ONLY ON 3: Sheriff steamed after deputy caught showing off in patrol car

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Submitted: Tue, 01/29/2013 - 4:55am
Updated: Tue, 01/29/2013 - 2:16pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputy is spending his days off this week wondering when and if he can go back to work.

The sheriff says he’s launched an investigation of the deputy who decided to show off in his patrol car over the weekend.

It all started when deputies were called Sunday to an industrial park off North College Road, where people were riding motorcycles.

“We got a call that they were out there, and the deputies went out to ask them to leave,” Sheriff Ed McMahon said.

But when all was said and done, the tire marks on the pavement were not just from motorcycles. After speaking to the group, one deputy decided to put on a show of his own, spinning his tires and doing donuts in the parking lot.

Sheriff McMahon is not happy with the stunt that was caught on camera.

“The information I have it was Dep. Chad Hollar,” McMahon said. “I do know that Dep. Hollar has had a stellar career with us and has had a lot of accolades, does a great job. But I also know from that video that it was very poor judgement, inappropriate and unacceptable behavior.”

Sheriff McMahon says his office wasted no time beginning its investigation.

“(They) reached out, found out who the deputies were, immediately sent them both home, parked the vehicles, called me about it,” McMahon said. “They are not set to come back to work for a few days, so we figured we could look at it today. You have a knee-jerk reaction, because it is upsetting to see something like that. It upsets me, but I want to get all the facts, all the details together.”

The Sheriff’s Office says Dep. Hollar responded as back-up. No word yet on what kind of discipline he may face.

The deputy who initially responded to the call at the industrial park is not in any trouble at this point.


  • citizen2 says:

    Sorry but I believe he should face the same kind of discipline that a regular citizen would face. Why should he get off because if it were someone besides a police officer they would have to suffer the reprocussions. Not only that but he is a Deputy and he “should” know better especially if he has such a stellar career with the Sheriff’s Department.

  • Guest4572 says:

    No question fire this LEO before he turns up in the news by really hurting someone. This type of behavior isn’t just a “lapse in judgement”, but moreover is indicative of a personality we don’t need in law enforcement; and contributes to the public perception of distrust for LEO in general. His action displays a total disregard for the pubic, the law, and his position in law enforcement. Get rid of him before he decides to “show-off” what a big gun he has !

  • Guest28403 says:

    Dude Weed is illegal get over it. Its obvious your pissed off because you got nailed for a drug charge you deserved. If you cant do the time or the permenant criminal record dont do the crime end of story. I agree it probably should be legalized but at this point in time its ILLEGAL. If you have a problem with it take it up with your saviour Uncle Obama (who Im sure you supported) because he wont even respect states rights in those states with legalized marajauana it seems

  • Guest910911 says:

    Wow. Uncle Obama who your sure so and so supports. Sounds like Chris Roseblock, stop making stuff up and assuming you sound so racist; I don’t even know what to think.

  • guesty says:

    …Dep. Chad Hollar.

  • Brian says:

    If a NC State Trooper gets to keep his job after killing a woman with his car because he was fiddling with his computer while driving, then this deputy should also be back to work post haste.

    Here’s the video:

  • George says:

    Pitty we don’t get this kind of response when the city and county waste millions on useless failed projects as often as they do.Anyway I think it may be fun having the keys to a 500 horse power hot rod payed for by the boss!

  • NomNoms says:

    That brings a new meaning to cops and donuts.

  • BitterEXdemocrackkk says:

    Who’s the current ‘MOST CORRUPT’ evil democrackkk in New Hanover Co these days? Who’s the worst? The biggest taxpayer thief? Who could it be?

  • Guest987654321 says:

    After all your ruffled feathers, I’d pay another $10 tax dollars to see it happen again.

    All of the time we have officers patrol and maintain car shows and events, making sure people are following the laws and being safe. That being said, I’ve witnessed plenty of parking lot stunt shows, burn-out contests, etc. and it’s always cool to see officers show up to support and be involved.

    Relax and do something useful with your lives.

  • WILMRES says:

    He should be charged with careless driving just like any other citizen would be. This Sheriff should just take action and punish him, END OF THE STORY!

  • whitey says:

    Sure, it was a stunt that some people are getting uptight about.. There’s certainly worst things that he could have done. If anything, it at the very least showcases expert driving skills, which makes ME as a fellow biker feel better. Should the Deputy have done that? Hindsight say “nah”, and I hope he gets back to work soon. Should the video have been released in the first place? Also “nah”.. that’s something you tell your friends about and show them on your phone but don’t post, with the realization that this exact scenario could occur via vast and immediate social networking.

