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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Another day, another dollar. Several dollars if you’ve visited a gas pump in the past few days. The cost of gas has gone up again.

That has many people wondering what they’re going to do to get by.

“Saturday we spent $3.51 on gas, and here it is Wednesday, and it’s $3.77,” Candace Soles of Wilmington said.

AAA says gas prices have risen nearly 22 cents in the past week. That has many people cutting back to compensate.

“We won’t be going out very often,” Soles said. “We don’t go out a ton now. I drive to and from work, and that’s about it. And won’t be doing much more than that for sure.”

Those who have no choice but to drive to, from and during work are finding their trips to the pump becoming too pricey.

“It’s generally going up to about $15 a day in gas,” taxi driver Joshua Price said.

Price says this cuts roughly $50 to 100 in profit every three days. Other taxi drivers are feeling their purse strings tighten as well.

“The meter is the same, the tipping is the same, but we are losing from our profit,” driver Amzn Sal said.

Food deliver service Surfside Express is seeing different effects from the jump in gas prices.

“I have the delivery drivers. I have a high turnover rate due to the gas prices,” owner Josh Cleghorn said. “On the other hand a lot of customers are ordering a little more to stay in.”

With no feasible alternatives to gasoline, businesses are looking for different solutions to save a penny.

“We try to just consolidate the runs to one driver if it’s going towards one direction of town,” Cleghorn said.

Cleghorn says he also tries to help his drivers out when they’re struggling to make enough money.

He says his employees make most of their money off tips. Many delivery services require employees to pay their own gas, so don’t forget to tip your delivery drivers well.

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