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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Members of Wilmington’s “Bring it! Downtown” campaign say the last six months were a success.

The group told City Council this morning it surpassed benchmarks from council while increasing membership from 42 to 71.

The group looks to build upon its success by installing banners on downtown street lamps and looking into the downtown parking situation to make it more accommodating.

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8 Comments on "‘Bring it! Downtown’ showing signs of success"

2015 years 8 months ago

I think this goes beyond the city.
How many groups do we now have promoting down town?
Bring it Down Town
The Cape Fear Visitors Bureau
The Chamber of Commerce
(Can anyone think of others?)

I have to ask why? Why so many groups?
My answer seems to be – desperation. The “epicenter” of New Hanover County is moving towards the beaches and away from the Cape Fear River area or down town.
Growth is higher in this area for residential construction.
Mayfaire is now being called the new down town with Phase III starting.

And now that the city cannot forcibly annex they cannot grow into these busy areas (Like Monkey Junction).
In essence the city is losing! The city is losing tax revenues it desperately needs. Its losing population – it’s losing it’s “base”.
Which explains Council requesting beach nourishment funds because they want to call it waterfront renewal – meaning it can now include the Cape fear waterfront – and they want to expand? Riverwalk !!!!!
And they want to do it at the beach towns expense. The city is basically losing it’s power over the rest of New Hanover County – and they know it. They are trying anything and everything to keep down town active as a “tool” to use when asking for County tax funds.
But 4 active groups promoting down town? (Possibly more)
This is ludicrous


2015 years 8 months ago

Bars and drunks and violence. Murder and parking issues. Ugly buildings (not the houses, the commercial buildings).

And this little group of geniuses thinks that putting banners on streetlamps is going to be the next great thing? How much effect will a banner have if people aren’t going “downtown” to see them in the first place? That’s like putting the cart before the horse. Duh!

After this little cabal of “downtowners” tried to rip off the rest of Wilmington for more of their tax dollars so they could promote a “downtown” baseball stadium, they’re now going to get exactly what they deserve, and that would be exactly nothing.

The rest of Wilmington no longer needs you. We’ve moved on to more viable, less selfish areas of our community.

2015 years 8 months ago

was this initative not set up by WDI or the Chamber? And was the intent not to improve downtown commerce and shopping?

What membership increased? The number of packing shoppers who travel downtown?

2015 years 8 months ago

Was this from the June 15 council meeting minutes:

Resolution was considered authorizing a Memorandum of
Agreement between the City of Wilmington, Downtown Business Alliance
and Wilmington Downtown, Inc. supporting the “Bring It! Downtown”
Ms. Betty Gurganus, Parking Manager, stated that this Resolution
is a request of marketing funds to promote a unified marketing plan to utilize funds that are in the Parking Enterprise Fund. She noted that marketing funds are designated in the budget for fiscal year 2012-2013.
Ms. Gurganus stated that the Downtown Parking Advisory
Committee authored “A Strategy for Growth to a Better Wilmington” last yearto utilize Parking’s marketing funds in a unified plan with such groups as the Downtown Business Alliance (DBA) and Wilmington Downtown, Inc. (WDI).
She noted that a Downtown Task Force was formed from the two (2) agencies to deliver a cohesive marketing message.
Ms. Joan Loch, a downtown business owner, recognized Downtown Task Force members present in the audience and gave a lengthy
presentation on the “Bring It! Downtown” marketing campaign.
A question/answer and discussion period was held.
Ms. Loch presented an original rendering by David Goodson to City
Council for display in City Hall.
Following further discussion, Councilmember Rivenbark made a
motion to approve the Resolution Councilmember Haynes requested if Council would amend the Resolution by removing Subsection 3F.REGULAR
Councilmember Rivenbark accepted that change.
Councilmember Padgett seconded the motion and requested that
Council agree to the program as a whole with language that would not require the Task Force to return to the City Council for each piece of it. She commented that they must meet a list of requirements, and that could be verified by Staff.
Mr. Bill Wolak, Interim City Attorney, stated that initially the first
$30,000 was to come from this year’s budget and the second would come from next year’s budget. He noted that it would not require a presentation by the Task Force and Staff could certify the benchmarks. He added that Staff’s intention was to give Council the discretion and option to phase the $60,000 in based upon the success of the project.
Councilmember Padgett commented that after many years in
advertising she doesn’t believe a program can be judged in less than a year or a year and a half.
Councilmember Rivenbark accepted Councilmember Padgett’s
change to the motion.
Following further discussion, Mayor Saffo called the question and
the motion carried unanimously.

Money out of the parking fund? This looks like a group working with WDI and others.

Another waste…….


2015 years 8 months ago

Blah, Blah, Blah

2015 years 8 months ago

I use to like to go downtown to walk in the mornings but the urine smell coming from the alleys near the bars is just nasty. Maybe a good washing down with water and some disinfectant would help clear the air so to speak. As for going down there at night, well just forget it. The downtown is just too dangerous.

2015 years 8 months ago

Banners? Looking into the parking situation?

Good grief


Guest George
2015 years 8 months ago

You guys at WWAY are so funny,where do you get all these stories from.They can’t all be true!They are?…Wow!now I feel stupid.


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