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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Some lawmakers want to remove the word “education” from the North Carolina Education Lottery and restrict advertising for the games.

Legislation filed Tuesday in the House would change the name to simply the “North Carolina State Lottery.”

Nearly all of the state’s profits for the games have gone to education-related initiatives since the lottery began in 2005. Some legislators say the name is misleading because the money generated is a very small percentage of overall education spending.

The bill also would bar lottery advertising at high school and college sporting events and require ads to disclose the odds of winning the largest prize, not just the average overall odds of winning.

The measure also would shift decisions on new games from the lottery commission to legislators.

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  • Vog46

    Let the legislators choose the games offered?
    If you thought Bev was bad in toying with lottery funds wait till they take “Education” off the name.
    It will be “Katie bar the door” then !!!!
    Gov Pat could pay for helicopter rides all over the state wit those funds.

    Perdue cracked the door open by siphoning off funds.
    The GOP is gonna kick the door open and drive a truck through it.
    Just watch


  • Ethical Girl

    I totally agree that this is insane…but they have time to mess with things like this and offer BIBLE classes in school when the narrow minded approach to the 21st century in this, my beloved home state, is often based on “the Bible” as taught by very ignorant (mostly) men. That straight jacket approach (you MUST BELIEVE THE LITERAL WORDS WRITTEN IN A DOCUMENT WRITTEN SOOOOOO LONG AGO) is so responsible for our low ratings in education, health, etc…..

  • ChefnSurf

    OK boys and girls, buy your ticket now for the all new “North Carolina Give-More-Money-To-NC-Politicians-To-Spend-However-They-Damn-Well-Please Lottery.

    What’s next; NC state operated casinos?

    (Gotta admit though, even though it’s skeezy, it’s still a more honest approach than than Perdue “borrowing” the money and still saying it was for education.)

  • jj

    They should change the name, because the money is not used for education.

  • guesty

    The money is used for education but not in addition to the funding the schools would have already received, but in place of when the politicians take school money for pet projects and make it up with lottery money. So the amount of money schools receive stays flat.

  • ChefnSurf

    The old bait and switch.


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