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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Supporters of a bill to allow permits for underground natural gas exploration in North Carolina say the legislation would cause energy companies to consider drilling in the state.

The measure is expected to receive more debate and a vote Thursday in a Senate committee. It authorizes regulators to issue the first licenses for horizontal drilling and fracking five months after drilling rules are finalized.

The bill also lays out how energy production would be taxed and urges the governor to work with South Carolina and Virginia to seek Atlantic offshore drilling.

Environmental groups said earlier this week there’s no need to rush the bill while regulations are being developed. They’re also worried about changes involving how wastewater and hydraulic fracturing fluid could be stored.

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1 Comment on "Energy exploration bill returns to NC Senate panel"

2015 years 9 months ago

You can eliminate the strangling regulations
You can eliminate the taxation
The thing we have to remember is that the oil company’s operate for profit. If our oil is hard to get at they won’t go for it.
They are currently fracking in North and South Dakota and extracting a good amount of oil and gas from those shale deposits. Their next big area is apparently California where large shale deposits are located. CA with its nefarious enviro regulations, and tax burden.
This will be a corporate decision based upon the bottom line. If NC’s oil and gas are easy to get at – great but if not it just won’t happen.
What will they do with the gas and oil once extracted?
Refineries anyone?



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