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CHARLOTTE, NC (AP) — Piedmont Natural Gas wants to reduce rates for its customers in North Carolina and South Carolina.

The Charlotte Observer reported the request would reduce the typical customer’s bill about $9 next month.

The Charlotte company says wholesale prices for natural gas are dropping.

The rate changes would take effect Feb. 1 and reduce residential rates by about 8 percent.

Piedmont serves about 1 million customers in the Carolinas and Tennessee.

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  • Vog46

    that the wholesale price has dropped more than 8% but that’s OK because the point being made here by Peidmont is much bigger.
    Natural gas is plentiful and there’s still more to be discovered.
    We should have unfrettered exploratory drilling off our coast
    We should convert our fleet of cars and some trucks to run on natural gas and build fueling stations accordingly. According to T Boone Pickens this would give us about 100 years to develop more efficient electric cars. (Natural gas is also less polluting – not perfect by any means but much less polluting than gasoline engine cars are).



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