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Sewer system overflow leaks into Greenfield Lake


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Approximately 1,000 gallons of diluted wastewater overflowed into Greenfield Lake Saturday.

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority spokesman Mike McGill says crews discovered an overflowing manhole in the 1000 block of Cypress Drive around 2 p.m. Saturday.

It took just over an hour for crews to clean and repair the leak, and the incident is currently under investigation.

Because of the relatively small amount of waste spilled, no environmental impact is expected.

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Should have never happen

I guess our rates will go up again to pay the fines.

The CFPUA bashing is getting old

I live a block away from the overflow. CFPUA was on it in 20 mins. When the City was running the sewer system it could take an hour or more to get a supervisor to look at it and then another hour to get a repair crew on scene. Unless you haven't noticed it has been raining a lot the past few days so there should be no surprise the system is overflowing.
CFPUA certainly has screwed up more than a few times but the city and county politicians dumped a rapidly deteriorating sewer system on them and ran for political cover.

Here, here. I was about to

Here, here. I was about to write the same thing.


I bash CFPUA for EXACTLY that reason.
I have "consolidated" my city/county sewer bashing into one new entity representing both bodies of government rather than one or the other.
They are, and continue to be, the largest polluters in New Hanover County.



In a fine series of leaks, spills and pollution - brought to you by the fine folks at CFPUA who's motto is "We never met a spill we didn't cause".........


And you'd rather have the

And you'd rather have the city/county running things again? You are crazy. It's amazing to me how in a couple short years how CFPUA has really made significant progress turning around the failed system and collapsing infrastructure 'managed' by the local government beforehand.

Chill out

If you've read my previous posts(which you obviously haven't) you would see that I admit that they have inherited a system that is old, decrepit and falling apart. I have never thought CFPUA would turn this around in anything less than a decade.
The city and county abdicated their responsibility by creating this entity which represents both bodies of government.
So, when I say, and FACTUALLY, I might add, that CFPUA is the largest polluter in New Hanover county that means that both the city and county are both doing their best to pollute our local waterways and tributaries.
Now why doesn't CFPUA come out and say what NOBODY wants to hear - like the truth - and say the actual words,
"To all taxpayers of Wilmington and New Hanover County. We apologize for all the spills and pollution. As you can imagine we have inherited a system that is old, over worked, and at the same time growing, due to the population growth of New Hanover County. In order to make up for years of neglect we need to invest $500 MILLION dollars for new infrastructure to bring the old system up to date and allow for continued growth. This will cause rates to triple and property taxes to go up as well."

Of course they won't say this.
Until such time as they start telling the truth I'll continue bashing them - both seriously and facetiously. They have a very tough job and inherited a mess.
But no matter which was you slice it and dice it they are the areas largest polluter....


CFPUA's alternative motto:

"We're No. 2 in the No. 2 bidness!"

Don't get me started

Another motto:
"Ain't that some S__t"

Oh boy I have to stop.......


I wonder... much will our rates go up to cover this spill?