Future of Brittt Motorsports still up in the air

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Submitted: Thu, 01/24/2013 - 9:33pm
Updated: Fri, 01/25/2013 - 1:38am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Britt Motorsports filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in October 2011 with plans to stay open, but a sign on its door says the shop is closed with hopes to reopen Feb. 1, and owner Scott Britt was recently arrested in Cumberland County for writing a bad check.

A former employee says he is unsure of what the future holds for the shop, but he believes Britt will return to business.

“Because of how deeply ingrained this is in Scott’s blood, and his son’s blood and his father’s blood, there will never be a time when Scott Britt doesn’t run something in the motorcycle industry in North Carolina,” former Britt service manager Kenneth Bolukbas said.

We tried to talk with Scott Britt today, but he referred us to his attorney, who has not called us back.

In a text, Britt said the plan to reopen his store Feb. 1 is still tentative.


  • Guest a says:

    You want to come back and say this person is not correct in what he/she says because of Grammar? How is that a rebuttal? While I agree that the above person does need to use spell check (or firefox since it checks spelling for you), you can’t argue something with something completely unrelated. Argue facts please!!!! (And arguing that people can not bad mouth you because you have “done good things in the past” does not justify a person to do bad)

  • Getsome says:

    just was part of the review board deciding to put the business off limits till better practices were done. But low and behold, it has to close due to illegal activity by the owners.
    What about all the unpaid consignment sales, how was scotts holiday? Were did him and sweety go? The ones with bad checks went no where and continue to look for their money. I guess that is just a miss understanding. Shame of it is, Daddy built the repuation and business, just took scott a few spoiled years to ruin it. Wake up, he’s just a nice crook.

  • guestguest says:

    It seems to me that people are too blind to see that this fool has taking advantage of an entire community. Gaining everyone’s trust, and then taking them to the bank, or in this case, their checks to his bank. This guy is a scumbag, once again he has proven that. And who is this jack ass on the video talking about how engrained he is in the motorcycle community? One of his employees who hasn’t been payed since december? Scott Britt has had this coming for a long time, I’m sure if they investigate these charities they will find that some of that money has gone right into his pocket. He’s an asshole and this is all coming to light now. Great reporting WWAY, you guys are fools too. Check you’re stories and interview some of the victims of this crook.

  • Jim Clayton says:

    Did anyone out there follow up on this story? It’s old news, I guess, unless you (like me) were promised money for your bike which was sold on consignment, and you did NOT get paid. You can bet HE got the money for MY bike, and then stuffed it in his pocket. Rat-bastard.

  • Getsome says:

    hey this guy has the goods on Scotts checks and failure to pay people on their consignment sales since September 2012. Do some reporting and others will step forward before this guy bails from the area.

  • ChuckD says:

    I want WWAY to contact me for a story of a person who was personally ripped of by David Scott Britt. I’ll give you a personal story of how he operates his thriving business. Email me if you want the truth. scharles0688@gmail.com

  • getsome says:

    Their are a bunch of people waiting on their consignment checks from Britts for bikes that sold months ago. They have been converting those funds to private use. Nice fluff peiece by the news the other night, like its th economy that brought this snake down. Lets see convicted of altering VIN numbers and falsifying documents to DMV. Con men gain trust, then rip you off, gives riding a bad name. Try and dig a little and you will find multiple people given bad checks in wilmington area, when presented they bounced, Britts is telling them wait till he gets this loan. WHO IS GOING TO LOAN THIS GUY ANY MONEY, REALLY. their money for their privatly owned motorcycle is gone. its theft by conversion, time for all to step forward or you will be waiting through bankruptcy court for 5 to 10% of what you lost. In the mean time you will be making your bike payments on a bike you do not won anymore.

    lets not even mention his jacksonville operation, selling bikes to combat returning vets, that did not have a motorcyle endorsement or learners permit, getting them high interest rate loans, etc… Run this guy right to jail.

  • Not_crazy_like U says:

    Looks like the 2 previous post are from someone that purchased a bike in J-ville, whenever the store was there, didn’t have their Mommy read the paper work for them? She would have had too, because they can not read, or I know spell very well, from the way those post were written. Spell Check it works! Grammar you may have to look elsewhere!
    Anyway enough of that… People are going to bad mouth you, no matter how many good things you have done in the past, screw up once, and pay for it for life, it is just the nature of some people to do this. They have a gripe, they need to handle it, or try to, in the correct way.

  • Honest rider says:

    I know multiple people given bad checks or no payment at all dating back to October for consignment sales. Really weak reporting by all media. This guy at best has been doing conversion. Using others people’s money to stay a float. He is not paying private owners for their bike sales. It’s multiple bad checks in this town probably more in Fayetteville. The bankruptcy should not prevent these people from getting their money. If you are one of these people get to wilmington pd ASAP.

    This group has done more screwy business over the last 5 years, economy is not why he failed. He was moving parts and vin numbers around, convicted he lost his rice burning dealerships. In Jacksonville his people were selling young marines high powered bikes with no riding experiences. No licenses either. Signing them up for high interest rate loans. Yea the dummies should no better. But he took advantage of them coming back with combat pay, even after those scams he still can’t float the boat.
    He is a wooden Indian, looks good, talks, good, but that’s how con men gain trust.
    Reporters try a little harder.

  • getsome says:

    A sucker born every minute, only goes to show you these old sayings come from somewhere. Yes, people are organizing a charity run for Scott on the idea he will pay his debts with it. lets get the facts, he filed chapter 7 bankruptcy, he will write off all his debt. He obviously owes back taxes which can not be cleared in bankruptcy, hope the irs are at the charity table collecting every dime, other wise suckers, if your a taxpayer we will end up covering scotts taxes in the end.
    This assumption that he is a victim of the economy is just nuts. he is a victim of poor decisions, rapid unattainable expansion, and personal finacial irresponsiblility. Not to add in the conviction of altering VINS on bikes that lost him his rice burning dealerships.
    What a country, step up dummies, give the con man some more free money. Charity starts at home not for this bizzare event. Nuta are even giving money to a fund he set up himself on the internet, wow… is all I can say, what a country we live in… love it.

  • Concernmom says:

    I hope that Scott Britt gets back on his feet. I really do. I have been included in a number of fund raisers through Britt’s and they have been outstanding. I think the community would loose a big giver of time and money. I wish him the best.

  • Special Guest says:

    As opposed to many that may know Mr. Britt on a professional level, I have had the opportunity to know him on a personal level as well…and there is a huge gap between the man and the image that he projects. He got a little bit of money in his pocket and felt like he could take advantage of the very people (i.e., his employees and customers) that allowed him to prosper in the first place. Typical uneducated, redneck philosophy. His huge false-ego overtook his little brain and he convinced himself that he was better than everyone else, as well as being “above the law”. He tried to build a “motorcycle dynasty” and all that he succeeded in doing was to destroy everything that his father had built before him. He blames his failure on the economy. Bullshit. I blame his failure on himself, his lack of business acumen and more than anything, the way he treated people that he foolishly believed were “below” him. Sure, he organized “public service” events, but only did so in hopes of putting more money in his pocket. He cares about no one but himself…and ironically, that seems to be all that he has left. I don’t make it a habit of kicking someone when they are down, but I couldn’t think of a more deserving party. I’m just happy that I don’t possess a check with his signature on it. Karma, as they say, is a real bitch…

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