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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Pender County Sheriff’s deputy is back on duty after being suspended without pay for more than a week last month.

Sheriff Carson Smith says Jan. 11 Dep. Nick Carter was attending a class to re-certify operating an alcohol breath test in Jacksonville. During a practice exercise at around 10 a.m., Dep. Carter blew a 0.02. He was dismissed from the class.

Smith says Carter also violated a Sheriff’s Office policy against operating a county-owned vehicle after the consuming any amount of alcohol. It led to Carter being suspended from Jan. 11 through Jan. 22 without pay. Smith says he also took further disciplinary actions

Carter has been with the Pender County Sheriff’s Office since January 7, 2008.

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  • SurfCityTom

    your point is?

    When you have a physical, which will include lab tests, the Doctor advises you what you may and may not injest prior to the testing.

    Anyone charged with performing this type of test knows alcohol remains in the system for a certain period of time after drinking.

    This was a recertification. He had been through the process before. He knew participants were subject to random testing during the class.

    He should have known better than to drink even one beer with that class before him.

    Where di I skirt something?

    He was booted from the class; he did not get recertified. He should either reimburse the county for the cost of the class or pay for the next one from his pocket.

    Seems rather clear to me. So I’m not certain what point you were trying to make.

  • Vog46

    MY Point here is that recently we’ve been “treated” to stories about town of Fair Bluff employees blowing a 0.08 – 8 full hours after wrecking a town vehicle.
    This Sheriff blew a 0.02 at 10 am on a friday morning (yes I checked the calender).
    Could this sheriff have been home, tying one on Thursday night, and blow a below legally drunk 0.02 from residual alcohol being in his system?
    These guys work odd days and shifts and I certainly don’t expect an LEO to be ‘drink adverse’ just because he’s an LEO.
    I’m questioning whether in fact he had “JUST CONSUMED” which would make this a very bad situation or had a few the night prior……

    I have “worked shifts” before and was always flabbergasted by those who could do a couple of beers at 7:30am after working third shift…


  • SurfCityTom

    big difference between a maintenance employee from Fair Bluff and a Deputy.

    I think they all need to ask this question. Am I violating county policy if I have a beer or 2, 8 or more hours prior to going on duty?

    In theory they are on call.

  • Vog46

    The crux of this problems stem from this:

    ” He knew participants were subject to random testing during the class.

    He should have known better than to drink even one beer with that class before him.”

    We don’t KNOW that he, in fact, DID have one before class which is why I brought up the residual level of alcohol on his breath.
    0.02 shouldn’t have gotten him kicked out of class but PCSO said “no operating a vehicle with ANY alcohol in your system.” So the random test proves he had a drink (or ten) SOMETIME in the recent past.
    I think his punishment fit the crime for driving a car with ANY alcohol in his system – but to re-imburse for the class? Without proof of drinking immediately prior?
    I think thats a stretch.
    Actually I’m surprised they DON’T have a volunteer drinker or two to show the affects of drinking one right before class, and/or several the night before.
    I would think that would make them better Sheriff’s. (They could then go to work for Fair Bluff PD)


  • B M

    Well by your own post that’s it, the deputy showed up at work with alcohol in his system, against company policy, termination immediately, no if’s, and’s, and but’s! these guy’s are held to higher standards because they have the badge, gun, and public trust.

  • jj

    The classes are on going, but they are not free. The officer is normally paid to attend them also by his department.

  • GuestMan.

    the way you skirted what Vog was talking about and you were too. But, since you didn’t know what you were talking abou and got called on it, you ignored it. That was as slippery as Dick Cheney.

  • SurfCityTom

    for whatever reason, you seem to want to enter debate with me. Frankly, I don’t have the time.

    What did you miss?

    This was a recertification class; thus, he’d been to at least one prior class or session.

    He should have known there would be the possibility he would be tested as a class example.

    He should have known not to drink, or even sip a cold one, for a certain period of time prior to the class.

    Now this causes one to ask. Are officers in violation of Sheriff Smith’s or the county’s policy if they have a cold one or two at a barbecue and then go on duty in the county owned vehicle?

  • ScrapIron

    Well JJ it seems you don’t know what goes on in that class b/c if you did you would know that normally someone that is not in the class comes drinks X amount of alcohol then they do the testing. Thats stupid to think they feed LEO’s alcohol then send them on their merry way.

  • jj

    Well, I would wonder if he admitted to drinking before the class?

    Now here is the shocker for all of you non-police. Part of the class is to drink alcohol (During a practice exercise) so you can be tested by the other trainees. So, they do a baseline and that is where they caught him. I guess my question would be how was he to get home after driving there, if the policy is “against operating a county-owned vehicle after the consuming any amount of alcohol”.

    The Sheriff knows that offices drink at the orginal training and re-certiy classes, so why was he driving period?

    Sheriff Smith should be suspended for allowing the use of a county vechile to go to this training.

  • Guest Reply

    Dag Gone folks…don’t you all see this is part 2 of a Mini Series that all started on this Pilot Episode?

  • GuestX

    This is part of the reason penders county sheriffs dont know there jobs.A total lack of professionalism,it runs deep in pender tho,just try asking the same question to a number of different sheriffs in pender and see how many different answers you get.After which you will find none are correct.

  • guesty

    One can tell by reading your post that you obviously are extremely smart. You should apply to be a deputy and then you could provide all the correct answers.

  • B M

    anybody see a problem here, ? double standards????????????????

  • guesty

    A 0.02 isn’t drunk, he was suspended and received more disciplinary actions.

    When you were pulled and blew a 0.12 that is why you were arrested.

  • SurfCityTom

    sends a message. He should reimburse the County for the cost of the course from which he was dismissed.

  • Vog46

    It is my understanding that all patrolling LEO’s in the Sheriff’s office be certified to operate the breathalyzer. He was there for re-certification according to the article.
    These classes are apparently offered continuously for the required recert process.

    I don’t believe reimbursement is necessary.
    (Although a public flogging does come to mind as acceptable punishment)


  • Guesty 1

    I wonder if he was driving a county vehicle and also wonder if he was then allowed to drive it home after blowing positive.

  • guesty

    From the story: “Smith says Carter also violated a Sheriff’s Office policy against operating a county-owned vehicle after the consuming any amount of alcohol.”

  • ScrapIron

    This doesn’t shock me at all , PCSO has always had trouble with Deputies and alcohol. They fire the Deputies that actually enforce the law and keep the ones who break it. i.e Deputies getting drunk and assaulting another Deputy with a Duty baton (no disciplinary action taken) Deputies getting drunk and thrown out of bars in wilminton(no action taken) Captains making racist slurs and sexual advances towards employess (no action taken) . Maybe next election the residents of Pender Coutny will vote in someone who actually runs things with a tighter grip..

  • Can’t help but laugh

    I’m glad someone said it because I cannot believe someone would think so ignorant like that also. I wish they would do a better job of screening what they allow to post on here instead of sharing things such as this and maybe do a story on how people should “think before they speak”…
    Thank you ScrapIron!


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