3 govs seek reconsideration of offshore oil, gas

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Submitted: Thu, 02/14/2013 - 7:11pm
Updated: Thu, 02/14/2013 - 7:13pm

RICHMOND, VA (AP) — The Republican governors of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina are appealing to the Obama administration’s choice for interior secretary to open up waters off their states’ coasts to gas and oil exploration.

In a letter released Thursday, the governors “implore” Sally Jewell to consider a Republican proposal to open more offshore waters to energy exploration. The letter is signed by Virginia’s Bob McDonnell, South Carolina’s Nikki Haley and North Carolina’s Pat McCrory.

The letter states that energy production in the outer continental shelf could create more than 140,000 jobs within the next 20 years.

President Barack Obama canceled scheduled lease sales in Mid-Atlantic waters following the BP oil disaster in the Gulf Coast.

Jewell is chief executive of Recreational Equipment Co. She was nominated by Obama last week.

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1 Comment on "3 govs seek reconsideration of offshore oil, gas"

2015 years 8 months ago

Explore to your hearts content. Estimates of oil off our coasts are based upon geologic surveys which indicate we may have some oil and gas off shore.
The problem is how much?
If it was a RIPE area the oil company’s would’ve have hounded Washington for exploration expansion already. That does not mean a big strike couldn’t happen.
I believe it to be unlikely we have big reserves out there so this is political in nature with the ‘drill here, drill now” argument.
I would LOVE to see this and I would love to see a big find. Then watch everyone squirm when the GOP proposes filling in the Albermarle/Pamlico sound so they can build big polluting refineries out there to take advantage of our new found riches………