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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Commissioners voted today to pay members of the Alcohol Beverage Control Board more for their work.

The chairman will now get $300 a month, and each member will get $250 a month.

Commission Chair Woody White said he was not comfortable treating the ABC Board differently than other boards; some of which get no compensation. Commissioner Jonathan Barfield praised the board for its work in recent years since controversy led to the commission establish a limit for what members are paid.

In the end White, Barfield and Beth Dawson voted to approve the increase. Commissioner Brian Berger was the lone vote against it.

Commissioner Thomas Wolfe, who serves on the ABC Board, recused himself from the vote.

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  • Guest2020

    Maybe they should use their profit to pay their people more instead of building a new facility. That would be a wiser way to handle their finances.

  • Guest_marlowek

    The county commission is really showing its colors. How disappointing that they approve pay raises to the ABC board. Citing additional monies made as “profit” is, at best, a stretch. The ABC board has a monopoly on alcohol sales, and the monies brought in are a tax on consumers. Profit should be given back to the taxpayers – either as services to the county or a reduction in tax rates. Also disappointing was their fast vote to provide 1/2 million in incentives to a company already established in Wilmington. As I recall, Woody White stated openly, many times, that he was universally against all incentives as it picks winners and losers. His reversal on that issue should give county residents whiplash. To add insult to injury, the commissioners voted AGAINST providing water/sewer service to county residents. These residents are living with septic tank backups and unclean water. Jonathan Barfield was the only commissioner to vote for these people receiving basic services. Commissioners also are not supporting education in the county – the one area inarguably makes or breaks a community. This county commission is self-serving and arrogant. Can’t wait to see what they do next.


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