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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A man accused of driving into a Wilmington restaurant Friday night made his first appearance in court today and told a judge he is crazy.

911 calls from Katy’s Bar and Grill described a chaotic scene.

“We just had a car drive into Katy’s and then flee,” a caller told 911. “They’re in a green Civic heading south on College Road.”

Police say Jacob Spivey, a registered Democrat, drove into the bar and then left after getting into a political argument with another customer. Two people were hurt, including one woman whose hip was broken.

Katy’s owner Katy Monaghan says she is working to rebuild and recover.

“We got to patch it up and keep on plugging,” Monaghan said.

Monday, Spivey made his first court appearance. His demeanor was erratic and his attention span short.

The judge asked why Spivey should get a court-appointed attorney when his family was able to pay $10,000 to bond him out of jail. That’s when a prosecutor said Spivey said relatives paid the bond because he is crazy.

Spivey’s mother, who says she lives with her son, told the judge he is getting treatment for some illness, but she never said what.

The judge set pre-trial conditions for Spivey. Spivey is not allowed to drive for any reason, he will be monitored by an ankle bracelet and he must stay at his home at all times unless he is visiting his doctor or going to court.

Spivey is charged with 11 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, hit and run and other charges. He is due back in court January 31. He and his family declined to comment on the way out of court this afternoon.

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  • wondc

    This is what happens when someone attacks a person who is mentally off. This guy clearly did not care who the victim voted for, no great debate ever took place. He was asked who he voted for and then he was publicly humiliated by someone who may have even drinking. I am certain this must be very unfortunate for all involved.

  • Long Haired Hippy in Kure Beach

    Low information republican voters will stereotype this idiot as a typical “knee-jerk liberal” just as low information democrat voters will stereotype most conservatives as “gun-toting rednecks.”

  • Guest joe i

    Is it time to take Democrat’s cars so that something like this won’t happen again? Makes as much since as taking guns from the law abiding population, when what’s need is to make sure crazy ppl don’t get guns.
    If this guy were a republican this story would be all over the national news

  • SkippingRecord

    Learn how to argue with intelligent words or agree to disagree. But stop attacking one another like this. The 24 hour news channels put angry talking heads on TV or have extremists as guests to boost ratings all the while creating this angry political climate we live in today. It leaks over into the real world as evidenced by the comments on this story and the story itself.

    People today are blaming violent movies and video games for violence in the real world. 20 years ago it was rap videos and movies about gangs. But could it possibly be that people have lost the ability to know when to discontinue an argument and move on? People no longer seek out opposing views to their own, not when it is so easy to find a website or 24 hour news network that matches your beliefs. Today’s “informed” individuals need look no further than MSNBC or Fox News to find someone who agrees with them rather than challenge themselves to open their minds and see what the other side has to say about an issue. If people could learn to separate the facts from the opinions in news articles and TV segments then they would be more capable of forming their own opinions better.

  • Urmom

    Couldn’t have happend to a better bar

  • Guest01010101

    Jacob is not political, he reacted to being called an “f’ing idiot” repeatedly. He has been singing karaoke at Katy’s for years, a lot people know him, he is very well liked by the patrons there.

  • Guest123

    One person commits a crazy act, an certain subset of people feel they now have a God given mandate to label over 50% (checking election results) of their neighbors with every bad name from unstable to traitor is extremely terrifying.

    Can you commenters not see the world as anything other black and white?

    Perhaps maybe there this a middle ground out there.

    This community active, tax paying, registered democract has his CCW, has been working since he was 15, loves to hunt, can probaly outfish most of you, is college educated, holds a technical profession and reads news sources from both sides of the slant to better understand the BS spewed from both sides.

    I guess is your eyes I and most of my friends are those “clueless libs”?

  • GuestAgain

    I’d rather live next door to the guy who admits he’s crazy.

  • concernedcitzen

    Katys bar is pure trash , that place stinks and is filthy , there is a regular crowd of thugs and thieves that hangout there every friday and saturday night , my friend had her purse stolen there , and another friend was assaulted there over a sports argument , and if u dont beleive this go there for yourself , its a trashy place with low life thugs and thieves ….

