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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Groups opposed to likely legislation at the General Assembly this year requiring North Carolina citizens to show identification before voting in person already are rolling out a plan to fight it.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and American Civil Liberties Union in North Carolina and others scheduled a Legislative Building news conference Wednesday to unveil organizing efforts against voter ID proposals.

Republican legislative leaders say a bill requiring government-issued photo identification will be considered. GOP lawmakers in 2011 passed an ID bill vetoed by Democratic Gov. Beve Perdue. New Republican Gov. Pat McCrory supports photo ID to vote.

The groups say their mobilization efforts will include a public service announcement and web site. They’ll also lay out their case against photo ID at Wednesday’s news conference.

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  • truthseeker

    Only minorities and democrats are aganist voter ID because that is the only way dems get elected. Lets face it. Minorities are more likely to not have a legal ID because one, they have never tried to get one, or two they are illegal. My Aunt works at a voting booth and some black lady stated this was her 125th vote because there is not one thing they could do about it. Just state the name of a friend you know who is not voting and vote. We need politicians elected by the true majority, not people who for some reason cannot get a ID. That goes for using food stamps, people need to show a ID matching they are the recepient of the free bes!

  • Richardfr

    For anyone opposed to voter ID.

    How would you feel if someone posed as you and voted in your name?

    By requiring Photo ID, your rights as a voter are protected.

  • B M

    If a person is not responsible enough to have a proper ID then how in the heck are they gonna be coherent enough to make a reasonable choice on a voting machine? This country has gotten so left wing it’s gonna be hard to right itself.

  • Guest2234

    This is just ridiculous. What kind of contributing citizen today doesn’t have an id? Very few, mostly elderly. Well, why don’t these groups get these citizens that don’t have id’s and help them get one and spend their time and money protecting the American right to honest and fair elections.

  • Guest28451

    I support photo ID for voting.
    I can’t see any reason not to support it.
    What does the NAACP have to do with voting anyway?

  • Erlkoenig

    I think liberals will be on board if their arrest mug shot can be used as ID.

  • Monkey Junction

    Some elderly and poor people do not have the means or money to travel to the DMV to get a picture ID which can be farther away than their polling place. Voter ID laws are a solution to a problem that rarely exists. Voter fraud does exist but more in the way of fraudulent voting machines instead of someone traveling to vote many times on election day. I work as an pool worker and election day. There are ways to check voter fraud and people at the BOE take these felonies seriously.

    This is just an attempt to stop poor and elderly people from voting as they tend to vote Democratic in elections. I an certainly understand people feeling that an ID should be vital to an election. It is just as black and white as some may think.

  • Guest2020

    Voter ID is the most logical solution to preventing voter fraud. Honest people won’t object to securing the system.

  • Colleen M

    I don’t have a problem showing my ID to vote. Everyone should have some form of picture ID even if they don’t drive. I don’t understand what the problem is in the first place. I have to show ID to cash a check or use my credit card so there should be no difference when I go to vote. voting is a privilage for the American people.

  • Beach Bum

    I support voter ID.

    If there is going to be more “gun legislation”, then there should be no problem having to show an ID to vote.

    Both have the opportunity to change the outcome of peoples lives, drastically.

  • Guest7969

    ONLY reason you would be against voter ID, is if you plan on CHEATING! Plain and simple!

  • Guest461

    The NAACP and the ACLU have absolutely no other basis for their organization than avoiding or twisting the truth. The NAACP is the black persons worst enemy. The ACLU stands for anything that means nothing and can’t stand for anything that means something.

  • Rick Wilson

    There are so many things in this country that require a photo ID, why not voting? If it is important enough, you will make arrangements to get the ID. This is not about some conspiracy to prevent people from voting. It is about ending the conspiracy theories that abound now about voter fraud. If you are unwilling to secure a picture ID for yourself, you probably are too lazy to vote anyway. What’s next in this argument…………do away with driver’s licenses because some people don’t want to go to the trouble to get one but feel they should still be allowed to drive? I also believe you should have to prove you are a legal citizen of this Country before being allowed to vote……………….

  • Cathie Verna

    What is the problem with showing an ID for something as important as a vote in an election. I feel that the fact that some folks are against it says – we have something to hide. I’m just not getting it. You have to go the DMV to get a photo ID for a drivers license to drive a vehicle. Ok while it’s important to have – its driving a car and quite frankly NO license – NO driving a car, (even though people still do drive without a license and probably hold their breath everytime they are behind the wheel that they are not stopped.) I don’t need to hear the whining from folks, here is an easy solution. There is a little less than 4 years before our next major presidential election – so everyone is put on notice. Next election – NO photo ID of some type – NO VOTING!! Simple as a matter of fact. There have been many excuses given why it can’t be done, or is it the fact that shadiness will not be allowed to happen – With something so important why is there even a discussion on this matter. And let’s go one step further – I am sick of hearing about hanging chads, missing votes, paper ballots and everything else that goes along with the election cycle. Let’s just face this fact. THERE SHOULD BE ONE VOTING MACHINE OF THE SAME TYPE FOR EVERYONE. Take bids from the companies making the equipment, choose one company and then everyone has to have that machine in place by the next election. With something so important in this day and time why, oh why do we still have the same problems. Or is it the fact it would be legitimate. People wake up, lets all get on the same page.


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