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By Ned Berkowitz and Brian Ross
ABC News

Three years after the White House arranged a hero’s welcome at the State of the Union address for the Fort Hood police sergeant and her partner who stopped the deadly shooting there, Kimberly Munley says President Obama broke the promise he made to her that the victims would be well taken care of.

“Betrayed is a good word,” former Sgt. Munley told ABC News in a tearful interview to be broadcast tonight on “World News with Diane Sawyer” and “Nightline.”

“Not to the least little bit have the victims been taken care of,” she said. “In fact they’ve been neglected.”

Click here to read more and see EXCLUSIVE video of the aftermath of the Fort Hood shooting at ABCNews.com

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  • Guesttenheimer

    But I seriously doubt yours is in the “attention” category…

  • Vog46

    You did your job in an exemplary fashion and I commend you for it.
    You have stepped out of your role in Law Enforcement to take part in this lawsuit to help the victims get what YOU claim they deserve to include monetary benefit.
    While I am glad you have this attitude it is not your fight. Have you filed suit to make sure every victim of every accident you responded to got their just reward?
    Of course not – you let your work speak for you by accurately describing the accident to let the lawyers decide who’s at fault, and who should “pay”.
    You have ticketed individuals who were “at fault” and caused the accident – as your job requires you to. Did you ticket Hasan? No. There are reasons for this leagal wrangling – some have to do with Hasan getting what he deserves swiftly – as opposed to the military code of justice which moves slowly. None of these reasons should impact the service people involved, but they do.
    Again, I praise you for your actions, and pray for your recovery from your wounds, but for this action I would suggest you, and the others, go before Congress as opposed to going before a Judge. I do believe you would get more relief and your testimony as to what happened could have a huge impact.
    Attaching your name to a lawsuit seeking damages does nothing but sully your reputation and those who are injured.
    I would suggest you contact the Armed Services Committee for starters – Senators Levin, Inhofe, and especially McCain would be flabbergasted to hear of such shoddy treatment for our troops.

    Respectfully Submitted

  • Guesttenehimer

    Thank you for what you and your partner did at Ft. Hood and thank you for personally putting yourself out to explain to these jealous, name-calling vicious idiots.

    I am never less than amazed to read the callous, denegrating, petty and shallow comments that appear on this subject. I have no idea their reason for attempting to portray you as a greedy, media-seeking individual. I can’t understand their reason to purposely attempt to discredit you and your efforts when you clearly have the intent of doing the right thing, for the right people when our very own government leaders turned their backs on the Ft. Hood incident. The people behind all of these caustic comments are cowards. Their most savvy weapon is a keyboard and an internet connection. They throw words and accusations with the same faceless cowardice as the radical Muslims.
    I not only find it very difficult to hear fellow Americans take swings at you like this. I find it is sickening, shameful and a disgrace to this wonderful country which I feel priveleged to be a part of.
    What has happened to our people?

  • Guest 3

    Ms. Munley was not employed by a private company. She was a CIVILIAN POLICE OFFICER employed by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to work on the base. So, yes, she was entitled to Federal Workers’ Comp, but that’s NOT what this is about. Nor does it have anything to do with what she is asking. You may remember that THREE years ago tonight, she sat with Michelle Obama during the SOTU. She was told by Obama that he would make sure the victims were taken care of.

    Obama has classified this as “workplace violence,” by Executive Order to avoid putting himself in the position that a TERRORIST was a member of the US ARMED FORCES. It’s a “politically correct” move.

    And those who were shot and killed? They were simply completing deployment measures, and Hasan was trying to prevent them from doing so.

