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A newly-elected member of the state house is in the spotlight after claiming in an email that the diatribes of the NAACP’s leader are “racist” and a product of a “race-opportunist.”

The email sent by Representative Michael Speciale was sent to NAACP state president Rev. William Barber last week. It was sent in reaction to comments by Barber about ID required at voting. In a statement, Barber calls voter ID initiatives “national propaganda efforts by the far-right to justify the obvious tactic to suppress the votes of minorities, youth, disabled and the elderly,” and urges Republican legislative leaders to abandon their push for such a law in North Carolina.

Barber spoke at a news conference in Raleigh Friday morning. A subsequent news conference is being held in Greenville Friday afternoon.

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  • Guest9743

    While Rep. Specciale finds the NAACP’s leader are “racist” and a product of a “race-opportunist” leads one to believe that the reprentative has the utmost repect for the KKK and their leaders since he didn’t mention them.

  • Dear Monkey Junction…are you smoking something?

  • truthseeker

    The only people who give a damn about what that obese idiot with naacp saids are those useless, unemployed, uneducated, rascist themselves folks. His comments are based on hatred and complete false accusations that are intended to inflame the ignorance of those who believe it. This organization is represented by Jesse Jackson who used their funds to support his girlfriend and mother to another baby while his own son had ethics violations in Congress. Al Sharpton, man he is another complete and total idiot who backed the Duke prostitue over the sports story before the facts came out. Just because she was black she was right in his mind. This organization is full of rascist ninnies!

  • Guest20562

    The NAACP is no different than the KKK.

  • Monkey Junction

    The comment by Barber were right on. Voter fraud is a imaginary problem created by certain politicians in order to make it as hard as possible for some people to vote. The people without an ID are usually poor, elderly, or young and many members of these voting blocs tend to vote for the Democratic party.

    If you that concerned about voter fraud, then we should work to tighten up phony voter registration done by groups like ACORN(D) or Strategic Allied Consulting(R).

    Voter fraud is already a felon and vote fraud cases are extremely rare.

  • Guest-Voter

    North Carolina law already provides for free photo ID’s for the homeless. Check the General Statutes. It’s not complicated nor a burden to ask people to get a photo ID and show it when they go to vote. If they are willing to vote, they should be as able to get an ID. And no, it won’t cost billions of dollars to give those ID’s away to those who can’t get out of the house and pay a small fee less than a McDonald’s meal for a family of two. Next thing you know, the NAACP will be complaining that requiring a drivers licenses discourages minorities from driving cars. In other words, their argument is disingenuous and designed to gain headlines. Nothing more. The real question is, if there is such a large number of people without ID’s in our state, then why have they not obtained one and how have they survived in a modern society where you have to have a photo ID just to open a checking/savings account, buy alcohol, rent an apartment, get medical care at the hospital, purchase certain medicines held behind the counter, etc.?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Please believe me when I say that this man is going to be a shining star in the legislature, standing up for American values and being an obstacle to blunt the destructive efforts of the Left.

    Of course the NAACP opposes voter identification. The simple fact is that there ARE convicted felons voting. There ARE illegal aliens voting. Worst of all, there ARE people casting multiple votes under several names.

    They are all voting for Democrats and the entitlement mindset that is destroying this nation, so it’s okay with the NAACP.

  • tweety11

    what are you saying fellow.Lets see if i understand this,people on welfare and those that receive food stamps dont want to show ID is this only Black people or the white ones too.I know you don’t see or want to see but there are just as many people that look like you receive government assistance.See you all call it government assistance.Its all the same…….

  • Garay4Liberty

    If you are not responsible enough to have a state issued ID you should not vote. Voting corruption is a FAR MORE serious concern. I’m Latino and playing the race card is just inconceivable in this case. I was blown away in this last election that I wasn’t required to show ID. This is non sense. There is an obvious scheme here in my opinion.

