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Bill would add Bible study at NC public schools


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A new bill could allow students to study the Bible in North Carolina schools. No student would be required to take the class. It would be offered as an elective.

The bill would allow students to earn elective credits toward graduation. The course would focus on the Old Testament and the New Testament or a combination of both. The bill filed would allow bible study as an elective in public high schools.

Sen. Thom Goolsby (R-9th District) is a co-sponsor of the bill.

"It's a historic document," Goolsby said. "It's a very important text for our children to study and learn."

Goolsby says we should not deny our kids the opportunity to learn about the Bible if they want to.

We also spoke with New Hanover County School Board Chair Don Hayes. Both men think that the majority of people will support the bill.

"I think it would be a good idea, so that way it would give a choice if you wanted to take it, and it wouldn't offend anybody, because you would be taking what you wanted to take, and they would be taking the option not to take it," Sonya Smith, a supporter of the bill, said.

But not everyone agrees. Similar religious courses offered in public schools around the country have been a cause of concern. Many people think there should be a separation of church and state.

"The separation of church and state I thoroughly believe in," said Robert Kelly, who's against the bill. "There's way too much religious influence in our society today."

Kelly said sometimes a good thing can be a bad thing.

If the bill passes, school systems will have the option to implement the course or not. As for those who still have concerns, a dozen lawmakers in the GOP controlled Senate have signed on as co-sponsors of the bill, including three Democrats.

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This Rediculousness

Your fairytale has no place in modern society. Why are crazy politicians elected, because silly fairytale beleivers vote that way. Get a grip on reaality.

Bible studies should only

Bible studies should only part of religious studies, or elective by students. I believe we all have religious right, so what not pressure to the student to take bible class at the college or university. Since all the school fee are very experience. Public school should leave bible course for the religious studies. Not for the course to graduate, if students are choosing to major something else.

Our country was founded on

Our country was founded on God!! It started out with "In God We Trust", I think that if you do not like the thought of God being in schools or involved in any of your matters then maybe you need to find another country!!

Evidently many of us are

Evidently many of us are tremendously misinformed! There have been many counties in this great state that have offered bible classes through the years. Check out how many years bible classes were available in New Hanover, Pender, Duplin, and other counties. The classes taught the bible as literature, history, etc and yes, the ACLU gave its approval. There is a textbook, The Bible and Its Influence published 2006, that has been approved for classes in every state. It is the choice of the states to include it in their curriculum. Here's a link to help you become better informed, It is sad to hear all the rants as if this is something new. God,the Bible, Christianity are all strong enough to withstand the attacks. Just next time when you spew your hatred, be a little more knowledgeable.

It's just plain wrong.

It's just plain wrong. Schools teach science. Churches teach religion. Scarce resources should not be used for this. The major religions of the world are already taught in Social Studies. The first ammendment says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion". This sounds like a political move to garner favor from the religious right rather than to do what is right.

Bible Study in School

Everyone should view the upcoming series, The Bible, airing on the History Channel. Then you will be able to understand more clearly why teachings from the Bible are important.

Waste of my tax dollars

I'll be one of the first to sign on to a lawsuit to oppose this. There are free bible study classes all over town nearly every day of the week. Forget not in my back yard, not in my public school. Not only do I not want my tax dollars paying for the classes I don't want them paying for the lawsuit that NC will lose.

Thats the dumbest Liberal

Thats the dumbest Liberal comment made.Its an elective and I am sure not a lot of your tax money is going to that one class.Well I don't want my money going to welfare or to Obama's salary but we don't have that choice do we?

Jeez, human beings

Jeez, human beings absolutely amaze me. The mere mention of GOD in anything, and you are ready to hang somebody. This will be offered as an elective class. Therefore, if you don't want to take it, don't take it. These very same classes are being offered at the college level, along with other world religions, and have been for years. If you don't want to take them, don't take them. It really is that simple folks. Whether you realize it or not, there are still people who want to go into ministry as a career and this may be something to help start them on that path. God forbid we do anything to help create another productive taxpaying memeber of society. I think this is a great idea and finding one teacher to teach this class would do a lot less damage to the budget than all the worthless slugs of society living off the government.

The posters above have no

The posters above have no problem with the religion of evolution being taught, despite its lack of scientific proof. What’s happening here is bigotry based on fear. Fear that maybe some kid will make his own mind and commit the transgression of preference.

No I have a problem with

No I have a problem with religion being taught with taxpayer dollars. Evolution is not a religion any more than gravity is a religion.Any kid that wants to learn about the bible can go to one of the 100 churches we have and learn it all day long. The same can't be said for science and math.


Evolution is certain, it is proven. Good grief !!! Check out that rock you are living under, the fossils you see in it proved evolution, among many other things.

Proven??? I understand this

Proven??? I understand this may be your opinion, but proven? And which portion of evolution are you claiming to be proven? In the 90's, several of the world's leading proponents of total evolution concluded that the complete theory of evolution could not be proven, no matter how hard they had tried to make it so, and were therefore giving up on their quest. The problem they said we would be faced with is that school curriculum had completely accepted this theory, and that it would take 25 - 30 years to overcome this action. Each of these men have continued to study and teach evolution, but have narrowed it down to evolution of the species. Just for thought - how did the rods and cones in the eyeball evolve? Wouldn't they have to work correctly the first time to send the right message?