  • WilliamOBrien

    It takes a real bunch of manly men to get on here as “GUESTS” or using nicknames like “WilmingtonMAJ” or “Vog46” and then completely flame someone. First off, not one of you couch stains have ever done anything even remotely close to what Kimberly has been through. Most of you consider it a tough day when you have to decide between Starbucks or Port City Java. Kimberly is not doing this to bring fame and fortune to herself you idiots! She is doing something that none of imbeciles would ever consider, she is standing up for the military members who were injured and killed that day. The fact that our government has designated this as “workplace violence” rather than a terrorist act is criminal. The fact that none of you can understand that is pretty typical of idiots who hide behind fake names and flame people…very brave, be proud of yourselves.

    And to the special kind of idiot that referred to Kimberly as a “Hoe”…I would go on and on about how I would like to stomp you for making such a comment but, I would much prefer watching what would happen to you if you dared to make such a comment to Kim’s face.

  • Guest2013

    All of you who are bad mouthing these victims make me sick! If you had actually followed this story you would know that at no time during any of this has Sgt. Munley claimed to be in the same “boat” as the other victims. There were two classes of people killed or injuried on that horrible day, Civilians and Millitary. All of which should be entitled to the proper benefits of their station. But in order for this terriost, who is continuing to be payed by our goverment, to get a “fair trail” the victims must suffer!! As usual this has become a political issue. Obama used Sgt. Munley in 2010 and now the Republicans are trying to pass legislation. At the end of the day fellow Americans were killed, fellow Americans were hurt and it IS our governments responsibility to take care of those in their service. PERIOD.

  • Guest man

    So what is it she wants beyond what her employer, their insurance, workers compensation and federal disability aren’t covering??

  • Guestawmighty

    You’re SO wrong. She is SO a hero, not only for her actions which saved countless lives at Fort Hood (in complete disregard for her personal safety) but also for her willingness — here at the time of another State of the Union address — to tell the American people the truth! (Many others would have been bought-off into silence by the 15 seconds of fame afforded by having a seat beside the First Lady at a previous State of the Union. Not Kim. Kimberly Munley-Meredith IS a hero! Period!

  • Vog46

    You are wrong about this:

    “Munley is NOT threatening any legal action of any type.”

    Read one of the hyper links in the article called “view the lawsuit”


    Pg 14:
    KIMBERLY D. MUNLEY, personally and
    as guardian for J.A.M. AND M.H.B.,
    P.O. Box 73
    Kure Beach, NC 28449,”

    She is part and parcel of a group action lawsuit
    I won’t judge the merits of this action but to portray her as a non lawsuit person is plain wrong.


  • Guest tally

    Kim Munley is a true hero. Soldiers are awarded various medals for bravery in combat. They are doing their job. To suggest that she was merely performing her job is an insult to all heros.

    This was a terrorist act. She is bringing to light the administrations denial of that fact. Those killed and wounded were victims of that terroristic act. Because of that they should e allowed the proper recognition. Obama said he’d do it, and he isn’t.

    I can not believe the cowardly attacks on her that are posted here. Please, please, please say those things in public so I will have the chance to set you straight, I’ll even pay your medical bills afterwards.

    Team America!

  • Guest987

    This is copied from Blue Line Radio’s Facebook page with some editing by me because it says it better than I could:

    I’m not sure that the people that are allowed to post on WWAY take the time to read the article or are they just all “flamers”. If they read the article, they would understand that Kimberly was involved in a police shootout with a mass murder on a military base by a traitorous islamic extremist. Ms. Munley is simply pointing out…NOT blaming anyone…that obama promised her that the classification of the crime, would be reclassified FROM “Workplace Violence” TO a classification of an “Act Terrorism” and she reaps no benefits from this at all. And her concerns are that of the deceased and injured military members and their families that are currently not receiving the benefits covered under a classification of Terrorist Attack. These individuals would receive much more medical and disability benefits if it were reclassified as obama promised to Kimberly from his mouth to her ear on two separate occasions.

    So to those that are ignorant or otherwise just hateful or a special kind of stupid, they need to stop attacking this woman for putting herself once again, in the line of fire.

