ONLY ON 3: Fireworks erupt among Bladen Co. Commissioners, audience

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Submitted: Tue, 02/05/2013 - 4:24am
Updated: Tue, 02/05/2013 - 10:00pm

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Tempers flared at tonight’s Bladen County Commissioners’ meeting after commissioner Charles Peterson showed his disapproval of the board’s no-vote in naming the emergency services building after former county Deputy Fire Marshall John Hall.

Hall died last November from a heart issue after getting sick while responding to a fire call.

Commissioner Delila Blanks said she was not familiar with Hall and wanted to consider other names for the building.

The measure failed in a 5-4 vote.


  • Here is a fine example of how stupid some elected officials are. This man did everything for this county and this dumb old no-good foolish witch from East Arcadia doesn’t know who he was. Maybe she really didn’t know what she was doing when she tried to vote twice a few years back and nothing was done.
    It’s a crying shame how this group of people, Bladen Improvement, keep putting these dumb a$$ people like her and Cogdell in office just because of the color of their skin. Cogdell was called out for stealing from the children while on the school board and was locked up for bootlegging and this group of people still lead their no-brained followers to vote them in office. East Arcadia is the worst part of Bladen County. Just look at what they put in office from down there.
    I get so sick of every where you go, something is named after MLK, streets, parks and now even a legal holiday, a man who did nothing for this county but every town has something named after him. Here we have a man who gave his all and these dummies from down east don’t even know who he is. It’s a crying shame.
    Blanks is a joke and her improvement group show why we need voter ID. They fight against voter ID because so many of them don’t even know right from wrong. Maybe we need voter ID with a IQ test, then her and her boy Cogdell wouldn’t get to be in office, too stupid, no vote.
    John Hall was there every time he was needed for anyone and for 5 of our elected officals to vote against him should show how dumb of people we have in office, and Daniel Dowless, you are from John’s area and for you to vote with the queen from down under is a shame, get out from under her dress, grow a set and vote for the people who put you in office.
    Delila, as a citizen and taxpayer of Bladen County, I believe that you are unstable, have some type of mental disorder, are not fit to make sound decisions and I hereby request that you step down from office.
    Cogdell, as a citizen and taxpayer of Bladen County, I believe that you are just a low life thief and bootlegger who was only elected because of the color of your skin and are not fit to even live in Bladen County, unless you move in with Delila, so please just go away.
    To the Bladen Improvement Group, I would love to see one of your meetings. I bet there are more brains in a box of animal cookies.

  • Esse McDonald says:

    Poll taxes along with literacy tests have been outlawed…as a matter of fact so has slavery within the U.S………………………….

    Her and her boy as you referred? SMH. Racist typical comment from an ignorant uneducated COWARD behind a keyboard and a strong WiFi connection.

  • concerned citizen says:

    This is ridiculous. I cannot believe they would vote this down
    Now John is not the only fire/EMS/Law personnel that has passed away. But he died in the LINE OF DUTY. let me repeat myself. LINE OF DUTY. I believe he deserves the naming of the EMS building. These two commisioners are not worth a thing. Sounds like a simple EXCUSE on.”commissioner” Blanks behalf. What a sorry excuse for a commissioner.. And then going to say she didnt know him? Who DIDNT know John. He would help anybody that he could in anyway he could. Shows how much she cares for the peoples voice in this community

  • Guest 1248 says:

    It is amazing that a person with the lack of common sense of one of the Bladen County Commissioners who likes to be addressed as Dr. I am not sure the period of time in which this person received a doctorate but I think it was during the height of the affirmative action movement. Why a person outside their field would want to be called Dr. is beyond my understanding. I can’t fathom why a professional politician would have the need to be called Dr. when they should be an humble servant of the people.

    I have attended churches in which the pastor had a doctorate but asked to be called Pastor. It appears to be an ego thing. An humble public servant wouldn’t have the desire to use that title.

    I don’t mind calling a physician (MD) by the title Dr. I use that title to address veterinarians and dentists when using their services. I do not use it for educators, politicians, or chiropractors. I absolutely refuse to use the title to address a politician such as an obviously ego strapped commissioner.

    A learned person has common sense. They know when to speak and when to be quiet. Maybe our so-called Dr. Commissioner is not as smart as they want the citizens to believe. Smart politicians are also color blind to their citizenry. Think about this, Bladen County.

  • Common Sense says:

    Seems to me the best course of action is to not name any county buildings after individuals. EX. Just use Bladen County EMS Building, and then have a wall dedicated to the people that deserve to be honored. Have the people from each community to select deserving nominees and then commissioners or a selected group, to go through the applicants without knowing their names, race, or any personal information, just select them by the credentials for their service to the county in their department. Things change over time and this gives you the ability to make adjustments if needed, and also honor others if and when that time comes.

  • Guest 3 says:

    unfimiliar???? with a county employee that died in the line of duty… Can u say UNQUALIFIED Mrs. Blanks.. Shame on you

  • More sense says:

    Common Sense you make common sense!

