UPDATE: Standoff suspect identified; police catch second suspect

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Submitted: Wed, 01/30/2013 - 1:31pm
Updated: Wed, 01/30/2013 - 4:02pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Police have two men in custody after a traffic stop led to a standoff Tuesday and the lockdown of four schools for hours in Wilmington.

Police say they arrested Jermaine Junior Cordova after the standoff. Tuesday night, they arrested a passenger in Cordova’s car. Christopher Dashawn Williams was wanted on a warrant for two counts of conspiracy to commit murder in connection with an incident on Frog Pond Place Jan. 2.

Police say they encountered the duo around 10 a.m. during a traffic stop on Price’s Lane. They say Cordova, who was driving, initially was cooperative, but his passenger jumped and ran. Cordova then broke away from the officer who had approached him and ran to Barclay Hills Drive, where he hid in a shed, which started the standoff.

After hours of negotiation and extensive measures, including tear gas, police finally arrested Cordova. Early Tuesday evening, police said Cordova was being treated at the hospital for a leg injury. They say he did not know the owners of the property where he hid. Police have not yet said what charges he may face.

Daryl Keith lives across the street from the home where the standoff took place. He saw the suspect wheeled off on a stretcher.

“There’s a lot of national media speculation on how things should and shouldn’t be handled,” Keith said. “One person waving around a gun in a neighborhood that’s full of families and kids, two hours, three hours is a long time to be trying to talk someone down.”

Meanwhile, four schools on Princess Place Drive were locked down to ensure the safety of the students. Parents were concerned but say they are pleased with the way the situation was handled.

“With all the shootings that are going on, parents are sending their kids to school, and they’re getting worried,” Alicia Pringle said. “We don’t want to worry when our kids go to school. We want to know that they’re going to school and they’re in a safe environment and we can go to work or do whatever we need to do without worrying about our kids.”

The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office says situations like this are exactly why new precautions were put into place in county schools.

“With everything that’s gone on in the past couple of months that officers have to deal with, teachers and students have to deal with it as well,” Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer said. “That can be difficult and stressful at times, and that is why the sheriff has implemented these additional measures and put deputies in the school to help alleviate some of that stress.”


  • Guest123234 says:

    Nice post!!!!!

  • Erock says:

    How useless are these cops?…how the hell was the suspect able to run away? Did they not post an officer at the back door just in case? This is an attempted murder suspect!…geez!!

  • Joecitizen says:

    Worthless??? Cops today are so strangled by the liberal laws placed in front of them that the criminal actually has more rights than anyone. You can’t just walk up and tazer someone in a car or immediately place them under arrest. They have”rights” that have to be followed. That’s why the suspect was probally able to break free. If cops didn’t have to constantly worry about violating someone’s civil rights, then they could do their job better like the good old days.

  • pay attention says:

    post an officer at the back door???? Did you not read the same article you commented on? It says they encountered them on a
    “traffic stop” not sure what you drive but I am not familiar with a back door on a car/vehicle to “post an officer at”..
    I guess there was nothing else for you to pick apart about how they handled this so you had to resort to complaining about null posibility..

  • serpentnc says:

    Worthless? Back door? What in the world are you talking about??

  • PeterParker says:

    You dummy!! If you continue to read, it tells you that the subject ran during a traffic stop.

  • Gator says:

    You may want to actually read the article before Monday morning quarterbacking the police. The article says the guy ran from a car into a neighborhood, so there was no back door to watch as you suggested they should have done. Some people were made to be the police, some were meant to stand on the sidelines and second guess. Better luck next time.

  • learntoread says:

    Learn to read moron. He was driving a vehicle, not in a residence. Please read and comprehend the article before spouting off your hot headed judment. If you are such a great “arm chair quarterback” I urge you to test your skills in the real world and become an officer.

  • Guest0924 says:

    I hope the next time you have an emergency situation…the “useless cops” do not come to help your stupid —! Ignorant people make ignorant comments. I am just thankful the cop chasing the suspect was not harmed!!!

  • Guest123234 says:

    You are right some people are made to be the police. And that is not necessarily a compliment. I think you meant to say some people are made to be Navy Seals and some are not. That would be fitting.

  • Guest11235 says:

    If a gun ban will prevent murder, then shouldn’t we extend that same logic and ban forks to prevent people from getting fat, or ban cars to keep people from driving drunk?

  • T.W. Duke says:

    Not true at all… Guns have many uses other than causing harm… They make great paperweights, conversation starters with bank tellers, and if unloaded they can make excellent hammers. Heck I even used two guns once to serve salad. Now granted a gun can be used to cause harm if a person is so inclined… But it’s an inanimate object and those uses are limited by the intent and imagination of the owner…
    Ya gotta think outside the gun…

  • Guest45454 says:

    What makes you think he wouldn’t have been a threat without a gun? Last time I checked my guns have never killed or harmed anyone so the story should be about the person not the tool.

  • Dave says:

    So no other weapon can cause harm? Knife, screw driver, baseball bat? OK good one. Next we will outlaw everything that can be used as a weapon?

