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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Azalea Festival is slowly unveiling details of this year’s major events.

At a news conference this morning organizers announced a repeat performance by a musical group that packed a festival concert just two years ago.

Two years after filling Trask Coliseum, the Avett Brothers will once again headline the Azalea Festival in April; this time in downtown Wilmington.

“This is something we have been working on for months,” Azalea Festival Treasurer Robbie Collins said. “To get to this announcement is a lot of hard work. It takes a lot of people, and we are really proud to be working with Cape Fear Community College to bring the Avett Brothers this year.”

The Avett Brothers cover a wide demographic, and were well received here as the headline act in 2011. The North Carolina-based band recently opened for the Dave Matthews Band.

Unlike past festival concerts, this year’s show will be outdoors in a parking lot at CFCC’s downtown campus.

“It will be a rain or shine concert,” Collins said. “We will have standing room only and general admission.”

Tickets for the Avett Brothers are $45 plus a service fee. They go on sale online tomorrow.

Today’s news conference was also a chance for the festival to recognize the winner of its tagline contest “Southern charm in full bloom.”

Janey Roth loves the Azalea Festival and thinks her slogan is just right.

“Our town is charming this time of year,” Roth says. “We have the southern hospitality. Everything is blooming. The gardens are wonderful to tour, and it just seemed fitting.”

The Azalea Festival plans to make an announcement about the Thursday night concert soon.

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  • Guest 305

    If you buy your concert tickets online, through Etix, you’d better take the credit card statement when you were charged, and the statement after that. I got concert tickets through etix last year and after four other people came with tickets for those same seats I found out the Azalea Festival office had canceled my tickets, unbeknownst to me. They claimed I had been given a refund, which I most certainly had not. The Azalea Festival office staff and etix ruined my concert experience, the first in many years, by constantly interrupting my little group all during the concert. They even made me get up during the show, go downstairs and once again pay. In the next day or so, after having a heated conversation with a staff member, the sales rep from etix called me. They had a glitch in their programming, which caused the problem. The refund they say I got, but did not, actually only showed up in their system but did not actually generate a refund to me. Although I eventually got a refund for both times I paid I never got a decent apology from the Azalea Festival office staff. It is unlikely I’ll ever attend another AF event that has a fee. If I do, you can be sure I will not buy a ticket from etix.

  • Let me get this straight: $45.00 plus a service fee to possibly stand in the rain to see a “repeat.” And since this event will be held in a parking lot, there will be high-priced parking to consider. It’s unfortunate that a county of 200,000, a region of many more, can’t do better. I thought the must-have convention center was going to be the end-all be-all. And let me guess, the Queen will once again be someone few have even heard of, and the guests will all be made up of Realty TV rejects or has-beens. Pathetic.

  • taxpayer

    they’ll put up a fence so you can’t “see” the band perform, but for a mere $25…they’ll let you “listen”. Just don’t bring any adult beverages.

  • Wanda



  • Guest6381

    You got that right. Guess they figure they will save a few bucks by moving to an unprotected park. Not a wise thing. This will be a free show for most…why pay?

  • stm

    but question the venue. Rain or shine? Advance tickets will take a hit for sure. And with the great acoustics spoken of earlier, I’ll take my chances enjoying the music as I stroll casually in the area rather than pay for a spot in the asphalt jungle.

  • Justin

    Sure, they’re a good band, but they play in the southeast all the time – and for far less than $45. Nothing in the media posts, or the Azalea Festival website about “bring your own” coolers or the availability of concessions? C’mon TV3, ask the most basic of questions instead of re-writing the press release.

  • SouthEastNC

    I thought moving to the new venue was so that the Azalea Festival would be able to bring in bigger acts due to the increased revenue of selling more tickets and finally getting to sell alcohol. So why are they bringing back a band that played the Trask venue just 2 years ago?

  • Dianne Ray

    Is this the best you can do? Another boring Azalea Festival. The Azalea Festival is not what it used to be. Boring, Boring, Boring

  • The Real Voice of Wilmington

    Man, y’all are stupid.

    Way to go, Wilmington. This will be awesome, and I can’t wait!

  • gbelle

    Standing Room only concert..on concrete…oh what fun! My senior legs will avoid this one for sure…Oh wait, I can purchase a chair? Wow! How considerate! Seriously, what are they thinking? Darn right discriminatory if you think about it1


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