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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Cape Fear Chordsmen are spreading the love on Valentine’s Day, surprising some special people with love songs.

“We’re going to go out and deliver love songs to people’s sweeties,” Chordsmen Jim Bader said. “We are a non-profit, and what we’re doing is a fundraiser, $40. We’ll go out and find anybody’s sweetie anywhere in the Wilmington and actually Southport area.”

Along with 80 paid love song deliveries, the quartets also visit hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities to serenade the residents.

“The residents love it,” Bader said. “They want to hear more songs. We sing one or two. They want to hear about a half an hour to 45 minutes.”

They say it’s important to spread songs of love and joy to those who may not have that special someone in their lives. And they don’t limit the love to Valentine’s Day.

“So what we also do is, the chorus here in town, we go out and we augment with a program where we go sing about once a month to one of these facilities and put on a half an hour to 45-minute show for the residents for free just so we can go out and do a community service for them,” Bader said.

Singer Don Dobson says the reactions he gets from recipients are well worth it.

“We’ve had tears, we’ve had laughter,” Dobson said. “We’ve had people who were nervous and didn’t know what to do. But in the final analysis, they’ve enjoyed the gift of music from whoever it is that got in touch with us.”

And after 20 plus years of being in the business, Dobson says he does it simply because he loves it.

“It comes from the heart,” he said. “How do you define it? I don’t know how you define it. We just love to sing.”

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  • SpiderMan

    So not worth the $40 “fundraiser donation” totally off key and not entertaining at all… Get a real job DeadBeats…
    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

  • GuestRcc

    Snoop and Heavy D??? What is this, 1994? Who on earth is a ‘Heavy D afficianado’???

  • Guestaphonic

    The Cape Fear Chordsmen are keeping alive the beautiful harmonies of the old barbershop quartet tradition. It’s so refreshing to hear music that has rich melodic lines and harmonies, along with lyrics that are charming and captivating.

    Today’s popular musicis, for the most part, abrasive and often obscene. There is hardly any melody, and the mood is hostile and in-your-face ugly. Contemporary music reflects the dumbing down of our culture, the trashing of standards, the obliteration of beauty.

    It’s a new world where vulgarity reigns supremely.

  • Hanson

    Perhaps he’s old.

    But unlike yourself, he’s intelligent and has good taste. I realize that the term “good taste” smacks of eliticism, and is a concept lost on today’s youth, but there are a few older people who still possess it.

    Yes, bring back those days when music had melody and when the lyrics were civil and well-crafted.

    Read the lyrics to rap “songs,” and you will see illiteracy in all its horrific glory.

  • Guest Reply

    You’re right!
    These groups are now known as Hair Salon Quartets!

  • Guesttenheimer

    …Snoop Doggie Dog and Heavy D afficianado, right? In that case, Guestaphonic is spot on, 100% correct, doesn’t matter how old he may be!

    “Jussa sayin’ doooo…”

  • Guest3130

    You must be really old . . . just sayin’.

  • Guest7881

    @Guest3130: Maybe God will see fit to let you live long enough to be really old…just saying.


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