  • Esse McDonald says:

    You, sir or madam, are the epitome of racist and your picture should appear next to the word in the English Standard Dictionary! You get so sick of streets and parks being named after MLK, JR? Well citizen you should educate yourself and read that MLK Jr was a civil rights activist and a Baptist minister. If you actually picked up a book and read history about African Americans AND Caucasians you would know what MLK JR did. Having a holiday named after him was not an easy task! You should read about the hard work his very own wife Coretta put forth to have that holiday established in his honor! Or maybe you should refer to the recently released tv movie by Lifetime “Betty and Coretta” about the lives of Betty Shabazz and Coretta Scott King and the hard work they did. You sound very racist and uneducated! I am ashamed to be living in the same state as a narrow minded ignorant individual as yourself! You fall right in the category with the ignorant fraternity guys at Duke who threw that racist frat party this past week poking fun at Asian Americans! Shame on you! Shame! Shame! Shame!

    You might not know who MLK Jr was but I sure do!


    The most ignorant of fools and racists come out during this time of year! SMH!

  • Llw says:

    The vote was 5-4 against naming the building after John, but all the comments are directed towards two people. Why isn’t the county mad at the other commissioners that voted against the naming of the building?

  • Guest1889 says:

    Having grown up in Bladen county, I look back on my decision to leave and am eternally grateful that I had the good sense to leave when I did. What a pest hole.

  • fed up in BC says:

    I bet she wouldnt have a problem naming it after Obama!!! Just saying!

  • Jeremy Richardson says:

    At tonight’s meeting of the Bladen County Commissioner’s a motion was made to name the Bladen County Emergency Services building in honor of John Hall. The motion was made at the request of the Bladen County Fire Chief’s Association, with the backing of the Blden County Emergency Services personnel. Dr. Delilah Blanks spoke out against the nameing of the Bladen County Energency Services building stating that “she did not know this man, John Hall.” I would like to state exactly who Mr. John Hall was, John was the Deputy Fire Marshall of Bladen County, the Red Cross Representative for Bladen County, the Deputy Fire Chief of Clarkton Fire Dept, active member of Bladenboro Fire Dept., and an auxillary member of Elizabethtown Fire Dept. John was often refferred to as “County Wide” because he did not work with a specific department, but rather attmepted to help anywhwere in the county that he could. With Dr. Blanks annoucing to the public that she did know Mr. Hall, I have to wonder just how involved Dr. Blanks is in the workings of the county. John Hall was the Deputy Fire Marshall for many years, serving under former Fire Marshall Mitchell Byrd and also current Fire Marshall Bradley Kinlaw. Mr. Hall died in the line of duty working for the Bladen County Fire Marshalls Office and the call that Mr. Hall responded to, which related to his death, was in the Carver’s Creek area, which is in Dr. Blanks district. His death has been reflected in prior commissioner’s meetings and also the state of the county address. The fact that Mr. Hall’s line fo duty death was pulicized in every media source in our county, every news station in our viewing area, brought up at numerous commissioner’s meetings, part of the state of the county address, the naming of the building placed on the agenda for nearly a week, and that Mr. Hall was a active county employee for nearly 5 years prior to his death leads me to question Dr. Blanks ability to make important decisions for the people of Bladen County. If this woman does not remember current events that happened in our county, ones in which county employees died, how can she be competent enough to make decisions that effect it’s citizens. I also feel the need to comment on the actions of Commissioner Cogdell. Mr. Cogdell is a new commissioner and has already left a very bad taste in the mouth’s of many citizens. Commissioner’s are placed in office to be the voice of the people and to listen to the citizens of the county. After the motion was denied, as citizens expressed their dislike with the decision. Mr. Cogdell was unable to hear the comments in a professional way, and instead pushed his way out of the meeting room while using profanity relating to the citizens comments. I am a voting citizen of Bladen County, but have never attended a commissioner’s meeting until tonight and I have to say that I now know that some of the commissioner’s of our great county are not the voice’s of the people, but are nothing more than worthless politian’s that were obviously placed in their seat not because of their ability to make educated decision’s and strive for the advancemet of our county, but by who they know.

  • GuestBible Thumber says:

    We know Blanks and Cogdell, but who were the other three commissioners of the five majority that voted against this motion?

  • James Freeman says:

    I thought if you went to school and college long enough to become a Dr. in something that somewhere along the lines they would teach you to remember those who got you there and put you there. This Dr. Blanks should have known such a figure in this county. To be sure somewhere down the line she should have known his abilitys to SERVE this county. It’s a crying shame that the new station was not voted on 100 percent by the commissioners. DISCUSTING!!!!!folks. BUT… the old saying goes “just a quick as some of you get voted in you can also get voted OUT”!!!!!!AMEN.

  • its a shame says:

    hit the nail on the head brother!!!

  • Wanda Coleman says:

    well said, Jeremy.

