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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Cotton Exchange was dressed up in green and purple this weekend for Mardi Gras. Businesses were hoping to attract customers downtown with special sales and their very on king cake. They say it worked.

“We had double or triple the amount people we would normally have on a Saturday,” said Richard Davis, a comic store owner in The Cotton Exchange. “Lots of folks coming through, having a great time shopping and browsing all the nerdy stuff we have in here. We did a lot more business so it was really great to having something like that to bring people downtown.”

The businesses are hoping to make this Mardi Gras celebration a yearly event. They say whatever helps bring people to local businesses is worth it.

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  • Vog46

    Were necklaces thrown? Were women lifting up their blouses?
    OF course I question whether in THIS area we can “celebrate” Mardi Gras which is truly a drunk fest prior to the Lenten abstinence…..

    I went to NO once during Mari Gras. I thought our down town was bad – jeepers………


  • ChefnSurf

    “Downtown’ is dead and all know it. Package all the the phoney Mardis Gras celebrations you want to, “Downtown” is just a place people go to to get drunk

  • Vog46

    Down town is a destination place.
    It’s secure.
    The River walk draws thousands to down town.
    There’s arts and entertainment.
    It’s eclectic and bohemian.

    Oh hell – who do I think I am John Hinnant? You’re right it’s dead.


  • Guest Reply

    Vog…you forgot 1 item:
    Downtown is where King Saffo and Council are known to be seen every now and again. But then again…it’s never been reported (or supported) that the Paparazzi have been waiting behind parking meters or such…to “Snap Away” at any given chance :-(
    If Council could just get Justin Bieber, or some highly paid Rap group to the Convention Center…and/or build that Darn Hotel for the CC…maybe the Pap’s would then show :-(
    Besides…it’s spelled Marty Graw…Y’all…that’s all!


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