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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington teen is facing several sexual assault charges including attempted rape.

The Pender County Sheriff’s Office says deputies arrested 17-year-old Tyler Koenig last week.

The alleged crimes involved one victim and took place between September and January.

Koenig is in jail under an $850,000 bond.

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  • Das Weibstück

    Why did these “attempted” rapes go on for 4 months? After the first time she went back for more? Not likely. Sounds like someone may be doing paybacks here, possibly for being dumped? This boy might pay the price for his ex g/f’s scorn.

  • Guest11794

    This is Sick ! What type of young teenager in there right mind would want to rape a younger child? He needs to rot in prison for the rest of his life. I am disgusted.

  • jj

    Come on this kid was 17 and the girl could be 16. You don’t know what went on, but I would question why so long for it to come out and was it because her parents found out and she was scared to tell them that it was consensua.

  • Guest3130

    NO WHERE in the article did it say that the victim was a younger child, and NOW WHERE did it say it was rape – – as a matter of fact, it said it was “attempted rape.” READ, people, before you post – makes you look like an idiot!

  • Guest20562

    The problem is teenage girls this day and time will sleep with anyone and than the young men get in trouble for it. If you are a male you don’t stand a chance it’s not fare for the guys girls can get away with anything there should be some kind of punishment for the girls too and their parents.

  • Guest1794

    At the end of the day, he attempted to rape a woman, and therefor should receive the harshest punishment available. Why are you even defending someone who does a crime like this?

  • Guesttenheimer

    Don’t EVEN worry about dropping the soap! You’d be best not to think about sleeping. They’re already taking bets on who goes first and who gets to keep you!

  • person123454

    You are disgusting. Grow the **** up.

  • Mike Smith

    i know this guy personally. Everyone else that knows him INCLUDING me, know he is innocent. everything about Tyler would show that he isnt even capable of doing something as harsh and wrong as this.. we believe he is being set up. i just think it is disgusting that someone would put somebody through this and wrongfully accuse someone when there are REAL rapes going on all the time.. The situation will pan out as it should and everyone will know he’s innocent. but innocent or not.. this is gonna ruin tyler’s life

  • Nick~

    I love how the man in the video didn’t even pronounce his last name correctly. Moron.


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