One in custody as bomb investigation continues

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Submitted: Sat, 02/23/2013 - 4:58am
Updated: Sun, 02/24/2013 - 1:01am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — One person is in custody as state and federal agents continue an investigation of bombs found at a storage unit on Carolina Beach Road yesterday.

A FBI spokeswoman says one person is in custody in connection to the storage unit at North State Storage, where she says agents found several explosive devices yesterday. Citing US Department of Justice policy, she said she could not release more details of the ongoing investigation, and she did not identify the person in custody.

Today that investigation moved to a second location. FBI and SBI agents, with the help of local law enforcement, executed a search warrant at a home at 8116 Mainsail Lane in The Cape neighborhood off Carolina Beach Road. New Hanover County property records show the home is owned by Kaliope Giannoulis and Garry Slater. WWAY could not immediately find a phone number for Giannoulis or Slater.

New Hanover County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer says investigators did not find anything suspicious at the house. Agents have since cleared that scene.

Brewer says agents yesterday found multiple devices, which he described as IED in nature, in Building A of North State Storage. One of the devices exploded as agents investigated with a bomb robot. A bomb squad later detonated a second device found in the unit.

Early this afternoon, crime scene tape was still up at the storage facility, but investigators said they were wrapping up their work there.

A manager at the facility told WWAY, “We just want to move past this.” He then referred us to the corporate office, where no one has returned a phone message.

The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is also assisting in the investigation, according to the FBI.


  • Guest Reply says:

    Let the news media get done first with the other abundant “over the weekend cases” of:
    drunk drivers/deaths/crashes/shootings/sewage spills/robberies/etc.
    After all…it’s only been a few days and this follow up has to wait its turn again.
    Could be J. Edgar Hoover told the FBI, and has also told the local police, now there’s been 2 names mentioned, and an address given out by the news media, that there’s a possibility that anyone else connected now knows what the police know…and have possibly Split the Coop!

  • Guestwho says:

    Been a long weekend, I fell out of the loop and haven’t seen the news. I came here to see if the suspect in custody has been named yet. Is this article going to be updated or what?

  • fatz says:

    Im so glad that they got to it before some little kid was with his father or mother putting things in to storage ,,,, i dont care who was speaking to the news or what ,, its gone and the famileys and people who drive by that storage place every day are safe ,,,this is what you hear some-were els ,, not here in wilmington or so close to the beach’s,what if this was the summer time and all the people who come here ,and that went off good god !!!, its time a for a law to be passed on what can go in to storage and what cant ,, dont know how it would be done ,,, but something needs to be passed to save other from getting blown up !! this is scary ,and in our back yard !!

  • Guest1022 says:

    Sounds like the only dummy here is you.

  • Guest rerun says:

    “which he described as IED in nature”

    Improvised Explosive Device = IED . If it wasn’t bought in a store it is an IED. Doofus makes it sound like it is some terrorist kind of weapon. It could be something some guy uses to blow up stumps or catfish.

    The Sheriff’s Office’s tub-0-lard spokesman is over his head and talking outside his jurisdiction. Isn’t this a FBI case? So how is it this idiot is talking to the press and the FBI isn’t? Let’s hope this is not going to come back and bite the prosecution come court time.

    Just SHUT UP already deputy dummy, we can wait.

  • Guestwho says:

    The deputy is just repeating what he was told to say to the media, not claiming any personal information.

    The county is the jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s dept.

    Since the person in custody was already being investigated at the federal level, I doubt he is guilty of just blowing up stumps (which probably isn’t too cool either).

  • Guest Who is Tired of Rude People says:

    I understand if you feel that the statement made by the deputy was incorrect or exaggerated. However, calling someone who has given their life and their career to protect you and your family shows your immaturity. How could you say something like that? Maybe you need to read what you post before you post it.

  • Janice says:

    Thank you for making it clearer and speaking in a language(we all)understand.

  • Bobrien207 says:

    OK Sherlock, if it isn’t and IED then what do you want them to call the devices that were found? They were explosives that were fabricated from materials that were not intended for such use. In other words, the person or persons who constructed them “improvised”! Now, I am no huge fan of the sheriff’s office but, you are attacking a deputy who was likely ordered to give the statement he gave. If you want to go after someone, go after the Sheriff! The deputy is NOT talking outside of his jurisdiction as this event occurred in county jurisdiction soooo…wrong again! The FBI is involved in this case in a totally unrelated sense. Here is a thought…how about YOU shut up and keep your ignorant comments to yourself until you know something more and can maybe make a little more of an educated comment…not likely but, possible.

  • Lunch Run says:

    They were taking the crime scene tape down at the storage facility when I went by there at 1:35pm today. The SBI truck and a few other unmarked cars were waiting to pull out onto S. College Rd.

  • 211 says:

    Thats Carolina Beach Road. College Road ends at the junction of , Carolina Beach and Piner Road. From there South to the end of Ft. Fisher, its 421 and Carolina Beach Rd.

  • Guest Reply says:

    This story went Hush Hush all of a sudden!
    WWA…..Y ????????

  • Guest Reply says:

    What’s the latest on the bomb scares at Monkey Junction on 2/22/2013 WWAY?
    FBI/SBI got the media’s tongues?
    I kinda think the citizens in this area would be interested in a follow up report…even if to say “The Investigation Continues”……

  • Guest Who is Tired of Rude People says:

    I agree with Guest1022. Guest rerun, I understand if you feel that the statement made by the deputy was incorrect or exaggerated. However, calling someone who has given their life and their career to protect you and your family shows your immaturity. How could you say something like that? Maybe you need to read what you post before you post it.

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