    One of you vinegar sacks said that “she’s no hero”??? What ever your definition is must not be a reasonable definition of the word. She has not only taken on the Department of Defense, but is now publicly calling out the “complainer in chief”, and if half of you had the nerves of Kimberly Munley we’d all be in a better place. But since most of you have already been neutured, shut your pie hole until at least one of your stones have dropped.

  • WilmingtonMAJ

    This woman is no hero. I’m sorry, she was doing her job. PERIOD

  • Sob story

    Munley, congrats you’re a hero! Go to college, further your education, volunteer, land a great job, make a movie or write a book but keep in mind YOU ARE BETTER OFF THAN MOST! Blame Obama for not allowing you to sup from the bosom of our whore-like government and next you’ll blame God for letting you live.

  • Guest461

    Kim thinks the President makes these arrangements himself? Looking in the wrong place, try the DoD. Oh wait, you weren’t in the US Military were you? Nice way to make waves there Kim. Good luck with that.

  • Guest45

    What can you expect from a president that is a loser!

  • Guest pat

    Its so sad that the fifteen or twenty idiots that live here continue to post their stupid comments and the other hundred thousand are too busy with work, caring for family and getting an education to post here leaving some of us the false impression that this forum represents our community when in fact it is more representational of the Honey Boo culture these fools reside in. Thank you Kim Munley for your service and your determination to see this injustice through.

  • Guesttenheimer

    …sitting down and shutting the HELL up? You’ve already written your multiple rose-colored, disparaging comments about Munley, so leave it alone already! With her experience, do you really think she needs any of YOUR advice as to how to proceed and achieve her goals? Do you really things she gives a flyin’ damn about YOUR opinion of what she’s doing to her reputation? Do you really think McCain hasn’t heard about this incident and knows full-well what’s going on? “”…he would be flabbergasted?” Would be? You trying to play “Daddy” here? I know her dad. You’re not a freckle on his left glute!

    For Christ’s sake Vog, sit down and shut up for once would ya???? You consistently attempt to pick the fly-crap out of the pepper on every article here. Get a hobby and get over yourself!

  • Guesty1234

    I think beating up the President / Admin is out of line. This matter is being decided by the DoD. I mean what’s the President to do here, circumvent the rules, policy and procedures in place?! I think perhaps Kim is still stroking her ego as of late. Why wasn’t her partner given the accolades and praise for his actions that ultimately ended to attack and stopped Hasan? I don’t know.. this whole thing reaks of a pay day in one form or another imo. So she is doing all this just for the soldiers that were injured that day….awesome, then we can only assume that any proceeds she receives from a TV movie or book deal will go directly to them then…..right??

  • guesty

    Outstanding! Well said.

  • Kim Munley

    Let it be known this much: You will NEVER hear the self-recognition of being a hero come out of my mouth. NEVER! I have never considered myself a hero, and I never will. I am fighting for these soldiers because NO ONE has been successful in winning this fight so far. And if my face, my name, however I have been used as propaganda in the past since the shooting, will help these victims get the benefits and the help they DESERVE, then I will CONTINUE to fight, do interviews, attempt to make a movie and take all the “below the belt” punches by those who think my motive is otherwise! If the reclassification is successful, I get nothing out of it but that my job as a cop was successful…to fight and protect those who need it. So those who are sick of seeing my face and hearing my name, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!! Write your congressman and senators. Demand the military victims their justice and I will shut the hell up! UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!! Until then, get used to it because I’m not going away!!!!!!

    PS- I am not entitled to the Purple Heart or the Military Benefits if it gets reclassified, nor would I EVER attempt to request them. This is about the military victims, not me so those of you who speak of the case and have not followed up on my intent, you are only sharing your ignorance. Mark my word, I won’t stop until they get what they deserve. So keep cramping your fingers with your hurtful comments. I can handle it. This whole story was meant to focus on the victims, not me. This is media spin and put your glasses on if you can’t interpret it.


  • Vog46

    Oh Ok
    Get over myself?

