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WASHINGTON, DC (WWAY) — Chuck Hagel’s nomination for Secretary Defense apparently has solid support from Senate Democrats, but he will not get the vote of a North Carolina Republican.

Today Sen. Richard Burr said after Hagel’s confirmation hearing this week, he will not vote to approve the nomination of his former Senate colleague and fellow Republican.

“Yesterday’s Armed Services Committee hearing on Chuck Hagel’s nomination to be Secretary of Defense confirmed for me many of the concerns I had about the nomination,” Sen. Burr said in a statement. “After reviewing the hearing, and Sen. Hagel’s answers to the questions put to him, it is clear that I cannot support his nomination, and I will vote against his nomination should it reach the Senate floor.”

Republican senators hammered Hagel during his hearing on issues ranging from Israel and Iran to his support for a group that advocates the elimination of nuclear weapons.

Mathematically, Hagel has the edge as he looks to succeed Leon Panetta. Democrats hold a 14-12 advantage on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Committee Chairman Carl Levin of Michigan says the panel could vote as early as next Thursday, contingent on Hagel’s response to some lingering questions. Levin has expressed optimism about Hagel’s prospects.

Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) is a member of the Armed Services Committee. She has not said publicly how she plans to vote on Hagel’s nomination.

(Material from the Associated Press was used in this story)

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  • Monkey Junction

    LOL at Senator Burr. If any Republican nominated Hagel then I bet Burr would have voted for him. Simple politics here.

  • Ric2012

    Throw the bum out before e gets in. Obuma’s boy!

  • Cherry

    VOTE NO ON HAGEL. Based on nothing but his own track record, is he really the best leader for the USA??? NO, NO, NO!!!!!!

  • Vog46

    Thing about Chuck Hagel.
    Prior to OBama nominating him he was viewed as a maverick like McCain. His two drawbacks were his views on gays which endeared him to the GOP, his views on Iraq which endeared him to the Democrats, and his views on Israel which PO’d just about everyone (although his voting record was not so anti-Israel as everyone is lead to believe).
    Do we dislike him BECAUSE Obama recommended him?
    He’s a Vietnam Vet and knows the workings of the Pentagon and he will voice an opinion on un-necessary DoD expenditures I’m sure.
    He just seems to P_s_ Off everyone – which makes him OK in my book.


  • Guest CommonTater

    the horrible…. NO!

  • MaryAnn Siniscalchi

    Senator Burr has the backbone that Kay Hagan doesn’t, she votes the party line regardless of the issue. Burr’s integrity would not allow him to vote for such an unqualified individual regardless of their political party. Former Senator Chuck Hagel is a disgrace to our country because of his position on Iran and Israel. He is wholly unsuitable to hold this strategic position, no experience in his background whatsoever to qualify him for this position. Obama wants unqualified and unsuitable people in his key cabinet positions because they only know how to say “yes sir” and not think for themselves. Hagel proved he is incompetent in the Senate hearing. Obama’s goal is to destroy our military.. Hagel is going to carry out that plan. Obama would not have picked a former GOP Senator if he wasn’t already in Obama’s pocket with regard to hands off Iran and no help for Israel… just lip service.


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