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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Deputies arrived at 7212 Morley Ct. around 9 o’clock Friday night after reports of possible gun shots fired. 27-year-old Phillip Michael Donaldson II was inside the home and in possession of a handgun and a long gun. He had fired the gun towards the ground on his property.

Deputies could not arrest Donaldson because he did not break the law.

“There is no North Carolina criminal law that says you cannot discharge a firearm on your own private property,” said Sgt. Jerry Brewer.

Deputies instead advised Donaldson of county ordinances against discharging a firearm in the county. He agreed that he would not discharge the firearm again.

However, Deputies were called back to the same address for possible shots fired early Saturday morning. This time, Donaldson was not as cooperative. Deputies who were in the neighborhood already arrived at Donaldson’s home to see him getting into his vehicle and driving away. Deputies and other units from the Pender County Sheriff’s Office, Surf City Police, and NCSHP pursued Donaldson on Highway 17 heading North towards Hampstead. All units were trying to stop Donaldson who was driving carelessly and recklessly. It was not until Donaldson ran his vehicle into a ditch near Surf City that Deputies could take him into custody.

Sgt. Jerry Brewer says Donaldson fired his weapon because of a domestic issue. The female who lives with Donaldson was not home at the time of either incident. Brewer also says that Donaldson was believed to be impaired and could be charged with a DWI in addition to careless driving and failure to stop.

Donaldson was taken to Pender County Jail pending charges. All New Hanover County charges are pending as well.

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6 Comments on "Shots fired lead to car chase"

Old Guy
2015 years 10 months ago

Most of the Deputies don’t know what the gun ordinances read anyway. If this young man owned the property he CAN shoot on his property all day long and no one can do a dang thing about it. Deputies in New Hanover County need to learn what the law really is. All that crap about this yardage and that caliber of gun crap is exactly that. All the Commissioners did was wuss out when they wrote the very end of that ordinance. If one “owns” the property that one is shooting on then one can shoot on that property all day long as long as that person is being safe with the weapon. Read it for yourself! Everyone in New Hanover County that owns a gun needs to read and own a copy of this ordinance. Education is the remedy to ignorance!

2015 years 10 months ago

Not even close to how it went down. Why doesnt a reporter get out there and investigate how poorly it was handled?

2015 years 10 months ago

What a joke, is the sheriffs dept scared, that guy should of never been able to leave the house, lucky he didnt kill a neighbor or someone in the chase due o the sheriffs dept failure to act earlier that night. Some ordinances I can understand having discretion enforcing, but shooting a gun in a populated neighborhood during a domestic. Come on..

2015 years 10 months ago

Another ding bat with a gun.
Weren’t any of the neighbors armed?

Good grief


resident of morley
2015 years 10 months ago

As a resident of Morley ct I can tell you that it was terrifying. No one knew where he was shooting. It was disappointing that this man was not given a citation after the first incident. Police were at the resident for 3 hours, guns drawn. Mr. Donaldson was drunk, angry, and firing his weapon in a populated neighborhood. Why was his firearm not taken? Whether his gun was registered or not, it should have been taken given the circumstances. This was a poorly handled situation.police were at the end of the road and should have blocked him from leaving and endangering more lives, but instead they allowed him to pass. Absolutely ridiculous!

2015 years 10 months ago

As a car and gun owner I have to point this out.

If the guy was driving impaired he could be cited for DUI. He operated a dangerous piece of equipment that could kill someone.

But yet he can be drunk and shoot his gun (legally) on his own property?

All gun owners should be ashamed of this guy and ashamed that the law allows this to happen…….



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