    As you said:
    “She’s not involved in the lawsuit”
    Um that was wrong
    “She’s not in it for the money”
    Since she’s part of the suit and asking for $ I guess thats wrong too.

    I have no doubt that Kim’s a good person and a hero for what she did as I have stated, and YOU apparently decided to ignore.

    I will just quote Guest 1234’s post:

    “This matter is being decided by the DoD. I mean what’s the President to do here, circumvent the rules, policy and procedures in place?!”

    Boy did THAT say it all. There’s probably 1450 pages worth of regs that DoD has for this – which is typical of DoD.
    Remember the old adage “It would take an Act of Congress to change that?”
    Yep – that applies here…..
    Which is why I suggested The Armed Services Committee.
    BTW – Sen Kay Hagan(D) – NC is part of that committee – have you written to her yet?
    I have, for just this reason.
    Politics plays a big part of the hearings we see and hear on TV. Benghazi is a good example.
    What you saw was Clinton getting grilled and Clinton chiding the committee. What happens behind the scenes is something gets done – policy changes, or what have you.
    In THIS case Kim is correct – the soldiers are getting shafted by a seemingly petty argument about where it happened and who’s uniform Hasan was wearing at the time.
    It is truly unfortunate that soldiers are played like pawns in this but it does happen and it won’t change unless the DoD is told to change it……..
    Guest 1234 is absolutely correct – its being decided by the DoD and in my mind a lawsuit won’t make DoD budge. But a politician who might hold sway over DoD’s purse strings or benefit determination for all service people might be able to convince DoD to change things. Hence the suggestion of the committee and writing Hagan.


  • Guestomfg

    Guesttenheimer didnt read the document and is running off at the mouth. Munley IS in the lawsuit and the “RELIEF REQUESTED” is:

    A. Judgment for each plaintiff for compensatory, exemplary and/or punitive damages, as appropriate, and in the amounts to which each is found to be entitled to under law, but in no event less than $75,000.00.
    B. Declaratory relief, costs, expenses and attorney fees as allowed by law.


  • You could probably post a better response if you did just a little bit of research instead of writing of things that you have no clue about.

  • Guesttenheimer

    101 pages of very disturbing points of contention. The accusations of the actions (or lack of as it may be) by the DoD, FBI, the US Army, the President of the United States and the first lady are absolutey appalling to say the least.

    I was wrong to disclose that Munley wasn’t a part of a lawsuit. I wasn’t aware that Munley was a part of this lawsuit, but after reading it, I certainly understand why and I support her effort 150%. I fail to believe that Munley is in this effort for fame, money or any other benefit than to disclose the following to the public:
    The reality of the circumstances that led up to this event.
    How those circumstances were handled by high-ranking officers of the US Army, DoD and the FBI.
    Hasan’s prior problems with Muslim fanatacism.
    Hasan’s connections with Al-Quaeda and Aulaqi.
    These are but a very few of the lawsuit points of contention and I would encourage everyone to click your link to learn of these allegations. They are truly horrible and extremely embarrassing to the United States government.

    But in short, 13 people died and 36 were injured, most with lifelong disabilites that our own government refused to attempt to rectify. That involves a tremendous amount of family members that were left behind with a tremendous amount of loss, pain, suffering and hardship…for the remainder of their lives!

    Our government provides free food, housing, clothing and cell phones to the millions upon millions of people in this country that are illegally here, do not belong here or are just too damn lazy to get off their @$$es to get to work. We supply billions and billions of dollars to Globally help 3rd world counties that HATE the United States….but they neglect these people that were the target of an murderous terrorist while they were in wait to defend this countrys freedoms??? We have a BIG problem here!!!

    I’ll tell you what Vog. After reading what you supplied, if I were there like Kim Munley, as a first hand witness to that mass-murder event, you can bet your narrow hind-quarters that I’d be on that lawsuit too! This isn’t about money, this is about people and this is about the manner in which our government let them down!