    Personally, I kinda like seeing the officer have a bit of fun. Taxpayer dollars? sure.. But we taxpayers also fund things like $15,000 KEYBOARD HOUSINGS for war ships and submarines (when they could be made from plastic for $2.00) and many, many other things we never get to see, enjoy, use; and things that are grossly overpriced “just because the government will pay it”…Yet no one bitches about that.

    The stunting community is shocked and appalled at the “leaking” of this video to local media, and is profusely apologetic to the officer(s) involved and wishes simply to ride without worrying about rustling feathers. Despite the Deputy’s actions, any disciplinary measures incurred we not the intent of the video. I can assure you that, personally knowing some of those involved. They (the stunt riding community) also realize, due to the tight-knit brotherhood of officers, any public riding henceforth probably opens up the door for potential retaliatory measures. At least that’s the general feel in the air; that there’s now targets on the back of every sportbike rider in town.

    I doubt highly that my comment will greet anyone of importance or influence on the young Deputy’s career, but it is my hope that the dust settles quickly and no real harm is impinged on either party. It will take a lot to besmirch the fine name of the New Hanover Sheriff’s Office. This isolated incident is of course frowned upon, but is getting grossly blown out of proportion. I understand videos like this and the actions herein are sen as detrimental to the Sheriff’s Office, but as previously stated, there’s worse things he could have done.

    On behalf of the local sportbike community, we never wish harm, though sometimes we ourselves make some questionable decisions. In regards to wheelies and stunts, they wish to ride in a safe environment. It IS available confined within parkinglots, but that never seems to last long for those who stunt. Then people start wondering why “hell rides” occur on the streets (like the streetfighterz in St. Louis do annually.

    If you’re a rider, you know how addictive it is, whether you’re a track rider, drag racer, land-speed racer, dirt rider, flat track or stunting. They’re all equally addictive. Sadly, only the racing has (somewhat) readily available avenues to “scratch the itch”.. All these guys want is a parkinglot in which they can practice and have fun, without fear of ramifications from a video that got “into the wrong hands”. I’m certain all officers want is for these guys to stop killing it in parkinglots as well.. haha! Again, that video was never intended to besmirch or sully the face of the Sheriff’s Office, and as (sort of) an ex-stunter and someone in the sportbike community, we apologize for something that has gone above and beyond something that should have equated to a slap on the wrist.

  • GLAD I LEFT says:

    I CAN SEE IT NOW…… (officer) “guys now I am going to have to write you a ticket for this and you are going to have to jump through hoops to be told not to do this! Please stop acting like children.”…….. as soon as the ticket is given the oinker says “WATCH THIS MAN I HAVE A COOL COP CAR, I CAN DO ANYTHING!!! WATCH I WILL PULL SOMEOME OVER FOR SPEEDING BUT I WILL BLOW YOUR DOORS OFF AND USE MY SIRENS TO BLAST THROUGH THE RED LIGHTS WHEN NOTHING IS GOING ON!!!! WPD/NHCSD/NCHP Please find something better to do rather than mess with people who are having a good time and keeping to themselves. Maybe instead of riding your little tricycles around sniffing for WEED sniff around for some real crime. Quit hiding to try and catch people too. I moved up north to a MUCH more populated area and I do not see half of the law enforcement just RIDING around here! Do some work and quit hasseling so many freaking people!

  • CoastalJade says:

    Inappropriate yes. Very.
    Also us tax payers paid for those vehicles. We pay for the work on them as well. We pay for those tires.
    Please do your job you are paid for and leave your fun time on your dime and vehicle.

  • Citizen#1 says:

    WOW! You can read these response’s and tell who work for the Sheriff’s office. “O, it’s no big deal. He was on private property” “He was just blowing off a little stress”. You have to be kidding me! Next time I go to the Walmart “PVA” and blow off a little stress lets see how many deputys show up (probably 3 or 4)and give me a ticket!

  • NHCitizen says:

    If this was on private property, which it appears to be, then no laws have been broken as to the doing donuts. As for the deputy, yes, it sets a bad example, but it looks like he was just blowing off stress and taking a minute to have fun with the citizens of NHC while on private property. I’d just make this deputy pay a percentage of the cost to replace the tires when they need replacing. I don’t think this needs to be blown all out of proportion here. He just done a burn-out in a empty parking lot and had a moment of fun.

    NHCounty citizen

  • Guest Reply says:

    “whats new is i have watch both city and county officers speed just to get to work, and yes i followed them and the police station is where they went” (Unquote)
    Then you must have been speeding too. (I think that’s what you meant).
    Expect a ticket in the mail in a few days :-(
    Oh No! Mr. Bill!!!!

  • lee m says:

    whats new is i have watch both city and county officers speed just to get to work, and yes i followed them and the police station is where they went. there is two sets of rules, and all this cop is going to get is a spank on the hand. if the sheeiff really wanted to fix this he would fire this guy and then put gps that monitered speed.

