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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — An unemployment insurance package that would eliminate North Carolina’s $2.6 billion debt to the federal government by cutting jobless benefits and raising business taxes remains on the fast track at the General Assembly.

The House scheduled debate and a vote Monday on a proposal that Republicans and business interests are supporting. Labor activists and many Democrats argue it unfairly burdens displaced workers trying to pay bills and feed families.

The measure would require higher federal and state taxes but pay off the debt three years faster. Maximum weekly benefits also would fall by one-third to $350 a week. Federal extended benefits would be cut off July 1.

Advocacy groups scheduled a Monday afternoon news conference asking Gov. Pat McCrory and legislative leaders to back off the changes.

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  • Vog46

    ” Remember I am a messenger and my businesses will be paying higher taxes if it passes.”

    Don’t worry – the elimination of the state corporate tax will more than make up for this pittance.


  • Vog46

    One of the failings of WWAY’s blogs is that the NC STATE NEWS articles don’t always make into the main column of articles.
    I have responded in that area, and have also contacted my state representatives. One item I suggested was that a person currently collecting $522 week (the max) is allowed to earn $106 without it affecting benefit levels. If UI is reduced to $350 I suggested that the allowable earnings be raised to $250.
    On rep thought that was a great idea.

    But read the other blogs if you can


  • SurfCityTom

    I commented on this proposal several weeks ago. At the time, all of the naysayers and anti-surf people lambasted Tom as though he was the cause of this rather than thinking clearly that Tom merely commented on a speech given by Governor McCrory several weeks ago.

    Well now, it is on a fast track for implementation.

    I wonder how many of the naysayers took the time to contact their state representatives in an effort to have the legislation softened?

    Likely none as that would require effort.

    But not to worry; advocacy groups are holding a news conference.

    That won’t stem the flow of legislation. Emails and letters and phone calls from concerned voters were needed; appears too few or too late.

    Before anyone throws stones. Remember I am a messenger and my businesses will be paying higher taxes if it passes. I hope it does for the sake of North Carolina’s business future.

  • Vog46

    Can take shots at me at any time for any reason.
    Care to comment on Harry Paynes article?

    As for Berger – Chairman White will make sure he does not run again.
    He will also probably make sure Titan is permitted to start up operations AND be able to burn hazardous waste in their cement kiln. Meaning waste trucks will be all over the country side…..


  • SurfCityTom

    my point was folks will get on here and take shots at yours truly or even you. That accomplishes nothing. Press conferences by Labor activiists accomplish nothing.

    It takes a loud and vocal electorate to accomplish change.

    Want to take bets on Berger’s chances for re-election?


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