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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police have released new details in an officer-involved shooting Tuesday that had four Wilmington schools on lockdown for hours during a standoff.

Police say as officers tried to arrest Jermaine Cordova, 36, he pulled a gun. That led a vice narcotics agent and a uniformed officer to draw their own weapons and fire.

While running through a backyard, Cordova ran into a second vice narcotics officer who had been chasing his passenger Christopher Williams, and once again exchange fire. At some point during the chase Cordova was shot in the knee. He is in the hospital under 24-hour watch.

The three officers involved are on administrative leave pending the results of a SBI investigation.

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  • Vog46

    The perp had the element of surprise. Your tactical response is to minimize yourself as a target THEN return fire.
    This tactical surprise by the perp is the reason whey arming YOURSELF does nothing to discourage a criminal from committing the crime. You reach inside your jacket or to your waist and the perp’s “got you” – if in fact he is serious.
    Thats a chance I don’t want to take.


  • Brian

    Seriously? Point blank range and they missed. These guys need some time on the range.

  • Richard Thomason

    I believe the officers acted heroic defending themselves and the citizens of Wilmington. Everyone should be supportive of the officers and realize, a firefight and wounding another human being takes an emotional toll on the officer.

    Richard Thomason

  • Guest22222222

    This is what liberals do – pose as dangers to society, consume vast amounts of public resources, threaten the lives of peace officers, etc.

  • Guest9990

    this was someone’s sweet baby that just had a hard life. We should be so sympathetic. Well, BS. I wish the shot had been on better target vs. hitting the knee…

  • ri-damn-diculous

    People these days have no regard for the lives and safety of others. The police have a job to do to protect and serve, but this is a street with homes in close, and I mean close proximety to one another. These are habitat homes built with sweaat equity for deserving hardworking families… or so it is supposed to be! There are some really decent families and many a hoodrat living in these homes and I feel sorry for the decent families who deserve their home. It really is sad that you have a $20 HOA fee and $150.00 mortgage and you never pay it and never get put out of your home, I am sure there are more deserving families that would love the oppurtunity these people are provided. Some of these homes had bullets come through during this altercation, there were children outside playing at the time! Many lives were endangered by these drug dealing, murdering bums and also the officers. It is a shame what this habitat home community has turned into.


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