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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) –“The Sports Connection” is a local sports show that will air Mondays on The Big Talker FM beginning Jan. 14.

Joe Catenacci, Port City Daily’s sports writer and longtime area radio personality, will host “The Sports Connection” from 6 to 7 p.m. Mondays on The Big Talker FM on 93.7 and 106.3 FM.

“The Sports Connection” is one of two new local shows that will air on The Big Talker FM as part of a more local, community-oriented and information-based lineup.

Set to launch Saturday, Jan. 12, is “Hometown Solutions,” hosted by Director of Access of Wilmington-Miracle League and local community leader L.S. “Bo” Dean Jr. The program will feature citizens, organizations and businesses that are agents of change in the local community focused on generating success for health and wellness, education, employment, economic development and other facets impacting quality of life in the Cape Fear region. “Hometown Solutions” will broadcast at 10 a.m. Saturdays.

“Through his volunteer work with Cape Fear Area Heart Association and involvement in serving on various boards such as Coastal Horizons Inc., the Cape Fear Clinic and Wilmington Health Access for Teens, to merely name a few, it is overwhelmingly clear that Bo Dean’s passion and calling is aiding in the creation of an overall healthier community,” Aimee Bowen, program director for The Big Talker FM, said.

Both programs will feature listener interaction. Each broadcast of “The Sports Connection” with Joe “Cats” will have an entire call-in segment dedicated to sports related comments from the listening audience. Dean will take questions from the listening audience via text messaging, blog posts and Facebook.

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  • Guest2929

    Bo Dean, hatchet man leftist. Oh what fun.

  • Guest1118

    More liberal BS (not the sports show) from that far left wacko on Saturdays. Just what the station needs: NOT. I barely listen 7-10 weekdays now and never listen after that during the week. Thank goodness for iHeart and Tune In radio. Congrats, the Big Talker, you have found ever more new ways to suck.

  • Guest tard

    Is this the guy that brought the gay pride parade to Wilmington? On the big talker? Really? How progressively liberal of them. Maybe Rhinda Bellamy will take Chads job. What does he call the show? Pink Line Radio?

  • Guest7969

    matter. After their shift to the CRAP they have on now…I use my android phone and the TuneIn app!


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