Two men arrested for New Year’s Day murder

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Submitted: Fri, 01/18/2013 - 2:02am
Updated: Fri, 01/18/2013 - 1:30pm

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County Detectives have arrested two men for the New Year’s Day murder of Hartford Talmage Sellers III.

Ryan Harrelson and Nikolas Smith are both charged with second-degree murder.

Sellers was beaten to death with a baseball bat on January 1.

Harrelson and Smith are both being held without bond.


  • B M says:

    you can bet potus will soon be on it if he can see a way to spend a fortune and spin it.

  • tweety11 says:

    a man was killed like a dog and you make some stupid comment about registering the bat as a lethal weapon. Its your right to make as many jackass comments as you like but at some point we have to ask ourselves those this make sense.

  • Guest 10101 says:

    You’re not funny and you’re not smart but you are consistent. Post after post of idiotic garbage seems to be your thing.

    A man is horrribly murdered and all you can think of doing is to post something this stupid and disrespectful?

    Apparently you have less common sense than the amount found in a plantars wart. My condolences.

  • Erlkoenig says:

    When will Reichchancelllor Obama order baseball bat owners to register their lethal weapons?

  • Howard Stern says:

    Great comment about the bat bro, but i think it was either George Bush or Bababooie who did it.BBBBWWWAAAAHHH

  • Cool Moe Dee says:

    You my friend should be locked up and the key thrown away as you have just assassinated the en
    glish language. I see a trend of young white wannabe thugs listening to hip hop and flashing gang signs thinking they are tough, well my man in this case you reap what you sow. Send these young losers away for life maybe that will teach the rest of you wimpy gangbangers a lesson.

  • Oncbe4victim says:

    Nick man at one time u were a good guy, ever since
    Me and ur brother came to visit u that day
    And u jumped me and put me in the hospital for nothing
    Uve been nothing but a thug. And little brother ( u know who
    This is). U know this is where he was taking it,
    Just like he told me when I was laying on the ground
    Bleeding, he ain’t got “no bitch in his blood”. And after
    All that me getting phone calls from him weeks
    Later threatening my life. (Dw all legal action was taken)
    But for some reason Nicholas always got lucky
    And all his cases got dismissed. About time they got this
    Stone cold killer of da streets. Same with his lil thug 16 yr
    Olds that he’s always recruiting

  • Kenneth says:

    It’s your brother nick I love you. Family will always be here for you kinda sad a dad without his three kids all because some people couldn’t find something better to do besides cause drama I know you innocent I know you had little to do with it you might be a hardcore guy but my brother is no killer sad what all this has came to an the law enforcement can’t trust no one no more look at someone wrong your charges useless dollars we spend on our own safety they have the 2 that did it free my brother nick Wayne smith we love you an we all will miss you stay strong…

  • Guest 30350 says:

    A baseball bat used as a weapon in this incident. A guy walks into WPD HQ with a bat to take on the cops. I see a trend here, Call BHO ASAP; there goes the Little League World Series.

  • Guest123654 says:

    Im sorry your upset to loose your brother due to him taking the life of another person…but that other person had a life also, had his own family and people that loved him. Nothing gives a person permission to take another life the way he did. Yes its a shame that children will suffer from this but you brother did not think about his children as he commited the crime… Thank you Brunswick County for the arrest and keeping *THUGS* off the streets.

  • Guest02312 says:

    Let’s get this straight. A man is stopped by a homeowner to tell him that small kids play in the area and to slow down. Driver replys, I’ll be back to get you. He comes back with two other people, shirts off, and weilding baseball bats. One of the “Thugs”, from the vehicle, gets the bat taken away from him and gets beat. What’s the problem? He got what he was going to give the homeowner. “GOOD JOB” MR. Homeowner. Way to take care of your neighborhood!

  • Recent heartbreak? says:

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    Where does the LIS come from- that’s not your name, it’s the heart breakers….?

    WOW, did you have a recent heartbreak that sent you over the edge?

  • GuestLulz says:

    “Proof that consistency is’nt alway a good thing”
    “consistency is’nt alway a good”
    “is’nt alway”

    You mean “isn’t always”

  • Guest24682 says:

    Yikes, thanks I couldnt of said it better!!!!!

  • one sided reporting says:

    Connolly told the StarNews in a phone interview that the brawl erupted after the elder Harrelson confronted the driver of a Chevy Blazer about speeding down a road where children often play. He said he did not know if the driver was Sellers, but whoever it was threatened to “bring a crew to come back down and get him (Harrelson).”

    Some time later, the Blazer came speeding back. It stopped near Harrelson’s house and revved its engine. The noise brought Harrelson, his son and a friend into the driveway. Then the occupants of the Blazer, all shirtless, stepped out wielding baseball bats, and the fight ensued.

  • Guest02313 says:

    Really??? Are you really into that Thug life also? Grow up. If someone makes a threat you call the law and have them jailed. There is only two reasons why someone would not call the law

    #1, they are known to be in trouble from time to time, have a record #2, they are Thugs and want to take the law into their own hands.

    Again nobody has the right to take a life, unless forced. Forced means someone walkes up to me and starts beating me or points a gun at me with no warning, I have the right to defend myself… knowing someone is comming over, I have the right to call the cops! Know and understand the difference.

  • Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned says:

    One of the eye witness is definitively tainted because she has a personal Vendetta against one of the accused and his family.

    She recently got left for a man after many years in a same sex relationship with a CLOSE relative of his.

    I have NOTHING against same sex relationships (love is love).

    However, it is a huge blow to the ego to get left for a man after a 10-12 year relationship.

    The scar is still so recent and fresh….

    She has tried everything else to get back into the family and of course it’s hurtful to be rejected on so many levels after so many years.

    Point being: Everything’s not always as black and white as it may seem.

    Look at her criminal record since having been “left” as compared to the previous 10-12 years….. it’s obvious, she went a little nuts….

    I bet the victims family didn’t know about the alterior motives as they listened to the story.

    Along with the other substantiated evidence that she has tried many other tactics to get back at the family due to the rejection.

    Might not hurt to do a little research, the big picture should begin to show itself as the truth always prevails.

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