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KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The road is open and the swings are up at Kure Beach’s new oceanfront park, which is next to the pier along Atlantic Avenue.

The park will offer a pavilion, restrooms and a children’s play area. It’s set to be completed by next winter.

Once finished, it will be the second park in the town.

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  • RSimmons

    They build skycrapers quicker than this fiasco. Granted it will be a nice little park and the addition of the restrooms will take the pressure off the restrooms on the Kure pier. But come-on! this is ridiculous to spend this much time on such a small municipal project.

  • Governement Mule

    they may just be waiting on town building inspector John Batson

  • Guesttenheimer

    Go to the archives and do a little research would ya? This park was initially contracted and started by another contractor. It was discovered after the fact, that he had used substandard materials and workmanship in the foundation and structural components. A lawsuit was started and won by Kure beach to kick him off the job and void the contract. Everything he had built had to be torn down, demolitioned and hauled off to the dump. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of defunct concrete and steel.

    A new contractor was secured to perform the demolition and clean up, then build the new facility with the correct materials and technique. They have done a superb job at gining completion in a timely manner after dealing with an inept and incapable crook.

    This isn’t Chicago building a skyscraper, it’s Kure Beach trying to build a nice public facility without getting ripped off! We move more slowly and carefully here.

  • ChefnSurf

    Gotta keep in mind that the initial concrete job was botched pretty badly by the original contractor. Then there was time spent trying to get all that corrected legally before they re-started up with yet another contractor. For a small town, they didn’t really do too bad of a job.

  • Kure Beach veteran

    they are far too busy being scoundrels with badges, spending all their time in the winter months targeting elderly and handicapped people to confuse them that they are crime victims and that they need to sign over their property to the crooked island lawyer and conspiring to get their family members arrested with fake charges.

  • Governement Mule

    You mean it’s going to open this Spring, right?

  • Guest76

    Slowly and carefully? If ya’ll moved more carefully Ya’ll would have picked a qualified contractor. And if you moved a little faster maybe all what happened would have been discovered before the fact.

  • ChefnSurf

    Gee Guest76, that sure was clever. If you were even a tad more clever, you’d be the ever-cleverest ever!

    (Oh yeah, I lied)

  • Guesttenheimer

    …”you’d understand that the contractor was from “up yonner” and attempting to gyp us!

    Howzabout that for a “fact” there, Kilroy?

  • Justin America

    Well, at least you all got the slowly part down.

  • earedwine

    I know for a fact that the 1st contractor grew up in Wilmington NC and has been a contractor here for 10 years and has NEVER gyped anyone. Those are the facts……

  • Guest22

    Wait till this summer, this place will look a customs check point.

  • earedwine

    Get your facts correct. Kure Beach is in a half million dollar law suite with a first contractor that they will surely loose. The case will go to court later this year. and everyone is welcome to the trial to see what kind of people are running the Government at Kure Beach.

  • ENR

    Construction, Architecture, Engineering. Such an intricate industry with high volumes of information being exchanged. Sometimes, these short narratives that the media and politicians develop (sound bytes) don’t accurately capture the scenario. Were the concrete materials actually substandard? Was the compressive strength not what was specified? what were the results of the slump test? did te engineer require a core sample with compressive strength test? Did he not use portland cement? Were the control joints not spaced accordingly as specified? Did they not have a broom finish to the surface? Were the elevations on the specifications accurate?

    These are the educated questions (paired with answers) that should be asked and reported. The media has done a terrible job with it’s due dilligence and the public had fed into all the hype and simple information.

    Take some time out and research before publicly bashing a small contractors reputation, and grow up y’all.


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