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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Two weeks into the New Year, and some people are still trying to kick a few bad habits.

Smokers in Wilmington are no exception, which might explain the boom in electronic cigarette stores in the area.

Recently a few new signs have been popping up around the Port City. Electronic cigarettes promise the same satisfaction as normal cigarettes without all of those nasty chemicals.

“It still delivers your nicotine, and you can adjust the level of nicotine you get in it, but there is no smoke, no carbon monoxide, no tar,” Electra Vapor president David Peterson said.

Cigarettes have more than 4,000 chemicals. E-cigarettes, Peterson says, have only four.

“It is a much safer alternative to smoking cigarettes,” he said.

Customers hope this alternative can help them kick the habit altogether.

“I have seen a couple people buy them, and they have actually worked,” first-time customer Mike Gerringer said. “I have not been able to quit smoking. I have tried several things, so I figured I would give this a shot.”

Peterson, who owns six e-cigarette stores in Wilmington and Jacksonville says the growth of shops like his comes down to simple economics. Not only can you smoke e-cigarettes just about anywhere, e-cigarettes are also much cheaper than normal cigarettes.

“Smoking cigarettes just at a pack a day will cost an average consumer around $150 a month,” Peterson said. “Smoking electronic cigarettes cost an average person $20 to $25 a month.”

Of course, experts say the healthiest alternative to smoking is to give up the habit altogether.

Though customers swear by electronic cigarettes, they have not yet been proven to actually help people quit smoking. The FDA says because research continues, customers have no way to how safe they are or how much nicotine and other chemicals they are inhaling.

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  • JamieBAVaper

    I started June 2012,for my kids to keep the carbon monoxide to a minimum. Best decision ever. My youngest hasn’t had to use his nebulizer since and my lung capacity feels great. This owner and his shops locally have helped plus without a certain employee mixing me a flavor I love, I probably would be ordering only from the Internet and not supporting small business.

    “Vaping” for me is a treat. I prefer super sweet flavors, so I never smell like an ashtray and what I exhale smells pleasant to others. Not to mention it’s like a dessert.

  • The health benefits of quitting smoking are substantial: Within a few hours,the level of carbon monoxide in the blood begins to decline and the heart rate will also get back to normal.


    I started using E Cigs in March and I have not smoked another cig since. I have tried every thing possible to quit and never had any kind of success. I am still addicted to the nicotine but I no longer suffer from a smokers cough or breathing problems. I have tried several different stores in Wilmington and I am thrilled that a new one just opened up in Wrightsboro near my home. They have great liquids and with all the choices available today I would never go back to smoking. I have been able to lower the nicotine and not being a smoker has changed my lifestyle in general.

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