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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s a small church with a big history. Chestnut Street Presbyterian Church has been serving the faithful for almost 150 years. Reverend Perry Griffin has some history of his own.

“I’ve been here for 14 years; it will be 14 years in February, the 14 on Valentine’s Day.” Reverend Griffin explained.

The initial appeal is the church itself, it sits back a bit from the road and it is worth taking a look.

“They say it’s a lovely quaint looking church and they always talk about how beautiful it is and how once they see it it captivates them and they want to come inside and take a look.” Griffin said.

The church is the perfect home to this congregation.

“Every Sunday we try to offer a relevant Christian message, that one can take and apply to their lives. we’re a traditional church but we’re diverse in our own way as well, a contemporary message in a traditional church.” Griffin remarked.

Chestnut Street Presbyterian has a proud history.

“We go back 146 years, we started out as a mission chapel, we sprung from First Presbetyrian Church. They met with the trustees to sell this church for 2,500 dollars to the black trustees that formed the first colored Presbyterian Church on Wilmington. They later re-named it first African Presbyterian, and just by way of location it became the Chestnut Street Presbyterian Church.” Reverend Griffin revealed.

There is a warm message here and of course plenty of music.

”Three choirs, CSPC choir, a gospel choir, a youth choir, which we call Voices of Faith and a men’s chorus. Each of them sings on a particular Sunday, making a joyful noise to the Lord.” Griffin reflected

A church with a strong history has some well-known folks in the congregation.

“We have a lot of well-known people, Bertha Todd, a local activist in the community. The teacher of the year in Wilmington, Sabrina Hill Black is a member here and an Elder here.” Griffin said

Reverend Griffin wants you to know you are welcome here.

“Oh yes, I welcome anyone who wants to come down and take a look, they can do so on Sunday morning as well as during the week.” Griffin offered.

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