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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington man is dead, but police say it was all an accident.

Patricia Moity, who owns Caprice Bistro where Lee Nam worked, told the StarNews, “I’m in tears, but I have to be strong because my staff is falling apart. Each time the regulars come in and ask for him, I’m going to have to go through it again.”

Nam was head server at Caprice for the last 10 years.

The StarNews also reports that Nam grew up in Liverpool, England and had been in the United States for at least 15 years, according to Moity. He’d worked for her and her husband Thierry Moity at a restaurant they owned in Raleigh, before joining them when they opened the Market Street bistro in downtown Wilmington in 2001.

After learning the news of his death Friday morning, Patricia Moity spoke by phone with Nam’s sister who lives outside London. She said the family is making arrangements to come to Wilmington.

Officers blocked off streets near 4th and Nun streets this morning, and the flashing lights had neighbors concerned.

“I noticed the lights and the ambulance and stuff, so I walked over thinking maybe it was a gas leak, but the police officer said they were investigating a death, and that definitely concerned me,” neighbor Phyllis Bayzle said.

That was around 8 a.m., but the initial call came through around 7 a.m.

“As we rolled up, some of the investigators were just starting to process the scene,” WPD spokesman Det. Kevin Smith said.

As the investigation unfolded, it became clear this death was an accident.

“The man, who lived on 4th Street, accidentally fell off his porch and hit his head,” Smith said.

A friend tells us Nam was celebrating his 45th birthday well into the early morning hours, and just after 6 a.m. fell over his porch railing falling some eight feet and landing on the sidewalk.

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  • Linda & Tom

    We were very saddened to hear this today. We have frequently dined at Caprice Bistro since they opened and noticed his absence tonight.

  • RSimmons

    I hear it was Lee? A terrible loss,he was a great waiter and wonderful conversationalist. RIP

  • missing you

    So sad…..You were a true friend to me…

  • Alice Choma

    This was a dearly loved friend of the crew at Caprese Bistro on Market St. downtown. Today was his birthday. His friends are terribly saddened by the loss of this wonderful man.

  • verashae

    just curious, if a friend saw him fall off his porch, why did it take an hour before someone called 911?

  • Guest CommonTater

    Sometimes things just don’t makes sense…. I wish all the family and friends comfort and peace through this difficult time.

  • softwind

    Too sad. Lee always remembered you and always had nice, positive things to say. Regardless of the circumstances of his death, this is a true tragedy.

  • Ged

    I was friends with Lee at school back in Liverpool. I hadn`t seen him since leaving school, but he was a good mate then. I am sorry to hear of his death. It`s good to see he was well liked by the people of Wilmington.


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