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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Cape Fear Community College has alerted students and staff to an incident that happened at the downtown Wilmington campus yesterday.

An e-mail from administrators says late yesterday afternoon, Wilmington Police contacted CFCC about a person who was acting suspiciously. A WPD officer detained the person, and after a brief investigation and consultation with college officials, concluded that the person did not pose a threat to the safety of the campus.

CFCC’s says if students or staff have any concerns about safety on campus, they should contact CFCC Associate Director of Campus Safety Dan Wilcox at (910) 362-7676.

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1 Comment on "CFCC alerts students to incident on campus"

J Russell
2015 years 9 months ago

It is dissapointing that both your station as well as the college chose to not inform the students of a potential situation. There was no mention that this man has had at least 3 prior intakes with a psych facility and that he was wearing a bullet proof vest. The students deserve the right to be completely aware of a situation. The desire to keep the facts hidden or limited tie into the college’s desire to keep making money. Shamefully even UNCW was made aware of the situation but it was never acknowledged at CFCC. If this man ‘posed no threat’ then why did it take three patrol cars as well as EMS to physically removed an agitated non compliant man? If he was no threat then he wouldn’t have been taken into custody and required to complete psych counseling. Does it take a loss of life to consider someone a threat? Have we learned nothing from the tragic loss since December? The future generation deserves the right to be aware and free to learn in a secure environment. The real threat is this joint decision to omit facts based on money. Scare the kids and the parents yank them out of school.Instead of worrying about how the community and college appears, every effort should be made to inform and provide detailed reporting. Awareness has more value than the dollar.That school got lucky that day, but the lack of proactive action will educate the next disturbed individual to the laid back policies and perhaps allow the next ‘threatless’ person to harm. What will it take to stop protecting those people who are intent on inflicting pain? We need to redirect out attention and regain the safety of our schools Set an example and provide information, not just a prepared statement. We owe it to our kids.


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