  • NHCitizen says:

    I do NOT work for the sheriff’s office, or any county or city offices. I’m just a normal citizen and I’m simply expressing my opinion regarding this issue. And, if you wish to do a burn-out in walmarts parking lot, go ahead. The police can’t do anything unless you damage their property, or walmart calls the police and takes out charges on you. (The key thing here is, the parking lot was empty) The video shows they were in a empty parking lot. If the bikers had been doing something wrong, don’t you think the deputy would have arrested them ? The reason they didn’t, because it was private property. No one got hurt, and no property was damaged. (except the rubber burned off the tires). I just don’t think this is such a big deal.


  • Citizen#1 says:

    You my friend are ignorant of the law. A PVA is not PRIVATE PROPERTY! Go back and read your motor vehicle law book. Like most of the young officers working today you slept through your Chapter 20 Class! The only way it becomes a private parking lot is by placing a controlled access meaning a GATE or FENCE. WOW! Read the law before you make an idiot of yourself!

  • skippy says:

    They are always allowed certain concessions. think about if you shot a citizen you get assault with deadly weapon but shoot at a cop and thats like ya shot the president why are they special they wipe their ass like we do.

  • Guest 16269 says:

    all involved should be fired and charged with reckless operation of a motor vehicle.they should be held to a higher standard

  • Guest12315 says:

    Who cares? Whoopidity doo…he did a doughnut. Bet the sheriff did at least one in his life….Tell the deputy that was stupid and not to do it again and go find us some real news.

  • Guest2422 says:

    According to your footage there was donuts just a burn out. And there nuch worse things that can be done. Give me a break. I wonder if this id just retaliation cause one of you editors got arresyed last week at the parade. Come on this isnt news this throwing someone according to the sheriff with a stellar career under the bus. Come wway report stuff worth reporting.

  • angryppl says:

    Yes while I agree this type of stunt was not appropriate and definetly unprofessional I think some people are overreacting. People are saying “what if” someone had pulled into the parking lot? and “what if” this and that. ANy situation could be “what if’d” to death. And then to say if someone had pulled in the “deputy” would have some how charged that person. I say it is a pretty big stretch to go from a tax paid deputy driving carelessly and recklessly, to absolute police coruption and illegaly charging someone. I have personally seen deputies and police officers speeding througout the county and the city. Yes I am sure some are on there way to calls for service but I also agree that a portion are not and are speeding. I also ask that if the comment about the person following the officer who was apparently speeding all the way to the police station who wa actually causing more risk. The most likely driver’s trained officer or the “concerned citizen” who followed him at the alleged high speed he was doing. No the officer is definetly wrong but you are complaining and were doing the same thing. Officers and Deputies should maintain a higher standard but they are also human. No it is not okay for anyone to break the law but every single person has at somepoint drove faster then a speed limit or failed to use a turn signal (especially here in ILM). Everyone wants to chastise the police every chance they get. I am not defending inappropriate actions by police but why does it seem people always want to beat them up in the media every chance they get.

  • guesty says:

    Sheriff McMahon would be appalled by the way his deputies drive down S College Rd and Carolina Beach Rd at shift change time. He would do good to sit in a unmarked car and run radar on some of his deputies.

  • Guest Former LEO says:

    If that parking lot is a PVA (Public Vehicular Area), he should at least be cited for careless and reckless, like anyone else would have been.

  • tf40408 says:

    I don’t honesty understand what there could be to investigate or think about…as Sheriff McMahon so eliquently put it “To avoid a knee-jerk reaction”. You have a video showing a public servant using a tax-payer owned vehicle in a reckless and destructive manner. And for what purpose? To show off in front of others. I am impressed. My question is who is going to replace the tires that have now been spent needlessly in a parking lot to catch no one? Who pays for the extra gas this wasted generously with the supped-up engine drinking gas for the purpose of pleasure at a rate of a gallon a foot? If he had caused physical damage to property at the Industrial Park where this took place who would have paid for it? If someone had unknowingly pulled into the parking lot…say an employee who had EVERY right to be there and pulled into the path of the reckless deputy would the deputy have paid the medical and property damage costs? The taxpayers? Would the employee have been wrongfully charged so to avoid trouble for the deputy? Yes, I believe the last option is the one that would have transpired by a deputy who has already demonstrated full disregard for tax payer owned property and public safety as well as disregard of the very laws he is sworn and paid to uphold and enforce. I don’t think there should be much to consider here. This deputy should be terminated effective immediately, ticketed for reckless driving, damaging public property and endangerment of life and property, and finally the vehicle should be inspected by a mechanic from the ground up and the deputy should be fined for the cost of any repairs needed to the car while in his possession as well as a set of tires and a full tank of gas. If you want to act like a child, do it in your time in your vehicle, not in one we have to pay for and fix.

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