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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Car break-ins are becoming a big problem in New Hanover County, especially for one man. However, he says what he has in his front yard is catching these criminals.

Dan Maggio and his wife live in Middlepoint, a quiet neighborhood near Ogden. But recently, would-be criminals are trying to break into cars and score big. Maggio’s property has been targeted three times in the past three weeks, but he feels lucky. He installed a device that has successfully led to the capture of these criminals all three times. He says it is way better than any camera.

“You actually seeing your car light come on, your dome light, or seeing somebody trying to break into your car does a lot more,” says Maggio.

The device is small, easy to hide, and effective at catching criminals. The second part of the device can be put anywhere in the house, where it will beep to alert the homeowners when someone is passing a little too close to personal property.

“When this thing goes off in the morning, I know something is up, and it is not good.”

Maggio parks his car almost forty-feet up from the road. He says criminals are not afraid to strike, but at least this device will help catch them.

“If you have the unit in the right location, and you know what to do when the unit goes off, you are going to have a much higher chance of catching someone in the act of breaking into your vehicle.”

Of course, the best way to protect your car from thieves is simple. The Sheriff’s Office says 98 percent of car break-ins can be prevented by simply locking your vehicle.

The device can be purchased for less than one-hundred dollars, an inexpensive price for protection. If there are any neighborhoods or individuals interested in getting a beeper or learning more about a neighborhood catch program Maggio is creating, please call Atlantic Legal Services at (910) 233-9973.

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