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HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — A late-night hit and run over the weekend left a Pender County girl in the hospital, but the details surrounding the accident are still unclear.

In an e-mail, the victim’s aunt told us the girl was hit Saturday night when she tried to cross US 17 in Hampstead.

Highway Patrol says it cannot release the victim’s name, because she is a juvenile. The investigating trooper says the victim was crossing US 17 near the Food Lion to go to the store with her sister and her mom’s boyfriend. That’s when she was hit by a vehicle that did not stop.

Because it was dark, it’s not clear what kind of vehicle hit the girl.

Now, investigators are looking for any information that can help in them find the car and driver.

An e-mail from a woman who says she is the victim’s aunt says her niece Katelyn is being treated in Chapel Hill for a shattered pelvis and cracked skull. The victim’s aunt says she contacted us because she wants to find the person responsible for hitting Katelyn. Highway Patrol, though, says it does not even know who or what to look for.

If anyone has any information about the accident or anyone involved, please contact the Highway Patrol or your local law enforcement agency.

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  • Guest vocal local

    Lots of kids walk around in Hampstead, gas too expensive, there is nothing else to do there, hasn’t changed in 50 years!

  • Rocky

    I agree with that, that Katelyn should not have been out late at night, but there could have been many reasons as to why she was visiting the store with her mother’s boyfriend and sister. Katelyn and I both go to TMS together, and I was sick the following week that she had been hit. My other friend was really upset because she had no one to talk to with this information. Kate and I have been friends since sixth grade (last year) and my family and I were planning to visit her this week, since school is off from today to Monday. Sadly, I have no more information about what has happened to Kate, but many people in my school that knew her have been saying she broke her spine. The details are scattered and definitely, that’s for sure.

  • Guest 211

    Same as with the kid in Fla. that went to the store at what? 10;30 pm for his grandmother and was shot by the security guard (neighbor hood watch). kids should be in bed or at least in the house by or before then.

  • Melissa

    She is one of my closest friends. She lives in a complicated family. No matter what happened she never deserved it. My family is keeping het our prayers.

  • disappointed

    Even more reason to be judgmental. Hampstead is a safe small town but when children are in the care of negligent adults anything can happen. . .even an injury such as this.

    A 12 year old should not have been walking a mile to a store for a drink at 11:30 at night; PERIOD!

  • neighbor

    I am sorry for her, but you said it all they are complicated. What you really mean is tragic home life. This child fell though the cracks of social services this should all be them. They were contacted by several different people on home life of this child. I hope she does better and can live a full life with her father now away from the home in Hampstead. So all of you that said something was Fishy, or wrong with this you were right!!!!!!!

  • Common Sense

    Seriously? How cynical and diluted are you? First of all, you missed the first line of the story that tells you it happened over the weekend. Then, you jump to all kinds of asinine conclusions that you feel you are in the perfect position to judge. This child is a classmate of my son’s. It happened Saturday night. No one said it happened at 11:30 at night and you dont’ know exactly what or how it happened. The girl was transported to Chapel Hill and was attended by her mother and father while the aunt was at home caring for the syblings. Stop making these idiotic assumptions and making a fool out of yourself.

  • windy

    What was a 12-year old child doing out “late at night” on a school night, walking along a dark highway? Where were the other family members she was supposedly with — wouldn’t the police have some idea of who/what to look for if there were others who witnessed the incident? And why in the world is the so-called “aunt” spending her time emailing the news stations when she should be tending to the injured child? Sounds like someone (or multiple people) are out to get their 10 mins of fame.

  • Happy

    Don’t be so judge mental. We’re talking about Hampstead, NC.

  • lonetraveler

    The sister and the mom’s boyfriend have no idea of what type of vehicle hit the little girl? Why the heck not? Something stinks with this story.

  • neighbor

    Complicated is not the word for this family. To all that thought something was wrong you were RIGHT! This is Pender County Social Services fault. The child should have not been in that type of home, NO child should. I hope she will do will and gets better fast, but does not come back to the home in Hampstead. I hope all the kids stay with their dad in Philly.This just shows social service will not do anything until a kid gets hurt even though they have been in and out of this family’s life for years!


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