  • Guest 2 says:

    Amen…. How uninformed is this woman? It’s time to vote in qualified commissioners…

  • Guest234567 says:

    A qualified commissioner/politician. Is there such ? Dont they all rank among the same group as lawyers , and car salesmen/women, (crooked as a snake)

  • johnP says:

    I am glad this happened because I have been telling people how incompetent Ms. Blanks is for a long time. This just shows how childish she really is. Who is she wanting to name the building after? How could she not know someone of this distinction? I bet that if you gave her a test with some questions about Bladen County on it, she would fail. Mr. Cogdell has no room to talk either. I think that Bladen County should have some kind of personnel background check in place before they hire any commissioners from now on.

  • Skewlteacher says:

    Only in Bladen County would they fight over something so petty. Blanks has no business being in her position if she wasn’t familiar with who Hall was. What a shame! I hope they do name the building after him as someone that deserves the recognition for his hard work, dedication and commitments to Bladen County!

  • Guesttenheimer says:

    …and sleeping corrections officers that they don’t want to begin an SBI investigation on?

    It’s all about priorities Vog…priorities! What would you really expect from podunk politicians that are legends in their own mind?

  • Vog46 says:

    Tempers flare over a building name?
    You would think they would have more important issues to discuss.


  • AnOldFriend says:

    I am not saying that John Hall should not be honored, but seeing as how he worked with the fire departments and not EMS, wouldn’t it be better to name a fire station after him? If the EMS building is named, it should be named for a fallen EMT or Paramedic. Claxton Dove comes to mind. He was one of the first paid paramedics in Bladen County and volunteered many hours with Bladen County EMS. He was killed in the line of duty in Georgetown in 2009 when the helicopter he was in crashed suddenty.

  • Retired EMT says:

    I agree with naming the Ems Building after an EMT.County Commissioners were asked about naming the building after Claxton Dove about a year ago and it was shot down.

  • Guest7799 says:

    If you are a citizen of Bladen, you have no input whatsoever into county government.

    As for naming the emergency services building after a former fire marshall, this is just another meaningless piece of business our elected officials can toss around. The commissioners are expert at wasting time and coming up with stupid “ideas.”

    The majority of Bladen County’s citizens are fed up, and we want the county cleaned up–the environment cleaned up and the county government– and we want responsible, dedicated, educated people elected to the board of commissioners.

    We need jobs! Jobs! And we need them now.



  • its a shame says:

    what was that?

  • glenn dove says:

    I think if Mr. Hall he died in thie line of duty deputy Hester like did, and then it should i think so. I agree with Ms.Blank and name it after someone else

  • Michael says:

    Get educated. If you don’t know about Johns death, don’t make such statements.

  • sportsfan3707 says:

    Here’s a tip. Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt.

  • Hestercitizen says:

    Bladen County Commissioners will never address issues of importance. Our impoverished county is too poor to support an automotive dealership, but we have dozens of used-car lots. In fact the county looks like it is turning into a huge used-car lot.

    Bladen is dirt poor. But are the commissioners or any other organization attempting to attract industry? I don’t think so.

    The county government allows the county to become more blighted with each passing day. Ride down some of the major highways, and you will see what I mean. No wonder industry does not want to locate here.

    If you live in Bladen, you are free to junk up your yard. It’s a redneck privilege. And when passersby see the junk in the yards, they throw their trash out of the windows of their moving vehicles. That’s why Bladen has so much litter.

    Robeson used to be the armpit of Southeastern NC. Now Bladen has achieved the honored title.

    My son attended Bladen Community College. But is there a job for him in Bladen. Hardly. He is going to adjoining counties to look for work.

    Shame, shame, shame on Bladen leaders.

  • Vog46 says:

    Oh just read the post from above.
    “Background checks for Commissioners they hire”?

    I guess they deserve this


  • bborocitizen says:

    I have never been a fan of Delilah Blanks but this just adds icing to the cake! How can a county commisioner say they are not familiar with a man who held a position that they had part in approving? How can a county commisioner say they are not familiar with a man who did as much as John did for Bladen County Fire and EMS? How can Delilah Blanks say she isn’t familiar with a fireman who died in the line of duty following a call in her district? Sounds like an excuse to me…

  • Of course she did... says:

    Delilah Blanks is one of the most racist people in Bladen County! SHe has ruined and run into the ground our commissioners meetings. If the person being honored was BLACK she would be all for it….but of course shes against a good old WHITE boy being named. IGNORANT WOMAN!

  • Concern Citizen says:

    For once again a well known figure has been put down because of no clear reason. A man that dedicated his life 24/7 to the safety of all who lives in Bladen County should be honored. Also for a commissioner to say they were not familiar with such a well know man is right pitiful. Just how does this make Bladen County look. To me like a bunch of fools. What is the purpose for all the emergency personal to put there lives in danger for you and me if at the end they are not even respected. This just shows how ignorant some of our politicians are and how one track minded they are, more than likely this all goes back to race which show there is no sense of compromise or progress to move Bladen forward. Which is sad. We are beyond those times. Instead of race lets look at credentials and common sense next time we vote, from county to federal levels.

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