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BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Three days after 30-year-old Joshua Ward was beaten by several inmates, a former jailer says he saw similar violence first-hand.

“I have seen many cases where inmates will assault another inmate,” Marcus Hubbard said.

Tuesday afternoon, three men pulled a sleeping Ward from his bunk and started beating him. Hubbard says one of the men accused in the beating has a history of violence toward other inmates.

“Nothing ever really happened to Twasjay Brown,” Hubbard said. “It’s like a slap on the wrist. Don’t do it no more.”

Hubbard says such random acts of violence were a normal thing when he was working in the jail as they are often times overlooked.

“The aggressor goes unpunished at the jail,” Hubbard said. “I was told it’s up to the victim to file charges, but then that victim has to go back living with the aggressor.”

Hubbard was hired as a jailer in December 2011. He says he observed other jailers being lax on the job, not checking cells and at times allowing inmates to break the rules.

“Elizabethtown is a small town,” he said. “They know the jailers, and sometimes the jailers are more easy when dealing with those people, because they know their mother, their father, their sisters and brothers.”

Hubbard has kept numerous papers for his records, which he says are reports of inmate violence that he filed with his supervisor. He says when he would file a report, Chief Deputy Herman Dunn would say he was conducting an internal investigation, but Hubbard says Dunn can’t be trusted.

“Chief Deputy Herman Dunn has a tendency to keep valuable information from the sheriff,” Hubbard said.

Hubbard says he feels his complaints of inmate violence and jailers not doing their jobs continued to fall on deaf ears. He resigned in June of last year.

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12 Comments on "ONLY ON 3: Former Bladen Co. jailer says violence nothing new at jail"

2015 years 10 months ago

Go Mr. Hubbard. I worked there for 14 years as a dayshift supervisor and I saw many things as you have. I share your concerns. I also believe my concerns fell on deaf ears. I hope the family of this recent assaulted inmate takes the appropriate action to expose the corruption at Bladen County Jail. There were other inmates that have been beaten and sexually assaulted due to improper placement in the cells with known violent criminals.

Fed up in BC
2015 years 10 months ago

Finally someone with enough guts to tell us just exactly how they run things over there…As if we didnt know already!

Guest 2012
2015 years 10 months ago

County Commissioners, why aren’t all of you in the middle of this situation? You are the supervising authority of the county departments.

County Manager, have you invited the SBI into this matter?

Sheriff, do you really think that your agency can do an unbiased investigation? Really!

State Bar Disciplinary Board, have you guys been notified of a possible failure of a lawyer not doing his job?

Lawyers, do you give your clients an emergency number so that you can be reached when you are needed the most? Not much like this happens during your office hours. Crisises like this happen after you have gone from your office. Maybe an answering service so that calls can be screened. You are like doctors. You are needed when crises happen, not at your convenience.

2015 years 10 months ago

Its funny how this current Sheriff is having the same problem as the old Sheriff with the Jail. Every year the Grand Jury takes a tour of the jail to inspect it. The citizes of Bladen County get to look at the quality of the jail and suggesst improvements or if its unsafe or should be SHUT DOWN. The County Commisioners are told of these findings and for years and have done nothing about it. Both Sheriff’s have asked and asked and asked for years for a new jail. The County Commissioners have denied it everytime. The county offices esp the sheriff’s office are not getting approved for new positions to keep up with soceity’s changes and growth. These people are having to work with whats been given to them, which is nothing. You have the 4th largest county in the state, and on an average of 3-4 deputies patroling it. Thats an open invitation to criminals to come to our county and sell there drugs, break into our homes, and rob our families at smallest freaking wal-mat in the state. One of your main problems with Bladen County Jail is that its small,old, out dated. You cant seperate Violent criminals from people who have missed a court date like Ward. There is mostly only 3 jailers working at a time. Definately not enough people to be looking over 100 people at times.But your Commisioners and county Manager say… we dont need a new jail… you dont need more man power… we dont have gangs in Bladen….. we dont have a drug problem in Bladen….we sorry county employee’s havent had a cost of living raise in 8 years…. But yet give them self raises, and buy them new things. The citizens of Bladen County need to stand up and voice there opinion and not give up untill there is change!!

