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By Wayne Faulkner

Corning Inc. is cutting a total of 100 salaried positions at its three North Carolina facilities, the company said Monday.

But the company would say how many of those would come at its Wilmington fiber optics plant on North College Road, which employs approximately 1,000. Corning also would not reveal specific cuts at the two other North Carolina locations, in Concord and Hickory.

“The actions will be taken at the Wilmington plant that fall in line with the announcement we made in late October involving workforce restructuring,” said Joe Dunning, supervisor for media relations for the Corning, N.Y.-based company.

In October, Corning had said it planned to lay off 500 employees worldwide as a result of the depressed economy.

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3 Comments on "StarNews: Corning cutting 100 salaried jobs in NC"

Guest Reply
2015 years 9 months ago

It’s the New Trend Plan to eliminate management (higher salaries) and start the so called “Teaming” process which turns over the management decision-making process and responsibilities to the hourly work force. Believe me…some used to call it “Six Sigma” (some still do)…either way, it’s designed to have teams of hourly employees make business decisions with 1 Coach (management) involved…to make a final ruling judgement about any given decision the “Team” makes. Thus…putting the load back onto the Coach as the main supervision and decision maker (and here’s the catch)…where it originated from in the first place over the years.
Sound like Mumbo Jumbo? It’s a Smoke Screen buddy! It is…but now you have cut out a high percentage of management salaries thus creating a Profit for the company….during these hard restructuring times we live in as they claim. “Needs of the Business”.
I saw it brewing years ago (I’m retired now/but not without my sources)…and it’s still going on and slowly creating more enemies within the work force. Not good for business, though you may see smiling faces of employees on any given TV commercial or adds. A Smoke Screen :-(
Didn’t Dr Goebbels do this type of advertisement for Hitler? Yes he did…just on a much broader scale. “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.
Another side effect of Teaming…is your coworker now wants to have Power over you and other individuals…thus creating anger and static within the work place/work force…eventually creating a loss of production…and we all know where that will lead down the road. Yes…even for those that manufacture Toasters.
“It’s Called Teaming” (though this article doesn’t disclose this companies intent). It’s primary design as a rule, once again, was to get rid of management that didn’t know how to perform their jobs…but in turn…it also effects the ones that did.
The Big Back Fire is coming in time…and stock values will reflect that in the interim.
Stay Tuned!

2015 years 9 months ago

I used to work there and finally had to quit in 2001 because the job was killing me and destroying my family, I feel sorry for anyone that still works there

2015 years 9 months ago

12 hour rotating shift work at the expense of your health and family life and this is your reward. I bet the CEO is doing just fine though!


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