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WILMINGTON, NC (CITY OF WILMINGTON NEWS RELEASE) — The city would like to invite you and other downtown stakeholders to attend a debriefing regarding the MLK parade held tonight. The meeting will be held:

Tuesday, Jan. 29
City Hall, City Council chambers
6-7:30 p.m.

The MLK parade is an important event for our community and we would like to get your input for improvement as we look toward next year. We will ask those attending to participate in small-group discussions to review parade-related issues such as:

· Downtown parade route and time of day
· Local business access
· Parking access
· Notifications to merchants and other downtown stakeholders
· Public notification regarding street closures
· Enforcement
· Parade duration/cross street access

We realize this is short notice, but hope you can attend. Thank you in advance for your participation and cooperation.

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  1. Guester

    In fact, I do agree. Just saying that the Azalea Fest parade is not a city event. Not sure what the arrangements are that the Azalea Fest group and MLK group (or any other group for that matter) work out with the city as far as LEO etc. goes. The city does approve the street closure, though. I haven’t heard of anyone trying to get to a business that wasn’t able to, only one that was trying to leave a business.

  2. Leland Gal

    Christmas Parade it is… Go to Leland to see a Christmas Parade… Please don;t support a Holiday Parade or the businees that support it either..

  3. Guester

    Call it whatever you want. I’m not offended. Sorry if you were.

  4. Vog46

    From what I read the Cotton Exchange parking lot was blocked off and the entire complex suffered sales losses.
    There are plenty of ruffled feathers down town over this. I don’t think WWAY cares really – they got all the press but didn’t suffer financially.
    Again at it’s core it’s poor parade organization and the first time in this particular location. Like the CC hotel I’ll give them 4 attempts to get it right :-)


  5. GuestFcg

    The name of something, IS THE NAME. You don’t get to decide what the name of the parade is. Call it whatever you want, but you do not get to decide the official name of the parade simply because of your own prejudices. Accept the fact that it’s not up to you, and move on.

  6. guesty

    The city decided to try to keep liberals from having a fit so they started to call it a holiday parade about 5 years ago. I know it isn’t up to me to name it, but it might change back if more people like me call it what it actually is without worry of offending anybody. You can call your shoe a plate but it doesn’t change the simple fact it is still a shoe.

  7. guesty

    But if you call your car a boat does that then make it a boat? The political correctness has gone crazy.

  8. guesty

    Don’t you mean Christmas parade? Just because the city is too dumb to call it what it is doesn’t mean you have to play along.

  9. Vog46

    But the point is by some pre arranged agreement the city does provide law enforcement.
    The MLK parade apparently has no agreement and ONLY got the permission to change the route.

    Which then leads me back to since it’s private shouldn’t they pay for law enforcement presence? Or at least contribute something towards it?
    You see, with the arrival of the Queen streets are only blocked momentarily as her motorcade passes by. With the Azalea parade isn’t that held on a weekend? This is different because some of the businesses down town are not dependent upon walk in traffic – they are then adversely impacted – as are businesses that have parking lots blocked by the parade route.
    MLK is a strange holiday – some celebrate and some don’t, some businesses prosper from it and others don’t. The parade organizers apparently got complacent thinking they were still on Castle Street and didn’t bother getting together with the businesses along the new route – shame on them.


  10. hgtvr

    Thank you so much for the video showing bamboo growing. I enjoyed it immensely.

    So kind of you to give me this pleasure. What a treat!

    (And to top it all off, it’s my birthday!)

  11. Guester

    The Azalea parade is not a city parade or event. The city issues the permit and provides law enforcement and clean up crews, but that’s about it. I think the only parade that’s all city is the holiday parade.

  12. Vog46

    IF the parade of officials left town (and didn’t return) I’d go to the parade myself to wave them off. Alas, the parade route is a loop not straight out of town….

    For all – I suggest you read the editorial in todays Star News regarding parade planning. Contrary to what most think, the parade organizers did a lousy job working with the businesses along the parade route informing them of what to expect etc……
    This may impact how many feel about the Scott Pickey thing.
    This parade by the way, is NOT sponsored by the city. The Azalea parade I believe IS sponsored by the city so I wonder if the MLK parade organizers paid the city for the police presence? If not – why not?


  13. hgtvr

    If we are going to have a MLK parade, let’s put a little imagination into it and have something worth looking at besides cars with “dignitaries” (elected officials) sitting in them, smiling and waving to the crowd.

    And in my opinion, the bands, fire trucks (turn off the screeching sirens, please), community groups and businesses represented in the parade were less than exciting or inspiring. They were more aggravating than anything.

    Parades–including our precious Azalea Parade–are noisy and tedious. As for me, I had rather watch bamboo grow.

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