year‑olds be prepared developmentally to succeed in school.
(2) To reduce class size.
(3) To provide financial aid for needy students to attend college.
(4) To the Public School Building Capital Fund to be spent in accordance with this section."

Totally legal....but I think it's capped at $50M...


I see what you're referring to

but the instance I referred to was her transfer of $80+ million to the General Fund to balance the state's budget which is required by statute. I believe that was in 2009.

I guess we start working on our local legislators to amend the legislation to prevent future transfers of funds away from some education project or fund.


It is my understanding that monies removed for other purposes was allowed by a last minute change to the Lottery Law and this law has not been amended to require re-payment as it was never intended to do anything but fund education.
McCrory would do well to propose such restrictions......if he doesn't then I would be suspicious that he might see a need to transfer funds himself.



we can email him and we can get after our local reps to make said change part of the governing statute


Tom -
In our discussions over transferring monies from the lottery fund to the general fund we might be missing a more salient point.
It's called bang for the buck.
In our current legislation (NCGS 18) the Lottery proceeds are spread among the 100 counties. I have to ask - why?
Not all counties experience growth or have need for continued construction of schools. Why not go towards higher education? Lets put 100% of lottery funds toward reducing the cost for IN STATE students (with a residency requirement of say 5 years or more) at state run community colleges and universities?