  • GuestMan.

    he wasn’t a conservative republican or he would have walked in with an assault rifle and something home-made and then everyone would have been in trouble.

  • Guestsfndi

    I am a registered Republican who voted for Obama twice. The chosen party of record may not be how he voted or who he was all pissed off about. Dig some more.

  • BeachGal

    I love how this wil be spun out. Im as you call it “a registered Democrat”. But do I drive cars into buildings NO! This has nothing to do with who you vote for, but it has everything to do with the growing need for mental illness help in NC. I have a parent with mental illness and I have seen first hand how the state took away her care, to save money. This story will be used for another attact against good people.

  • Guestllllllllllllll

    They are one in the same.

  • Guest1118

    You are 100% exactly spot on!! Ditto, ditto, ditto! Bravo!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Guest3130

    Yep. WWAY-TV3 put this irrelevant information in the article, and got the knee-jerk reaction it was looking for – shame on you, WWAY-TV3, you’re small-town a** is showing.

  • Guest000000

    The Pope is expected to reveal that he is, indeed, Catholic.

  • Registered Democrat

    A registered Democrat? What religion is he? Does this matter at all? The people that he harmed – were they registered Democrats or Republicans and what church do they attend? This is insane! And I’m not talking about Jacob Spivey.
    Just looked at the CAPTCHA question. I will answer that question because yes, I am a human visitor.


    I tried to tell you libs.

  • LOL~

    “a registered Democrat”

    Is that really necessary?

  • BitterEXdemocrackkk

    spelled with THREE Ks to characterize the history of the party of slavery!

    STRIVE to be SMARTER than a NC democrackkk (and Obongo) WANTS you to BE !!!

  • birdie4eric

    I knew it was the act of a liberal. There is nothing about liberal/progressive/socialist thought that is based in logic or fact. Therefore, when their political beliefs are challenged the truth is never on their side, so they typically resort to name calling and irrational behavior. In this case the angry liberal tried to run over a lady with his car because she disagreed with him. In the liberal arena of media and academia, Christian values have been relentlessly attacked for many years now. Morality, decency, and human life are devalued and mocked in the movies, tv shows, music, and video games that the Hollywood left produces. Political correctness has blurred the line between right and wrong and is preventing many of our youth from learning or knowing the difference. All the while the liberal agenda has been to create a culture of entitlement and dependance on government in the name of buying votes and accumulating power. Mr. Spivey is a product of those efforts and an example of what one such voter looks like. Congratulations!

  • Guest34

    good grief!

  • Guestiiiiiiiiiiii

    Hopefully sensible people are waking up the reality of liberal/progressive/socialist thought being a violent, intolerant school of thought that is essentially neo-Bolshevik.

  • SkippingRecord

    By generalizing all liberals as being against Christian values, pro-entitlement, and power hungry individuals who buy votes with entitlements you yourself keep alive the disease of polarization that infects this country. By putting everybody from the left in one box and everybody in the right in another, you perpetuate the idea that we are not individuals but rather we are all of one hive mind that see and think in only black and white.

    Most Democrats I know are Christian and fiscally conservative. Many of them own handguns and hunting rifles for protection and sport but believe only the military has need of assault rifles. They don’t want their taxes raised but are willing to pay more if the money helps out the old, the sick, or the poor; not tax breaks for the super-rich or aid to other countries.

    The acts of one man, who Katy’s regulars say has bipolar disorder, do not reflect upon the entire Democratic party. People today think that yelling the loudest makes you the smartest person in the room. No, it just makes you the loudest. Trying to blame the “Hollywood left” for the failures of parents to raise their children with good Christian values is just lazy and such an outdated argument. I was poor growing up but was taught right from wrong and knew not to engage in criminal and violent behavior, despite enjoying the output of the “Hollywood left.”