2015 years 10 months ago

God bless you Mr Hubbard!It’s about time people knew the truth. People that have been in that jail know things that were allowed to take place there. Maybe it’s time they spoke up too.

2015 years 10 months ago

I agree 100%. The quality of life has increasing gone downhill in Bladen County the past few years. All the town of Elizabethtown is worried about is being pretty to attract the White Lake vacatiners and their kids to shop in the stores on Main street. Forget the town or the county trying to draw business here for more jobs unless someone they personally know will benefit from it.

There is a reason the County Courthouse is called the “PayDo”….the more money you can pay…the more doors will be opened for you.

I have lived many places but only in Bladen County have I seen actual ‘good ol’ boy’ politics in action. I thought that crap was done with years ago but, then again, Bladen County for the most part is years behind most places.

Bladen County has so little to offer job wise…..most people’s life goal here is to get themselves a ‘gubbermint chek’.

2015 years 10 months ago

Thank you, Mr. Hubbard, for sharing this valuable information about lax supervision at Bladen County Jail. The jailers, derelict in their duties, allowed a man to be beaten almost to death because they were not taking their jobs seriously–and this attitude, unfortunately, permeates county government.

If I had sustained the painful injuries Joshua Ward has had inflicted on him by inmate thugs because jailers were watching television or chatting on the phone, I would take them to court for dereliction of duty.

The quality of life for residents of Bladen County has diminished considerably in the last ten years. County commissioners meet frequently, but they rarely address important issues that really affect residents. Each meeting is the same old same old.

If you are asked to serve on any county commitee, you will soon realize that there are few ideas, that it is all talk, no action. Most county employees are just half-heartedly doing their jobs–lazily going through the actions. They will never address anything that needs to be addressed if it is the least bit controversial because they don’t want to make waves.

Bladen has few jobs, and no one is doing anything to attract industry. Bladen is so poor that it cannot even sustain an automotive dealership, but we have dozens of unsightly used-car lots.

I think if any industry, scouting for a location, looked at the eyesores that line Bladen’s major highways, they would judge the people to be too uneducated and lazy. Therefore, the scouters would reject Bladen and look for a cleaner county to locate their business.

I moved a couple of years ago to Moore County–for the most part a clean county– and I return to Bladen often to visit family. Each time I return, the environment looks even worse. People in Bladen do not take pride in keeping their properties clean, and, unfortunately, that’s just fine with county leaders.

Because of lack of innovative leadership, fhe future of Bladen is to sink lower into poverty and environmental squalor.

2015 years 10 months ago

This is absolutely unacceptable. This Sheriff should be fired. If he cannot maintain control of his jail and the security of his charges, he should not be there. No one should be treated like this, no one. I am to assume he thinks because they are inmates no one will care, well he is wrong. Everyone deserves to be treated as human beings without fear of their life while incarcerated. This needs to be fixed.

Concerned Citizen
2015 years 10 months ago

No not Herman Dunn!!!! Crooked Corrupt Dunn. How much information and how much money has he kept hidden and stolen from the sherriff. Some one will figure it out one day and shame on HIM

2015 years 10 months ago

for his lawsuit… after he wakes up from his coma.

Let's be fair
2015 years 10 months ago

People have all kinds of unreasonable expectations of the Sheriff’s department. Their job is to carry out the laws put in place by lawmakers. They are working with limited resources and are deeply understaffed. Let’s quit blaming the our hardworking officers, give them the staff and facilities that they need, and hold individuals accountable for their crimes. I don’t know Mr. Herman Dunn personally, but in my dealings with the Sheriff’s department I have never observed him to be anything other than persistent and thorough in his pursuit to uphold the law. A disgruntled former employee will say anything!

2015 years 10 months ago

No cops can be trusted , especially in Bladen county. I think they take a class that makes them forget they work for us. We should be writing them tickets and taking them to jail for all the laws they break. But we the tax payers get no respect. Here’s how you find a dirty cop, call the police station.


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