Former WBHS star Alfy Hill heading to UNCP

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Submitted: Wed, 01/09/2013 - 8:31pm
Updated: Wed, 01/09/2013 - 8:35pm

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — If things had gone as planned, Alfy Hill would have won a second straight national championship with Alabama Monday night. Instead, the former West Brunswick High School star is heading to a school closer to home.

“The Robesonian” newspaper reports Hill has committed to UNC Pembroke. Academic issues kept the defensive end out of Alabama after he signed in spring 2010.

He’s made stops at four other schools and committed last spring to play at South Carolina.


  • SurfCityTom says:

    he has to be 20 or 21.

    What happened to his comitment to ECU?

  • wbhs says:

    what happened to his commitment to ECU? the same thing that happened to the other schools, he is not smart enough to get in. Jimmy Fletcher has taken Hill everywhere to find place to play football, and forgotten about the kids that currently play for him. Fletcher, If you can go with Hill to all these different colleges when he is not a current student, then you need to pack your bags and go with my kid to find a place to play when he is senior. (fair is fair, right?) Hill is no longer a student and hasn’t been one for a few years now. Fletcher and Orrock need to be concerned about ALL their current student players, not just the favorites or because their mother teaches at West.

  • guest99 says:

    Instead of getting on this website and talking junk about Coach Fletcher for the entire community to see why dont you go knock on his door and confront him like a man. If you feel your son is not getting a fair deal then go confront Coach Fletcher. From what I know about the man he will do anything to help your child. Rather than complaining behind a computer screen. So stop reading this and go be an adult for the day. Then come back and let me know how that goes. BTW im sure your son doesnt even get to play. I bet that is Fletchers fault too.

  • classmate says:

    Alfy was in my graduating class of 2010. None of what you’re saying is true. You should really get your facts straight before you go trying to run people’s names through the mud. They obviously had to look at his grades before they would even ask him to come play for them(meaning he had to have decent grades which says he obviously has some intellegence) If you actually knew Alfy you would know that he had a reason to leave all the other schools he had attempted to play with, maybe he wanted to be on a team that would actually let him play more than two games. I Don’t blame him for not wanting to ride the bench most of the season. Oh and no reason to worry, if your child is any good at the sport they play then I’m sure the coaches will do for them exactly how they have done for majority of the star athletes that graduated from west.

  • Jason says:

    You guys are all talking about things that dont matter. Point is there were some things out of his control that prevented him to go to Alabama. He could have sulked about it , quit school, and gaveup on HIS dream to play college football. When was the last time your school or town made any national neews. Everyone needs to support him , not bash him. Good luck , Alfy! Remember OSU would have been a great option! Lol

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