  • Guestconfused

    I don’t see why someone wouldnt be willing to produce ID to vote. We can’t get anything else done without a valid ID. Try cashing a check, getting Food Stamps,etc. If a voter is on the “up and up” they shouldnt complain about showing ID. Maybe ‘some’ people dont want to make sure they only vote ONCE. Maybe they need people to vote more than one time to get their candidates in. That ranks right up there with ‘racial profiling’ to keep cops from stopping people when they’re riding around with a blunt hanging out their lips. Most everybody knows that nobody likes those cigars but they cant ride around with a joint between their lips in broad daylight….hmmmm? Easier to ride around with a solo cup in your hand instead of a 40..?
    A law abiding citizen wouldnt worry about having to produce an ID to vote. And I thought only law abiding , US citizens were the only one’s that could vote for US Government officials….Show the IDs!!

  • B M

    it’s time the left shut up about voter I.D., if anyone wants to take on the responsibility to vote the very least they can do is produce a valid ID, there doesn’t seem to be a problem when it’s time to cash a welfare check or get food stamps, and I never saw any college kids that couldn’t produce several ID’s.

  • Vog46

    Taking dues and donations
    Trying to peddle influence around Washington and the states
    Trying to buy politicians

    Who do they think they are?
    The NRA?
    The AFL-CIO?

    Oh – never mind


  • Guest9743

    You didn’t mention the KKK or did you forget….they have incited a lot hatred in this country.

  • Guesttenheimer

    …realizes that the NAACP is the “African-American” persons worst enemy! That organization has done more damage, incited more hatred and divided more people than any political organization in the history of the United Sates of America. Anyone that supports this group and its charter should indeed expect to set themselves and their people back at least 30 years!

  • Guest 67429

    Hey Homey, 1978 just called and they want their Jerry-Curl back.

  • Das Weibstück

    He just said what we all thought. Good for him.

  • GuestUSMC

    I like this guy, too. Maybe someday we will have a White History Month and a White TV Network!

  • tweety11

    You do,you have every you have the whole year.ABC,CBS,FOX…..ITs called BET,TVONE…..Before BET and the others we always watched ABC,CBS,NBC.So whats the probably.To be perfectly honest.There has not been so much fuse about voter ID until the 2008 election.As for the NAACP some of you republicans will never have a clue.

  • Adrian

    As of this day there is no evidence that there has been any voter fraud in N.C. elections or U.S. elections. Since the very day a bi-racial President was elected (twice I might add), there’s a need for voter I.D. Never has there been this much emphasis on voter I.D. until now. Why weren’t the Republicans pushing for voter I.D. this hard when Bush was president or when any Republican was president?Think about it, now that more people are registered to vote, especially Democrats and minorities, it seems to be a problem. But again there is no evidence of voter fraud in N.C. so what’s the real reason? I myself don’t have a problem with showing I.D., but really ask yourself why all of a sudden now? And most of you know the answer is exactly what the NAACP says. It is just another way for the Republican base to try and supress the vote. so You want people who have been voting for years with no problem or voter fraud issues to now show a State I.D. to exercise their right to VOTE, but don’t want I.D. and background checks for gun purchases. WOW!!!

  • William

    I like this guy already! A man that calls it like he sees it!!

  • Guestin

    I believe they were racist.

  • Erlkoenig

    You go, Michael Speciale! It is about time someone call out these race hustlers for what they are.

  • Guest CommonTater

    Race opportunist about sums it up….

  • Guest CommonTater

    percentages bird droppings? You know facts that may acturally call attention to a disturbing trend….. Same with prison population or race on race violence. That line is used in a tiresome way and you know it but hey…. We understand your position. pfft…. It’s not all the same to people that know better.

  • tweety11

    Facts i know you don’t want to see the truth or hear it but facts are facts there are more white people on government assistance than people care to say.My position if you are going to state it, state the whole truth not just what looks good to you.(Three fingers down) it is the same, welfare…government assistance all the same.


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