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LEXINGTON, NC (AP) — A judge in Davidson County is listening to a request to dismiss a lawsuit against Gov. Pat McCrory and another North Carolina official by an Internet sweepstakes business.

International Internet Technologies contends it is using software in its games that comply with state law.

The North Carolina Supreme Court ruled in December that state law bans sweepstakes machines.

But IIT and the operator of the Hickory Tree Business Center in Midway sued last month saying the machines at the business comply with state law.

Attorneys representing sweepstakes stakeholders and law enforcement agencies from across the state filled a Davidson County courtroom Monday. Superior Court Judge Robert F. Johnson heard arguments on a preliminary injunction only involving McCrory and Davidson County Sheriff David Grice.

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7 Comments on "NC judge hears software sweepstakes case"

Kimberly O'Brien
2015 years 9 months ago

Does NC really think all people are really stupid? It’s hard to know how much money these NC Politicians have lined their pockets with in sweepstakes lobbying funds….and then when they get caught, they just didn’t have any idea about anything. Really?

You’ve lied all these years about your NC EDUCATIONAL LOTTERY…finally someone called them on that. The schools have received so little it’s pitiful.

Cherokee or Harrahs pays millions to the NC Christian Coliation and we all know who rules NC. So, you really were threatened by the little senior citizens and everyday citizens playing sweepstakes? I think it’s a hoot, and just know one thing,,,We Are Not AS Stupid As You Think!!! NC Citizens have every right to spend their money on whatever they choose! oh yea, our great politicians just said that!

2015 years 9 months ago

They are both a drain on our local economy & society. They may as well make it the “education sweepstakes” if they keep it running. Ban both and let the social security money and unemployment funds that people use to play these games go back to cigarettes and 5-hour energy shots.

2015 years 9 months ago

It’s crazy to think that in North Carolina kids are allowed to play violent video games where they shoot and kill people, they can view movies where they see people killing people, and they can view porn on the internet. But adults are banned from playing a sweepstakes game because it looks too much like a slot machine……

2015 years 9 months ago

I’m from Florida and the same thing has happened to here. I was responsible for running 3 internet centers and employed several members of my family.All of us are now unemployed thanks to Governor Scott. There are approximately 20,000 people put on the street in Florida and I’m sure the number of unemployed people will be around the same in NC. Does the government really want to pick up the tab for 20,000 more people? Aren’t they broke? Does this fit in the new budget? Really???? I am losing my home, my car & have had to sell everything I could to survive! I don’t understand why we, the little people, are more concerned with our states revenue than the VERY highly paid politicians. Our state made millions off permits alone. Could you imagine how much we could help our states if they would only regulate it? Do they even care about how many jobs we could provide for people in our communities, and in return, the people who have HAD to get government assistance could actually support themselves again! Hard Rock Cafe, The Poker room, Bingo halls, lottery and the gambling ships that go off shore 50 miles, but gambling is illegal in Florida? Sure, sure. It’s nothing but political BS! NC fight the law to keep them open!!!!! I’m afraid we Floridians may have lost the battle.

2015 years 9 months ago

i think its stupid to shut them down. its there money and they pay taxes like the next person. the government misuses educational funds all the time thats why people dont do tickets. its stupid and people who play should say something. now more people will be out of jobs for nothing. do something better with your life than trying to make others miserable like catch killers and lock them up, stop bullying, stricter laws. north carolina sucks thats why i stopped going for my criminal justice degree bc nc sucks. stupid

2015 years 9 months ago

i think it is pathetic. you will take away jobs, revenue,socialization,entertainment,taxes paid to the communities. when people were coming to currituck county to play the sweepstakes machines they were also buying gas before they went back across the line, they were shopping at local food stores for whats for dinner items, they were buying cigarettes nc lottery tickets(which is not considered gambling) and putting money back into a bruised economy. The lawmakers are sitting in their houses driving their vechiles putting food on their tables designer clothes on their backs. sending their kids off to private schools. and took away what was helping this community in more ways than one. the lower currituck will allow topless gentlemens club,back room adult stores and head shops. state lottery, scratch offs, firedept bingo,church bingo,and mcnolopy. but you take away sweeptstakes and jobs and revenue because it is morally wrong. if you are taking away some take it all. if you dont take all dont take none. you have screwed this community out of alot more than what you ever intend on putting back. if a marriage will break up because someone is sitting in front of a machine and enjoying and relaxing and choosing to spend their time and money how the want then the marriage has alot more problems than what sweepstakes in bringing. i wonder how many law reps and makers are morally right in the lives. no harm was done no crimes brought to this community or county, no new drug deals, no county mafia created yet we have a major drug problem, illegal activity from all walks of life before sweepstakes ever came to town. what is this really about.

2015 years 9 months ago

I hate that NC state laws are not letting people play the sweepstakes games,My parents are in their 80’s and can’t do much at their age.But they can play the games and enjoy it so much! Now they are stuck home
with nothing to do,At least they were happy til NC state shut down the sweepstake places.So why is bingo allowed as well as the lottery scratch off tickets…lets not forget McDonald’s games which people can win food prizes.At the end of these commercials they tell you if you have a problem gambling to call this number!! And we better put a ban
on the churches and school raffles which AGAIN you have a chance to win something if you pay money! So let the sweepstakes come back in the system..Look at the jobs it creates in north Carolina!


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