FIRST ON 3: Fan tasered by police at Whiteville game

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Submitted: Sat, 02/16/2013 - 2:16am
Updated: Sat, 02/16/2013 - 9:43pm

WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — A fan was tasered by police tonight at Whiteville High School as the Wolfpack took on the South Brunswick Cougars. It’s the second time this year there has been fan misconduct at a Whiteville basketball game.

The fan allegedly pushed police officers after disputing a call made by referees. When the cops told him to back off, the irate fan pushed them again. That’s when police tasered him.

The fan was not a student and it’s not clear at this time whether charges will be filed.

Earlier this year, Whiteville’s game at North Brunswick finished in an empty gym after all fans were ejected after an incident during the game.


  • High School Fan says:

    I was there at the game as well. From the other side of the court the fan began to have words with the South player that had been called for the foul on the previous play. The ball was being taken out in front of the fan. He continued to say things to the player on the court. The ref stepped in between the fan and the player. At which time the fan stood up. The ref called for the deputies to come over. From there you could see some arguing about the situation then the fan pushed off from the police. At which point the fan was tasered. The big issue was that a fan was getting into a verbal altercation with a 15,16,17,18 year old. No matter what else happened prior to the game fans need to understand that this is not acceptable. To be a team that already had an issue with fans at another school the police are going to be a little more quick to act.

  • Citizen of the Republic says:

    This was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. Is it hard to talk s#@t while riding the lightening?

    The only thing missing, was the kids with a towel, wiping up the urine puddle this guy left behind.

    Absolutely fantastic.

    Do us a favor dude, do it again. I could watch this all day long. Not often you see a game, and an electric slide at the same time.

    As for his behavior problem, being stupid is not a mental disease.

  • Bert says:

    I think that things could have been handled differently. This man is at every home game cheering for his team. When bad calls are made he reacted like everybody else did so why they didn’t taze everybody. To those who say he’s not too bright for pushing a policeman I guess if you had a mental problem you wouldn’t be too bright either.

  • Guesttenheimer says:

    They could’ve allowed an extended charge to shock the crap outa that idiot! Bet he won’t do that again! But then again, as stupid as he was to do it the first time may mean he’s incapable of learning a lesson.
    He’s a tad old to be learning stuff like this at his age…may have some prollems.

  • Vog46 says:

    My grand daughter play middle school basketball.
    She’s not the best player – in fact she’s got issues.
    Ball handling is bad, jumping ability is not good.
    But she tried out because she thought is was fun and she felt “involved”.
    She doesn’t get to play that much – why?
    Because winning is important. So important that mediocre players ride the bench to give the team the best shot at winning.
    In middle school. She knows all of this and she knows this part of growing up. Practice to get better to be able to play more.
    I still go to cheer her on when she does get a chance to play and to cheer on the team.
    But she has read these stories about high school sports fan fanatics and wants nothing to do with that sort of fan behavior when she gets to high school. You have now discouraged someone from playing!
    C’mon parents – grow up. If you’re getting tased, or thrown out or even arguing with an opposing high school player you’re carrying it too far.
    Its a game and these are kids.


  • Coty1 says:

    No matter what happened the day before, you can never lay hands on a police officer at any time. In the video he did and he deserved what he got.

  • GuestX says:


  • jimMEYER says:


  • Government Mule says:

    Officer. Now I know… the Police are always right in every circumstance. That’s what they are known for. That and excellent interpersonal skills. Again, thank you.

  • GuestVader says:

    Seems like anyone mourning a close relative that had just passed away and buried yeaterday would have been home instead of a sporting event.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    He pushed the POLICEMAN, I guess your Uncle isn’t to bright is he?

  • Guest CommonTater says:

    Really? He’s an idiot is what he is and got exactly what he deserved. You can take up for him if you like and classify yourself as same…..

    “he is a Teddknowy bear”

    He’s a what? LOL!!

  • guesty says:

    So is your uncle normally stupid enough to push police or was this some extra stupid brought on by a death? It doesn’t matter what is going on in his little head, he was given an order and decided he wanted to push. Didn’t work out so swell for him.

  • tiffany says:

    This is a lie and that’s my uncle and he would never hurt anyone.. he has been suffering from the death of his father in whom he had to bury on yesterday. People donot know what others are going through and if u knew micheal u know he likes to have fun and entertain others harmlessly… he is a Teddknowy bear and loves to attend all school games

  • Sistagal says:

    To all you smart people that have a PHD in Psychology and have the answers. You have taken one side and do not know the full situation at hand. I can see you are people that do not have a voice anywhere and more than likely do not do anything to make things better in the community. I know for certain you do not know Whiteville Police Department. I was there,witnessed the whole thing and heard the comments of the police. They over reacted. They also left off the news about the two girls earlier about to fight over a boy. They also left off how parents of one of the players was having it out with the assistance coach, but they did not do anything. Oh, I wonder why, maybe because they were on the right list in good ole Whiteville. I suggest you research the facts because everything reported is certainly not correctly reported and all the facts are not given. To the smart person that felt like he should have been at home to grieve, then you do not know anything either. All people are different and they grieve in a different. I do know one thing your comments are your comments and it relects on the type of people we have to deal with. I know for certain all of you are far from perfect. You can continue to sit in the seat of judgement, but look in the mirror, hope you like what you see. Be blessed and do something positive and stop being judgemental.

  • Guest 10101 says:

    - Fan pushes police twice

    – Police tazer stupid fan

    – Idiot posts stupid blather about incident

    – End of story

  • guest 0104 says:

    Name calling, did the little person have a bad day. You have all the answers being you are so perfect. Check yourself because you are wreckless. Did it make you feel better to stoop lower than whale drip. Find something positive to do with you time. Next time get something on your mind and use your head for more than a hat rack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest1889 says:

    Judging from your uncle’s actions and your response, stupidity is a family trait.

  • Gues45t says:

    You DON’T touch a law enforcement officer. He pushed them once and did it a second time? He got what he deserved! They need to file charges. I bet he will keep his hands to himself in the future.

  • Guest58 says:

    Was at the game and the key point missed by the videon was that the man in question was yelling at one of the cougar players. The basketball official ejected him and called for the police to remove him and then we all have seen what the results of that were. So I would say dum move all around on his part.

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