    Read your post again. What were you trying accomplish with your tone? If your agenda was to offer up a constructive criticism of the current political system and to offer a solution then you failed. Most of the posts on this story seem designed to point fingers and anger readers on both sides.

    I will close with this… if Mr. Spivey had agreed to disagree and let the whole thing go or had the woman not antagonized Mr. Spivey for voting for Obama (as Katy’s regulars claim she had) would anyone have been assaulted that night?

  • RSimmons

    Opinions have consequences.

  • Guestrrrrrrr

    I remember first seeing this tactic widely used in the US during the 1980s as the Central Park Jogger’s horrible attack shocked America. “Oh WHY was she jogging in Central Park alone!? Doesn’t she know better?” Instead of “why were these feral beasts attacking an innocent woman?”
    Democrats/leftists get rather defensive of their thug/lunatic voters as it generally requires people who are mentally unbalanced and or lazy criminals, who’d rather steal/assault than get a job tasting pie in a pie factory for $20 an hour, to keep them voted in.
    You need voters whose “job” is to show up at the polls every four years to keep the checks rolling in spite of voting for a party that firmly believes: “Cutting 716 billion from Medicare will strengthen the program!”
    Yes, folks this is the America the left wants. If a woman tries to have a discourse involving politics, and someone tries to kill her with a car, she should “hush” as “Opinions have consequences.” The Blame the victim strategy from The Ted Kennedy School of Debate.

  • C.A

    hahaha at “a registered democrat.” Thanks for the relevant information.

  • Guest1971

    His party affiliation is relevant since he committed the crime due to a political disagreement.


    I could not have said it better myself birdie4. As for guest5678, you’re partially right. The ferocity of criticism and outcry from the left had this idiot been a registered republican would be off the charts. Heck…it may have made national headlines. This is the MO of liberals. Self described Tea Party rallies are basically lauded as racial KKK rallies and Nazi propaganda meetings by the MSM and left wing ideologues. The so called “Occupiers” are described as a democratic movement who speak out against social and economic inequality…LMAO! It’s ridiculous on its merit. The fact is that liberal ideology is about creating as much government oversight and control in our lives as possible…and conservatism is about lessening, limiting government interference and power to intercede in our social and economic values. You can witness the contrast of the two divides everyday on social media, news (cable and main stream), Hollywood and movies…so apparent just this past week on the Golden Globes. Former Pres. Bill Clinton walks out to a standing ovation…a personally flawed individual who made his political mark having to govern by conservative principles due to his political situation, i.e. welfare reform and balancing the budget. He then preceded to speak about Abraham Lincoln, a “republican” trying to push legislation thru congress by compromise, abolishing slavery and preserving the union. Funny coming from a man whose actual party (the Southern Democrats) are the ones who stood and fought against it. Yet later we see Ben Affleck touting his movie “Argo”, gives great credit to those in our military armed services and thus only receiving scant applause and actually no acknowledgment from many of the elite “stars” in the audience. The contrast is clear and there for those who are “WILLING” to see. For those who don’t or won’t…well I’m sure character assassination or just plain running over someone with their car is an option.

  • Gustafo

    Are crazy people aren’t libs, but all libs are crazy

  • Guest CommonTater

    is a disease.

  • Guest2012

    I agree with you Guestrrrrr!

    I remember the Jogger case well. I was at that females age at that time, and remember when the Catholic priest came to the RESCUE of the “poor victim”… Namely, the “wilding” teen perps. NOT THE TRUE VICTIM, who lie near death in the NY City hospital. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    Logic needs to prevail and we need to be heard loud and clear. IF NOT NOW, WHEN?!? 2012 came and went, but it is not too late to speak up. To American Patriots, Don’t give up! George Washington didn’t.

  • Guest4321

    The Central Park Five were released from prison in 2002 after the actual guilty party confessed to the crime he committed, do a little research those five teenagers were indeed innocent.

  • Guest5678

    I hate how this is going to fuel the echo of republicans. if it was the other way around, I hate how it would have fueled the echo of democrats.

    BOTH PARTIES S*CK! and jacob is an insane moron!


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