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Embattled former State Sen. R.C. Soles getting state award


COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Former State Senator R.C. Soles is scheduled to receive the Order of the Long Leaf Pine next week.

Harry Warren, Director of the NC Museum of Forestry in Whiteville, tells us a luncheon is scheduled at the museum Feb. 11 to honor Soles. Warren says Jim High, a Columbus County businessman, nominated Soles for the award. High won it just last year.

It's one of the highest civilian honors someone can receive from the governor's office.

Soles was the state's longest serving senator.

He also faced allegations that he sexually assaulted young men, then paid them to stay quiet. Soles pleaded guilty in 2010 to assault with a deadly weapon and was fined $1,000. He was also found not guilty of assault in 2012.

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North Carolina has for the last decade been a political circus. And to give this clown an award??? I surely wouldnt want an award from these same side show freaks.

I at one time

wished to be considered for the Order of the Long Leaf Pine. No longer! Though I spent over 30 years in government, I was not a candidate. Now I am glad that I wasn't nominated. The Order has no merit anymore. It is a shame that it has dropped to this low.


So sad, to disrespect former awardees and completely diminish any future awards. It is forever tarnished and means so little now.

This is a very dark mark on North Carolina. The Old North State can just hang its head in shame.

What can we pride ourselves in, looking among ourselves, when the State praises a person like this?

Might as well call it the "Order of the Why Bother" award. It now means NOTHING.

someone asked

Who nominated R.C. was our former governor, Dumplin' Perdue.

What's Next?

How can such a prestigious award even be considered for this person? His persona does not even qualify to among those who have received this award in the past. How tragic and how demeaning to those who have EARNED this award before him. Who nominated him anyway?

Prestigious? Hardly!

Mike McIntyre handed out over 4,000 of these "awards" during his crooked reign. Before leaving office, he gave the awards to his wife's parents.

McIntyre, as you may recall, was the "pay to play" govuhnuh. And oh how our more monied citizens paid, and oh how they played, but the game ended in defeat for all of them.

The Order of the Long Leaf Pine is hanging on walls of good-for-nothin's all over The Old North State.

And RC is as deserving as anyone.

"Carolina, Carolina, heaven's blessings attend thee . . . " Etc.

Smoke another....

one pal....

You deserve an "A" for your passion!

Unfortunately, you've already received an "F" for accuracy.

Look forward to additional posts from you. Occasionally, we could all use a good laugh.

Did you

get some bad drugs or are you new to the state?

Maybe the Scooby snacks were

Maybe the Scooby snacks were tainted.


Bad drugs?

Yes, it's these blood pressure pills I'm gettin' from CVS.

Easley! How could I have confused this hometown boy with Mike McIntyre?

Compared to McIntyre, Easley is a paragon of political virtue.

Time to pop another pill.

That would be Easley.

That would be Easley.


When was Mike McIntyre Govenor?


If there was ever a time for you eastern NC dems to earn a Darwin Award...we'll you sure earned it this time....ROFLMAO!!

Rc soles

This is a disgrace

Soles Long Leaf Pine Award

This is just sad.

disgusting, next he will be

disgusting, next he will be promoted to be the ceo of the boy scouts

I wonder

How many invitations will be sent out for the bathing suit optional hot tub party at RC's house after the luncheon?

Chef - another in a fine series of posts.
I'm still laughing


Accentually-Syllabic Soles

Soles' new award of the “Long Leaf Pine”
Should really be placed
Where the sun cannot shine

About one issue, there’s zero debate
He messed with some young guys
Who're from Old North State

So let him receive it from Bevvy Perdue
(An expert in what one should never do)
And just let him smile until he turns blue .....

It aint gonna change him
He’ll still be the same
A man who deserves his fair portion of shame

And as to the honor that Bev has consigned
With even a half-brain she should have assigned
The appropriate Order of ...... the “Wrong Leaf Pine”


I'll ask for the hundredth time, (not really expecting an answer), what is going on with the SBI and FBI investigations that started years ago?
Why can't the media get some solid answers? Why isnt someone on this like stink on ****?

The news media here only

The news media here only skips over news...doesn't investigate it. Unless of course it's from the AP media...then it's copied and pasted. You'll have to watch the Big Boys on the 6:30 news (Tom Brokaw) if you want true journalism...not on a local level.
Call or write your local Representative, and if still no answer...go on further up the ladder until you do.
Refer to the jail prisoner attacks recently...with no further investigation on the drawing board.
You be in NC now...stratcatz!

Good one!

You think that the network news is actual journalism???

Oh…. You were serious… Well… that’s almost unforgivably silly….
We have not had good journalism in this country since Dan Rather got beat up and the 68’ Democratic convention, or since Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward broke Watergate, or since Jeff Gerth broke Whitewater, or since I interviewed Abraham Lincoln from beyond the grave using a Ouija board, a bottle of rum (which I drank), a rooster and a lot of mescaline (which I took)… that kind of Journalism and dedication doesn’t exist anymore… neither does mescaline in those quantities.

Also… singling out North Carolina as being some kind of hotbed of cronyism simply untrue and ignorant… this kind of stuff goes on everywhere in every county, state, country and possibly planet… You be on Urf now…

T.W. Duke

Been awhile since you actually watched?

You do realize that Tom Brokaw retired from doing the NBC Nightly News broadcast a number of years ago, don't you?

You must have missed that when it was on the local news.

"You must have missed that

"You must have missed that when it was on the local news"....
Brokaw is still around "and" behind the scenes as a news correspondent.


Hopefully rc will soon receive another reward; an incitement for sexual assault against a minor.

guesty, if this gentleman is

guesty, if this gentleman is the sex offender you claim him to be, why would you want to incite him for sexual assault????

Based on RC's past

Based on RC's past relationship with America's youth, I think he has already received the Long Leaf.

Integrity ain't what it used to be...

"Reposing special confidence in the integrity, learning and zeal of [honoree], I [the Governor of North Carolina] do by these presents confer The Order of the Long Leaf Pine with the rank of Ambassador Extraordinary, privileged to enjoy fully all rights granted to members of this exalted order, among which is the special privilege to propose the following North Carolina toast in select company anywhere in the free world:"

Here's to the land of the long leaf pine,
The summer land where the sun doth shine,
Where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great,
Here's to "Down Home," the Old North State!


That about covers it.... The Order of the Long Leaf Pine has now lost some serious credibility points. SMH!

Actions speak louder than awards

Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize which degradated that too. These politicians run in certain circles that love to award each other with token awards to make themselves feel each other.