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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The number of North Carolina children being paddled at school is falling fast as the handful of districts that continue to use physical pain as discipline decline.

A report to the State Board of Education on Thursday showed the number of uses of corporal punishment fell to 404 statewide during the last school year, down by 55 percent from the 891 cases in the 2010-2011 school year. That was the first year all uses of corporal punishment were required to be reported.

The new figures show that two out of every three times paddling was used in North Carolina schools, it happened in Robeson County.

Just a dozen of the state’s 115 school districts had employees swatting students, but just nine districts did it more than once.

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  • ChefnSurf

    On 1/9/2013 either you, or one of your like-minded posters (probably you in each of the posts), were advocating forced child labor as a way for children to pay for their own schooling. Now, you’re advocating torture as a means of discipline? Your post begs the question: “What the heck is wrong with you?”

    Kids have a right in our country to a free education. The cost of that education is paid for with taxes from the community. You had that right when you were a kid. Now that it’s some other kid’s turn, you’re against that? Now that you’re the grownup and have to pay the taxes for the next generation, you no longer think it’s a good idea? Apparently the concept of having been afforded an opportunity and paying it forward to the next generation is beyond your moral capabilities.

    There’s a reason why you post the things you post. It’s really quite simple. You’ve selfishly allowed yourself to degenerate into an organism that can’t think beyond its own personal consumption of our planet’s resources. Now that you’ve had your opportunity, no one else really matters.

    You are pathetic.

  • Guest94567

    You’re right, Paddling is old school.

    The School system should start employing stress positions and mental assualts.

    Make them stand in a 2x2x5 box with redlights and loud music for a few hours.

    If it works in Guantanemo it’ll work for the tax mooching, freeloaders we call “students” these days.

  • Guest Reply

    Back in the day when I was in school…kid’s were offered either:
    1. A Paddling
    2. 30 days in the Electric Chair

    The school’s Principal was known as “Captain Punishment”…not Corporal!!

  • Guest123234

    I have two in NH and I have no problems with it as long as it is deserved. Geez I remember my 6th grade teacher sprayed me in the eyes with perfume because she thought I did something wrong (1973 in NJ)

  • Tracie C

    The BoE in NC will rue the day one of their teachers or admins lays a paddle or otherwise on a child in my family. This is friggin ARCHAIC!

  • guesty

    …to your child and raise him/her properly and don’t expect the schools to do that job and chances are greatly reduced that your child will be paddled at school.

  • B M

    Judging from your spellin it’s easy to understand where your background lies, as far as paddling, judging from your statements it would be a lot better for your kids to get a little discipline at a young age than a murder rap at 16, and by the way, I got some fond memories of school discipline, from a slap on the hand to some good paddlings, but the one thing I never did was go home and tell my parents about them, or I still wouldn’t be able to sit down, and looking back, I deserved everything I got.

  • Guest5465

    You let your kid bother everyone around them and ignore it like its a norm. Then get mad if someone scolds them. You sound like our problem with youth today. My kid does no harm. UGH!

    I have no problem with my child receiving a spanking in school if it is well deserved. The problem now a days is that kids ARE NOT spanked or given ANY consequence for their actions. Parents want them to have “free thinking”…uh till they are out of MY HOUSE. I think for them to a point. I say no then its NO.

    We look at the kids now who walk around with a sense of entitlement and me me me attitude, its because their parents didn’t say no and teach them the values of respect and consequence.

  • WilmMan

    Well, if parents would take care of their kids at home, the school wouldn’t have to do it themselves

  • Guest365874479

    Sigh….and we wonder why we have violence in the schools. Yet another example of why you should be required to take an I.Q. test to breathe. Perhaps they should paddle you instead.

  • taxpayer

    A kid will remember getting his/her a** smacked longer than a 10 minute “time out”.

  • Guest7969

    You’re part of the problem! Please remove yourself from the population.


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