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ONLY ON 3: Additional charge for Fair Bluff worker after wrecking town car


FAIR BLUFF, NC (WWAY) -- Fair Bluff town employee Billie Johnson is not finished with trouble that started when he flipped a town vehicle then allegedly ran away.

Police found Johnson at his home where he registered a .08 on a breath alcohol test some eight hours after the wreck.

Fair Bluff police chief Justin Hewitt reports that he has been in contact with the DA"s office and Johnson will face one additional charge of filing a false report. He will not be charged with D-W-I.

Johnson is due in court March 12.

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Fair Bluff

He should b treated no differently than anyone else would be. Also he damaged town property; then filed a false police report. He should be held accountable go the tax payers.

Alot of people say charge

Alot of people say charge him with a DWI, but how can they? If he wasnt at the scene of the accident when the police arrived and didnt track him down till the next day they cant. How can they prove he was drinking the night of the accident? he couldve had a dew beers in the morning

Here's how they should have

Here's how they should have handled the situation...

He's a good man....?

"A witness to the accident says Billie Johnson is a good man who made a mistake, but that something needs to be done about it."

Yes, what needs to be done is that he needs to be convicted of DWI and fired immediately. Destroying taxpayer property and placing others lives at risk is NOT the hallmark of a good man, Nimrod!


Awesome, yet another crooked Police Chief, A sell out Chief Mr. Hewett?

Good ol' boy system at work here

There needs to be a house cleaning here - starting with the town manager and chief of police. Not much you can do about the elected officials, but the hired management needs to be gone immediately.


When a town employee, one of the town insiders, is given special treatment like this, there is only one word for it: Corruption.

If Fair Bluff resisdents turn a blind eye to this, they do so at their own peril. This type of behaviour never gets better on its own, only worse.


I know how the cops are in NC so If I'm going to have a few, it will be at my house! I've live all over the US and I have never seen such an obvious double standard between law enforcers and its citizens following the LAW! The LAW applies to everyone unless you live in North Carolina!!


Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

well a UNCW campus cop

well a UNCW campus cop showed up at work driving a police car drunk and that was Ok, what's the problem with another public servant driving drunk in a taxpayers vehicle?

What does this have to do

What does this have to do with UNC-W? Every time there is a story about this nature, you have to throw UNC-W into it. Did you flunk out, or are you just stupid! Appears to me you are both of the two. You need to get a life or a GED!

if you were as educated as

if you were as educated as you think you are you would realize I am referring to the double standard that exist right now, something I have never thought was right, even a 1st grader would be able to recognize this, we were all supposed to be crated equal, is there a problem?


go back and research the UNCW officer.

He was demoted; that cost him about $8,000 in annual salary. He did not drive a university vehicle at the time. He had just been lauded for some special efforts he made.

That does not sound like the same handling in Fair Bluff.

Does not sound like a double standard.

The award

He was awarded for catching the most drunk drivers and was selected as officer of the year.

From the WWAY story Wed, 09/15/2010 - 5:00pm.

Last week Lindsey attended an awards banquet for Justice in Motion, where he was honored for having the most DWI arrests in 2009 for the UNCW Police Department. In April, Lindsey was also chosen by UNCW Police as Officer of the Year

he camne to work in uniform

he camne to work in uniform and I believe he drove himself there and he was intoxicated and he was demoted and allowed to keep his job and license, where as if it had been you or me we would have lost our license making this a double standard, same as the other townworker.

so if you're "aware of the situation"

what the *(&^ you going to do about it?


8 hours later? Still drunk?
He must have been "snockered"

Good grief



He will end up getting a promotion and a raise.