Wilmington lagging in job creation

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Submitted: Fri, 02/01/2013 - 3:14am
Updated: Fri, 02/01/2013 - 1:15pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A recent North Carolina Department of Commerce study shows that Wilmington has the third worst job creation rate in the state of North Carolina, but one area business is helping to buck that trend.

“I used to commute 40 miles to Southport, and the opposite way was 40 miles up to Wallace,” David Samuels said.

Samuels has lived in Wilmington for more than six years and until recently had to commute out of town for work. Shuckin’ Shack owner Sean Cook says Samuels was one of many to apply for a spot in their new downtown restaurant.

“I would say we had 300 or 400 apply,” Cook said. “It’s tough economy right now and I wish we could hire so many more”

The Shuckin’ Shack’s new downtown location created 12 new jobs in Wilmington, and just like the food they serve Cook says those jobs are staying local.

“We support our local economy,” Cook said. “It’s something that we are very adamant about.”

The locally owned and operated business is expanding into the Port City after years of being a staple on Pleasure Island.

Cook says the work being done in downtown is what caught his eye and that his business could start a trend of positive growth in the area.

“The revitalization downtown had a lot to do with it and there are other great restaurants to be apart of downtown that had so much to do with it,” Cook said. “We wanted to stay in the Wilmington community.”

“Everyone wants everyone to succeed and we work together as a big family and that’s what everyone does downtown already,” Samuels said. “Just being down here with the employees and being close to home and close to work is awfully nice.”


  • Guesttenhimer says:

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    Everyplace has its good points and its bad ones too. I’ve lived in a lot of diversified areas in my life, but I stuck it out through the hard times to settle here. I can’t begin to imagine my life without fresh seafood, playing on the beach, relaxing to the surf, clamming, offshore fishing, surfing, boogie boarding, watching the ‘kinis, walking the piers, strolling the beach at daylight, picking up shells after a storm, fresh oysters, cruising up the ICWW, camping on Masonboro Island, clambakes, smelling the fresh salt air and…oh well, there just isn’t enough paper here for MY list.

    Anyway…have tons O’ fun out yonner in Nevada, heah (wink)? Bye!!! SeeYa!!! Ciao!!!

  • RSimmons says:

    This is good as it is gonna get. We had 15-20 booming years due to the rapid increase of population here, Now the Cape is just about built out. Get used to what we have or go elsewhere like I did when I was younger and needing to make serious money. Those 1000+ manufacturing jobs everyone covets aren’t coming here. Either get a college degree or a fry-cook apron, those are your choices.

  • Mr.T says:

    Senate Republicans Iler, McComas,Rabon, Goolsby along with Senate leader Phil Berger failed Southeaster NC on two mega economic development projects each with over 1,000 jobs. I don’t think it’s either Whining or Belly-aching when a person simply states the truth. Now Rabon states that changing the NC tax code will solve all our development problems, let’s hope he is right!! Our Repub friends now have the ball and it’s time they showed us ignorant Dems the right path. Balls in your court, get busy boys. Job growth solves a lot of problems!

  • Guestofwind says:

    If you like Wilmington, then by all means it is yours. Being a native, I have had to endure watching this once great town, slowly self-destruct. It used to be nice here, lower population & crime. I hate to say it but local leadership is non existent. We have a a gang of Boss Hoggs who have raped and pillaged the land through development. They are a gang of old money cronies who charted the course of this town years ago with their relatives intermingled all through the various sectors of politics and business. Wilmington City of Tomorrow. Except tomorrow never comes and should’ve been here yesterday Grand visions of cheaply made overpriced town-homes, parking decks, convention centers, and ballparks. Listen folks opportunity is elsewhere. Wilmington is not the center of the universe as much as it likes to think it is. Don’t be lured in by the beach, lots of beaches to choose from around the country. For the naysayers you don’t have to worry my train is pulling out the station soon enough. I will leave the beasts of the field here to slowly devour each other. When it all crumbles the only thing left to eat will be each other. You won’t be able to escape unless by boat, can’t trust the bridges. Over and out.

  • Guest Reply says:

    This area used to be a cool little city to live in once…but…
    Thanks for the advice…and we are doing just that in a few months relocating to Nevada! Less property taxes/no state income tax/way better road systems because they’re PAVED!/better infrastructure (excuse me…a real infrastructure)/standard of living cost is cheaper in a lot of cases/better pharmacy pay for the Mrs. and my retirement income/7% humidity…and it’s no worse then our Summers here “with humidity @ 90%”/no hurricanes with ridiculous insurance rates/no parking meters to go see the desert/our cats wanna go too/no Teen Mom 1 & 2/and last but not least…NO BILL SAFFO!
    No…we didn’t move here from New York…but with a band of Gypsies from Inner Mongolia with an Aviation group…HA!!!
    You can live in Wilmington and have a great paying job…but the daily airline fees will break your bank account to get to it…daily :-(
    Here comes the attackers…………….>>>>>>>>
    The End!

  • Guesttenheimer says:

    If I were you I would take my own advice and “…move elswhere”. We don’t need whiners here. Wilmington is for the most part, a tourist town. Always has been, always will be. Quit belly-aching and start a business that serves tourism. But again, take your own advice and “save yourself the hassle”, you can’t cut it and will most likely fail only to blame it on others.

    If you want opportunity, seek it elswhere in a place where the economy is better, manufacturing abounds and whining will get you someplace. That isn’t here. Try China, perhaps central Siberia…

  • Guestofwind says:

    You would think with the population boom, Wilmington would have a decent size middle class. Wilmington & County leaders have dropped the ball for years in bringing companies that provide jobs that pay a good wage. All the jobs we have here are strip malls, fast food joints, retail stores, bars and parking decks. If you’re contemplating moving to Wilmington, save yourself the hassle. Move somewhere else where there is better opportunity.

  • truthseeker says:

    Try being in your 60’s and finding a job. Any job in this area is completely at the whim of the manager. No matter your qualifications, experience, education jobs are who you know, not what you know. Being a senior citizen in this town is very frustrating and definitely businesses are not conducive to hiring of those who have worked all their lives and have the experience and know how to prosper. Businesses in this town practice age discrimination and anyone in the job market 55 and older can tell you plenty of stories of job applications with never a response. Alot of us, myself included are College Educated with Degrees, Veterans and still viable but cannot get the opportunity due to age. I can definitely vouch that one large business in this area does not cater to Veterans like their website claims, Sears. For a employee who got outstanding job reviews from the Supervisor I never received more than 5 hours in one week until laid off. Others who were younger, not neccessarily wiser were given more. Just an example of lack of jobs in this area!

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