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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – A man who believed his well water was making him sick may be one step closer to answers after getting the results of CFPUA testing.

On February 18th, CFPUA activated an underground water storage program near Westbrook Avenue and Military Cutoff Road.

“We’ve constructed an aquaphor storage and recovery well,” said CFPUA spokesman Mike McGill. “We’re going to pump in about 200 million gallons of treated drinking water in to the PD aquaphor so that it can be drawn out during periods of high demand during the summertime.”

McGill says there are similar wells across the country and in certain situations there are drawbacks during the testing phases. To ensure there were no problems in the Cape Fear region CFPUA sent out a letter to residents asking for their feedback.

“One of the things about this project is that we were told that when you pump in water into the aquaphor that you could have a situation where water could come up certain wells and we did receive a couple of calls,” said McGill. “Once we received those calls we went right out there to our customers and took samples and talked to them about the situation and immediately addressed it.”

One call came from George Page, a man who is not a CFPUA water customer but felt that the testing had been causing him to break out in hives.

After testing samples taken from Page’s home Tuesday, McGill says his engineers have found the problem.

“It appears that our water was not connected in anyway,” said McGill. “His water is very hard, and ours that we’re pumping into this aquifer is very soft. We are going to work with the customer to see if we can help him out with his water system to help address his situation.”

George Page called the newsroom late Wednesday afternoon and said that the CFPUA explanation is false. Page indicated that he is seeking a medical opinion for his ailments and will be having an outside company test his water.

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3 Comments on "CFPUA resumes underground water storage"

2015 years 10 months ago

Now THAT is how you build customer loyalty


2015 years 10 months ago

In addition to My comment in the previous “related”, artical…..

Wonder if they checked-out these “assesments”, on the steady Salt-Water Intrusion advancing inland over the years?

Not to mention the effects of deepening the Wilmington Harbor?

PDF Doc’s… Links/Credits…

Relationship of Peedee Aquifer and Peedee Confining Units to …. benefit the economy of the Wilmington area and the State of North Carolina in general. … considered in this investigation included saltwater intrusion into fresh ground water, assement of deepening of Wilmington Hrbor..
PDF link–> http://www.ncwater.org/Reports_and_Publications/GWMS_Reports/WilmingtonHarborFeb98.pdf

Saltwater Occurrence and Intrusion in the North Carolina. Coastal Plain Ground Water System. 5 key points: Where does saltwater occur naturally in the aquifers…..
PDF Link–>


The Pee Dee River in SC essentially stopped flowing due to the effects of the … groundwater withdrawals in order to mitigate saltwater intrusion.
(Includes OUR area(s) link–> http://sc.water.usgs.gov/projects/gwavailability/

2015 years 10 months ago

…that the gentlemen in question is just looking to pad his retirement fund with a lawsuit against CFPUA? Uh…let’s see…he is in the city limits drinking water from his own well (how is that even possible) and CFPUA is pushing water down into the acquifer in a seperate project. So..the new treated water is pushing groundwater, which this guy is already drinking. He may not even have known about this project if CFPUA hadn’t let local residents know.

I have an irrigation well…and the hydrogen sulfide smell (rotten eggs) is pretty good. I wouldn’t consider drinking from the groundwater (shallow acquifer) from around these parts.

Also, I have now learned that whatever type of complaint I have against any form of government in this town, I can immediately call WWAY and they will show up and put my complaint on the news, while not fully investigating the facts.

Aquifer storage and recovery systems are used extensively in Florida, and there is another one somewhere in North Carolina. I have seen all sorts of posts on this website by people with full command of their opinions, but with a shortage of facts. I don’t know whose idea this aquifer storage project was to begin with, but they should be applauded for strategic thinking.

I’m pretty sure WWAY won’t get to the bottom of it..but in case they are interested, the City is not enforcing their leash laws, and the neighbor’s dog came over and @*&* in my yard – how about a story on that?


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