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BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Records WWAY requested through the Freedom of Information Act from Bladen County show that eight inmates had to be taken to the hospital after jail fights in 2012. That’s compared to six over the previous three years combined.

The records also show that there were 12 assaults with minor injures in the jail in 2012, and 38 prisoners were punished or “given sanctions.”

WWAY requested the information after four inmates were charged with beating Joshua Ward in the jail last month. Ward went to the hospital with major head trauma.

In a statement released Thursday, Sheriff Prentis Benston said, “The Bladen County Jail uses sanctions as one of its tools to maintain order in the facility. Sanctions can include restrictions and or elimination of privileges for a few days to several weeks, a prisoner being moved to another call, or the moving of a prisoner to safekeeping.”

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  • Hester

    Thank you, WWAY, for focusing on problems in Bladen County. So much that is wrong with our county government is swept under the rug, just as the sheriff’s department would sweep the jail controversy under the rug, were it not for the attention you have focused on it.

    County officials, content to allow things to go on “as usual,” make little effort to improve conditions for Bladen residents. Little is being done to attract industry, and when it comes to properties, owners are allowed to do as they please even when it harms the environment.

    The county is deteriorating at an alarming rate. Most of its residents rely on government entitlements to get by, and the county commissioners and Bladen Community College could make a difference by joining together to try to attract jobs.

    But in Bladen, it’s business (the do-nothing political kind) as usual.

    Thanks again, WWAY, for reporting Bladen’s faults.

  • Robin Porter

    My son in law was beaten in the bladen county jail during the summer of 2011.He was placed in a cell AFTER I had already posted his bond and was sitting in the lobby with the bondsman waiting on him to come out.He should have never been put in one.And might I mention that the charges he had on him were dismissed because he was NOT GUILTY!!!

  • Gary in Bladen

    Keep digging into this story WWAY! I bet it is like Gladiator School in that jail. Yes these men and women are accused of a crime but they have a right to be safe until they are convicted.

    I bet the jailers are every other town’s leftovers. Leland fired another officer last week, maybe he ends up in Bladen were he can work off some of his roid rage!


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