  • beachlady says:

    No, you are incorrect. A knife can cause harm. A baseball bat can cause harm. A homemade bomb can cause harm. Hands can choke. Fists can punch. Feet can stomp. Many things can cause harm. Shall we ban baseball bats? The citizens of this country need more than the panacea of gun restrictions. Perhaps law abiding citizens need guns in order to defend themselves from the thugs and lawbreakers who have access to all the guns they need – without restriction or registration.

  • ban all knives too says:

    you’re right, ONLY a gun can cause harm

  • GuestFred Pedersen says:

    Yes, GUNS can cause harm. So can a knife, rope, feet and other body members, etc. So lets not focus on guns, but the felons using any weapon for crime.

  • herewegoagain says:

    So if it is about the gun and you enact a ban on guns, this non-law abiding citizen would be unarmed and comply with the law? I don’t know what you’re smoking but gun control only punishes the law abiding citizens. This guy is not.

  • ENL says:

    No it is not about the GUN. It is about the person carrying the GUN.Guns don’t walk into schools.

  • mother of a child in elementary school says:

    Well, I agree that it is just a precautionary measure. We are all still on edge every time we send our kids to school or go bowling or to a movie. I would want them to do everything in their power to protect my child.
    This is not about the gun. I wonder how many guns there are around those schools?! It takes one idiot to freak out all of us. If more of the good people had guns, there would be less bad people with guns, I assure you.

  • Guest 6 says:

    Citizens around the schools that legally have guns, can stop people from illegally walking into the school with their guns. What sort of protection are we to have? Felons DO NOT CARE!!!! They will not give up their guns you do gooders! When will you realize that the police can’t always protect the innocent? Sometime you may have to protect yourself. I wonder how many of you have ever been in a life threatening situation? Our nations founders were not idiots. They realized that we may have to sometimes look out for ourselves. Sorry that you whimps don’t want to face it, but it is true!

  • Jshort says:

    All I hear on here is symantecs, y’all know the hard evidence people kill people with whatever they can get their hands on. Banning or making something illegal is more than likely going to harm or put good law abiding citizens in a bad predicament, and surprisingly our crime rates will sky rocket! Craziest thought I know but true

  • Jshort says:

    All I hear on here is symantecs, y’all know the hard evidence people kill people with whatever they can get their hands on. Banning or making something illegal is more than likely going to harm or put good law abiding citizens in a bad predicament, and surprisingly our crime rates will sky rocket! Craziest thought I know but true

  • Guns Of War says:

    If guns are what is killing all of these people across America, Then why did we not just box up a ton of guns and send the guns overseas to the war zones and let the guns do the fighting instead of sending Americas? Simple answer, Guns can’t kill without the command of the person holding them. So you can never blame a gun for the actions of a person. And banning guns? Drugs are illegal and somehow they still manage to be all over the street and kill thousands every year. And drunk drivers, the innocent people they kill, do we blame the alcohol? No, we blame the people. So why does any law abiding citizen think there will be any good to come if guns are banned?

  • OC Citizen says:

    I heard the situation on the radio, and I can assure you locking down the school is of precaution. The scene occurred a few blocks away and LEOs are still looking for the suspect. Please don’t make this about gun control and schools. The suspect is an attempted murder felon.

  • mother of a child in middle school says:

    I, assure you this person would not be a threat to the students in school if, he did not have a gun. So yes, it is about the gun.

  • Leland Gal says:

    Thank God that the law was so fast with the lockdowns.. Keeping everyone safe is #1. So asking neighbors and schools to stay in their homes and schools is keeping us all safe.. The law was trying to serve a warrant and the guy must have been guilty to run from the law. Guns need to be taken away from those who don’t know how to use them the right way…

  • walter says:

    There has only been one thing proven to work and it cut the murder rate in Richmond Va by 60%
    Project Exile, a pilot program first implemented in Richmond, Virginia, which prosecuted serious local gun crimes committed by felons under federal law, putting repeat offenders in federal prisons far away from their communities. This get-tough approach,which inspired President Bush’s national initiative Project Safe Neighborhoods, ended up cutting the “gun carry” rate in half and reducing the murder rate in Richmond by more than 60%. The five-year mandatory sentence for committing a crime with an illegal gun changed criminal behavior. Similar initiatives have been implemented in cities throughout the country, but the coordination has been spotty and the Obama administration has failed to follow through on the model or add innovations to it.

  • Guest000000 says:

    You know what would’ve prevented this? More guns.

  • Guest000001 says:

    how about less idiots?

  • Gunowner1234 says:

    Get over yourself. It’s not a gun issue.

  • RSimmons says:

    Problem is unsecured weapons that are stolen and legal owners who sell their old weapons to individuals who are criminals or sell to criminals. Enact civil liability for prior owners of weapons used in commission of a crime that were not sold to or through a Federally licensed dealer. In short order you will see a lot less weapons in the hands of criminals.

  • Guesty 1 says:

    Just remember…when seconds count the police are only minutes away!

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