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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington man was sentenced to 24 years in prison and five years of supervised release when he gets out.

Olden Terry pleaded guilty in September to possession with intent to distribute more than 28 grams of cocaine and possessing a firearm during a drug trafficking offense.

In November 2011, Wilmington Police conducted two controlled purchases of crack cocaine and powder cocaine from the 39-year-old. After the second controlled purchase, Terry was immediately arrested and two search warrants were executed, one at Terry’s house and the other at a stash house for the drugs.

During the search, officers found a firearm and a small amount of marijuana at Terry’s house. Officers found 157 grams of crack cocaine, 45.2 grams of powder cocaine, 370.8 grams of marijuana and four hydrocodone pills at the stash house.

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1 Comment on "Wilmington man sentenced on drug trafficking charges"

2015 years 10 months ago

Here we go again! Another multiple felon, set free to enhance his career even further! This brilliant criminal only has 8 FELONIES to his credit so far and only 3 high level misdemeanors. 2 of those misdemeanors are only for pointing a firearm at someone and for carrying a concealed weapon…not a big deal. Oh yeah…as a convicted felon, they also happened to find a weapon during this arrest. So AGAIN, we have a FELON in possession of a weapon and it appears that has happened many times with this man. Isn’t that a FELONY? Isn’t that against the law? The judges and the DA’s KNOW he does this over and over, but they still kick him out in the general public. I’m having a difficult time with this concept…anyone else?

His FELONIES? Not a big deal either. That is, unless one is to believe that common law robbery, multiple assault with a deadly weapon convictions and multiple drug trafficking convictions should possibly be taken with any level of seriousness. Who in the hell would EVER do that?

So we have another established career dope dealer that carries a gun, evidently enjoys threatening and shooting people with it. Now this is but one more documented case of gun violence that is allowed to happen over and over and over again.
WHY is this criminal allowed to walk the streets with the rest of us?
WHY is it, the lawmakers want to institute more weapons bans and make more laws, when they do not enforce the ones that already exist?

With violent felony offenders such as this man that is continually allowed to walk freely among us and do whatever he likes, it seems to be increasingly imperative that the general public be much more pro-active with their self protection! Guess what? They’re doing it! The CCP classes are jam packed for months. The next big question is, when do our illustrious lawmakers take a real look at the gun violence problem and keep lawless scumbags like this under lock and key? There isn’t a better and more prevalent place to start to REALLY curtail gun violence!!!


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