  • Vog46

    As I said in my response to you:
    “I will not judge the merits of the lawsuit.”

    Thanks though for admitting to the mistake.
    The military personnel should get medals in my opinion. The legal ramifications of this is that by giving them Purple Hearts the government then says it was a military action and all would receive increased benefits from it.
    It is my understanding that Ms Munley was not a soldier at the time, and therefore is at the mercy of workmen’s compensation laws in Texas. So, why, if you cannot get military benny’s do you suit? To support the troops? Good for her.
    I think she’s a hero for what she did – as much as any police officer in any city or town would be.
    If that gives me narrow minded hindquarters – so be it.


  • Guestsfndi

    Classifying a member of the United States Army as an enemy of the United States is pushing the envelope in that you would be declaring yourself your enemy. Enemies of the United States are declared beforehand and in declarations of war, etc., not when we find out that an agent of the United States would be considered an enemy after the fact). Calling the United States its own enemy after the fact is a real stretch. Easy to blame the President though huh?

  • Guesttenheimer

    For all of you posters trying to beat Munley down, criticize, accuse and discredit her, READ the article closely. Your complete ignorance is glowing hotter than the rosebud of an acetylene torch!

    Munley is NOT portraying herself as any type of “hero” by any means.
    Munley is NOT threatening any legal action of any type.
    Munley is NOT looking for glory and fame. She simply has a true story to tell as a first hand witness to the murders. US soldiers WERE murdered by Hassan, remember?
    Munley IS calling the President out on the decision he made that seriously affected the victims of Hassans murder and their families. Those victims had FAMILIES, remember? Wives, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers…get it? THEY are the ones that were neglected by the President! THAT is the fact she is addressing…READ!

    I’m not going to say Munley is a hero and I’m not going to say she isn’t. I wasn’t there that day and I wasn’t being targeted by an insane radical Islamist, hell-bent on killing as many people as he possibly could. I can tell you that if he hadn’t been stopped when he was, the carnage would have been much greater than the loss of 13 innocent souls! His car was full of loaded weapons, ammo and maps.

    So, all of you armchair warriors go ahead and call your names and accuse Munley of things on which you have no basis other than jealousy, a keyboard and a faceless handle. I can accurately guess that the majority of you would immediately freeze in fear, piss your boots and cry for your mamma if you even came close to a situation resembling hers! If I didn’t know better, the majority of you know-nothing loudmouths sound like Islamic sympathizers, not Americans…that’s for sure!

  • Guest1237

    Sheep dog…..oh please?! Some of you are legends in your own mind. This woman is making hay for other reasons I gaurantee. Keep watching the news reports and you’ll see soon enough.

  • Guest987

    FYI, Kim WAS in the military prior to her duties as a law enforcement officer that day.


    No matter what any of you knuckleheads say or think, Kimberly is the type of person that would still take a bullet for any one of you to this day.Show some respect for someone that has the guts and determination to speak up for what they believe in. It doesn’t matter what you or I think of her statements, it’s her right to make them. Keep fighting the good fight Kimberly, you have earned the title of ‘Hero’… a fellow sheepdog…

  • George

    To all these negative remarks/opinions.his young WOMAN was called to react to a maniac,killing troops at random.She showed up,took in the situation,fired her weapon in response,took two or more rounds herself,and faught for survival afteward.The rest of the details do not matter.This is one exceptionaly brave,tough young lady.Her actions deserve the respect of us all.Unless you have experienced a situation of this magnitude,could you have done better?My bet is,most of you negative commentators would have cryed for your Mommies,while wetting you pants.So,until you can stand with this giant of a little woman,with all due respect,Shut Up!

  • Vog46

    Congress has to act to get DoD to change this.


    To repeat what I said again, and again
    Kim’s a hero
    The soldiers deserve better treatment
    And it would take an act of congress……

    I can support this bill and will ask all members of the NC delegation to Congress to support it as well
    I suggest you do the same


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