This is why it's called a

This is why it's called a Theory; because it hasn't been proven. Hasn't been recreated in a lab; hasn't been observed first hand in nature. You just think it's proven due to religiousness of the way it's presented to non-critical thinkers.

wanna bet?

Do some research, Peter & Rosemary Grant and Darwin Finches. You are incorrect, evolution has been witnessed.

No if it were proven it

No if it were proven it would be a law. Hence the "law" of gravity, not the "theory" of gravity. See the difference. The theory of relativity cannot be proven anymore than the theory of relativity. If it could it would be a scientific law and the debate would be over. There is evidence for the existence of evolution, but alas there is just as much evidence for the existence of GOD so your "theory" holds no water. Please let people do as they wish and put some of that energy toward fighting something that is really a problem, aka, the worthless wastes of good clean air leaching off of the backs of the productive members of society.

Evolution is a fact.

Darwin's book...the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. Evolution is a fact. Natural Selection was the theory proposed by Darwin to explain evolution. do not consider theories something pulled out of one's backside on a whim. Scientific theories need a lot of evidence before they are taken seriously and considered as the leading explanation. Oh...and in the language of science, the word "law" describes an analytic statement. The law of gravity gives us a formula that tells us what will happen, but not why it happens. For that, scientists refer to Einstein's Theory of General Relativity. A theory. With less evidence than Darwin had for his theory of Natural Selection.

What people who want to

What people who want to place religion in the schools fail to consider is WHO will be running the show. WHO will be designing the curriculum? Who will be choosing the text? And most importantly, who will be teaching the class. Parents don't think about the fact it will not be their pastor, minister, reverend, or priest guiding their children. It will be teachers who may or may not be of the same faith. Not saying they will not be christian but does a catholic want a southern baptist affecting their child's religious education. Does a methodist want a morman? Do they chose their church because the school board picks it? And which bible? Kings James? Living? American Standard? Lexham English? etc.

This is a very good

This is a very good point.....who will teach the class and what text will be used? Religious education is best left for the church. The public schools should teach basic skills such as READING, WRITING, MATH and COMPUTER SKILLS.

I think all major religions

I think all major religions should be taught in school along with the theory of evolution. Students will go with the more logical reason, rather than drilling one theory into their head.

At least the way I look at it. And I'm a high schooler myself.

I'm not a "bible thumper"

I'm not a "bible thumper" but for years we have tried it the left's way and it's a miserable failure, maybe putting a little fear of God in some bodies will turn this around. I'd much rather do Bible study than be force fed propaganda about the such as MLK.

It is time to RECALL the

It is time to RECALL the radical republican controlled government here in NC!!!!!!!

I'm with ya! Our current

I'm with ya! Our current state Congress & Gov isn't going to be happy until Mississippi starts saying "thank God for North Carolina." I'm not a fan of our state Dems but we really need to do something before the Republicans destroy our state. This is without a doubt the worst rabble of Government working idiots we've elected to date!

I am not a rediclican or a

I am not a rediclican or a dumocrat,but what a mess the dumocrats have made in the last 100 plus years.Wow!,how worked up every one gets over the mere mention of Christianity.All the other junk is just fine,but God scares the dookie out of you?!


If they call it Theology I'll back it. But confining it to one religion is wrong. I want my religion respected and I know that means I must respect everyone elses religion as well.

I think it was a mistake to take God out of the schools but I do agree it should be geared toward all, equally. It wouldn't hurt people to realize that all religions pray to the same creator.


Will file a suit.
The law will be held unconstitutional
Rinse and repeat.

Look the Supremes have already ruled on this.
Why we're passing this now, knowing it will be challenged and that it will lose is beyond me...
What about some jobs legislation guys?????


Well said!!

Well said!!

If it was some of them

If it was some of them muslins wanting to teach a class about moohambo then those libbers wouldn't say anything abot it, they're just against the jewishsters b/c they're against the old testament, aka "anti semitism"

Our governor

and the republican controlled government so far likes to give the guv's buddies raises before they even worked a month, cut unemployment benefits that will affect the economic recovery in NC, penalizes the poor and mentally ill and the unemployed by not expanding medicare, and now wants to have bible study in the schools.
Why not bring back Jim Crow laws while we're at it?
I grew up in the oldest town in the state so I'm definitely not a Yankee and the reason I say that is so when I say it makes me ashamed to be in a state that is so regressive it makes you want to throw up, I definitely have credibility.
We can do better here in NC and anyone who voted for this corrupt administration should be ashamed.

Then anyone who voted for

Then anyone who voted for the last dumocrat administration must sick with shame.You all seem to think that your choice of political rep.has your interest at heart.Don't you see,they keep the people divided and arguing about the diversions they create,whilst they take care of them selves.We the people are the idiot enemy to the politicians,both D and R.Teaching about God is the antidote to satan and politics.Wow! almost 40 comments when God is mentioned.The people are more afraid of God than politicians ?